Sorry for the late…

I’m really really sorry for being late, I’ve been getting home later since I had works to do for the school and didn’t have time to translate at all. (and also add all the homeworks pilling up suddenly…)

I’ll try to work starting tomorrow (not sure I’ll be able to release though), I apologize sincerly once again.


3 Replies to “Sorry for the late…”

  1. FlameStrike

    No worries! You’re providing a free service for the enjoyment of others. Properly finish up your school work before providing for the fans lol. Thanks for giving us a status update though.

  2. LittleShanks

    It’s fine, go at your own pace. 🙂 The new semester started for me as well, so I understand your pain. Regardless though, thanks for the work you put in on translating even during school. Thank you!

  3. Loco15

    You got nothing to apologize for, if you’re really that busy you should forget about translating for a while until you have more free time, free translations are, after all, just a hobby. And us readers are just people who read as a hobby and enjoy the results of your hobby, if somebody tells you that you MUST translate give him a proper smack in the head for being a selfish idiot.

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