Survival World RPG – Chapter 28

Safe for the moment, Mike took the time to search the ground for a drop from the Spider-Monkey monster thing. He almost missed it even with a through search it was so small. It was just a thin ring of iron with a single rune looking symbol carved into it.

[Analyzing] it revealed it as a magic ring that gave poison resistance. It wasn’t all that great for a magic ring. It wasn’t even immunity to poison just resistance, but since it was better than nothing, Mike slipped it on.

As he turned to leave the system hit him with some information.

Gorilla Spiders claw, and poison sack are harvest-able materials that can be sold in the「System」store.

Would you like instructions on how to harvest them now?
[Yes] / [No]

Not really having a reason to say no, Mike accepted.

Moments later he was annoyed. The poison sack was worth almost three hundred credits, and it was located in the creature’s rear. The rear he’d made explode with his grenade. The claw, which was clunky and hard to carry, was only worth sixty credits.

It wasn’t like he’d had a whole lot of choices in his methods against the gorilla spider. He’d felt the danger coming off of it in waves.

Given how easily it found him in the shadows, and how quickly it caught up to him running away at full speed, Mike had little doubt a fair fight would have ended in his death.

He was doubly sure now that he knew the thing had had a poison sack.

Chopping the claw off and slipping it into his bag of holding, Mike wiped his hands off on his shirt in disgust.

“Does everything have to smell so freaking bad now?” He asked the empty street with an exasperated sigh.

Making his way back to the hotel with his most comfortable speed. Mike arrived upstairs to find the girls already asleep, except for Jessica who had the watch.

“See anything worth sharing?” Jessica asked as she saw him appear at the end of the hall.

“How did you know it was me?” Mike asked sidestepping the question for the moment.

“The way you move is distinctive.”

“You could tell it was me by the way I moved? Just how closely have you been watching me Miss Danvers?”

“It was your size too. And your smell. Suddenly the end of the hall was filled with a big smelly, dancing bear, it was either your or a weird ass monster. I figured if it was a monster it wouldn’t respond and there wouldn’t be any embarrassment.”

Mike smiled at her abuse. The smile grew even wider as he heard her mutter the word “idiot.”

He’d embarrassed her, that much was obvious. If he hadn’t tried to be funny a sweet moment might even have developed. But then that’s why he had tried to be funny. It wasn’t the time for sweet. They needed their heads in the game, now that they were out in the field with newbies, that was more true than ever.

It was a shame they couldn’t just power level the group, but a gap of three levels meant the lower level players got no experience at all. Likely a move by the system to prevent just such a scenario as power leveling.

“You should get some sleep,” Mike said as he plopped down onto the floor, “I’m going to meditate for a bit.

“Mind if I sit up with you?” Jessica asked almost shyly, “I don’t seem to need as much sleep now that I’m part machine.”

Mike gave her a half smile, considering just how to poke at her when he met her eyes and saw the pleading in them. He didn’t know why, but he knew she needed him to say yes. So he did, awkwardly, while looking off to the side.

Jessica smiled quietly, sitting down on his left, and snuggling up onto his arm, like he really was some sort of bear, a teddy bear. Not that Mike minded, it just meant he took half an hour to calm down enough to actually begin [meditation]. Considering he only needed to meditate for an hour or so to recover the days energy, wasn’t a bad trade off at all in his opinion.

Sitting in the dark hallway, circulating his qi according to the six phases method, Mike directed his conscienceless outward. It was an ability he only seemed to possess while actually in meditation, but it was very handy. The power allowed him to feel his immediate surroundings even more accurately than observing them with his eyes.

He passed the night in this manner with no disturbances, just sitting out in the hallway with Jessica sleeping while leaning against his arm. It was quite a comfortable experience, and the slight growth in his qi stream made it all the more enjoyable.

But the quiet could only last for so long.

“Mike!” Nikki shouted from in the room followed shortly by, “Mike is back isn’t he? Somebody go get him.”

Moments later Trisha appeared in the hallway, she took one look at Mike sitting there all cozy with Jessica and a weird smile appeared on her face as she said, “Nikki just found something she wants you to see,” in a deadpan voice.

Mike didn’t whether to laugh or cry.

He didn’t actually have a relationship with either woman, yet Trisha reacted like she’d just caught him cheating on her. Wasn’t that unfair? He’d known her for less than a day, and he’d only known Jessica for a little longer. There wasn’t even time for more than superficial feelings to develop was it?

Muttering, “Women” under his breath in exasperation, Mike gently woke Jessica with a shake, telling her he needed to check something. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she followed, holding onto the back of his shirt like some sort of kid, claiming him as hers.

Mike considered shaking her off, trying to draw some sort of lines between them. Or at least he considered it right up until he followed Nikki’s pointing to a building down the block.

Outside it were two Humvee, military looking, not commercial, one of the two even had a roof gunner position. All thoughts in Mike’s mind went blank except one, was the army finally coming to rescue them?

Author’s Note

Well ads were supposed to be a thing as of this post, (*KCDS’s note : Steve has tried to put ads on his blog) but somehow or another I was denied for having a preexisting account with the company… I’m working all that out so they are coming and I appreciate everyone’s support on the issue. If you suddenly see ads on the posts at the bottom, don’t be surprised, I just resolved the dispute.. Anyway, here’s the chapter.

Oh and on a separate note I gave Jessica a surname this chapter for no reason. I was too lazy to check to make sure I didn’t introduce her with one. If I did, they won’t match, I pulled this one out of thin air. Let me know if it’s a mistake. It’s hard for Mike to flirt if he’s calling her by the wrong name…

Author : The Steve

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  1. NoRemorse

    Nice twist at the end there, wondering what’s going to happen in the next chapter. To be honest, at first I was a bit dismayed by your decision to rewrite the series, but I feel you made the right choice: Liking this rewrite more then the original.

  2. Vadelent

    In this new world of theirs from a long view standpoint the poison resist ring is better than a poison immunity. If he gets an immunity ring that’s it the ring does all the work. Until it’s stolen, broken or some other thing occurse. With the resist ring the ring cuts the damage but his body will still build up resistance and immunity on its own. Basically it will work like an immune system booster or a flue shot.

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