Survival World RPG – Chapter 43

Level Up!
Congratulations! You have successfully won a Challenge
Achievement: Player won a PvP Challenge.
Calculating Reward…
Reward: 500 Credits
Congratulations! You have successfully reached level ten.
Achievement: Player reached level ten.
Calculating Reward…
Reward: +2.0AP + Bloodline Enhanced + Job Enhanced + Select a skill to upgrade

Mike wondered how the system had determined his fight with Peter to be a challenge. Before the mystery was even ten seconds old, however, he forgot about it as he saw the rewards for reaching level ten.

In many games he’d played in the past, level ten had been a pretty big deal. The player character would be able to receive new skills and attribute points etc. So he’d somewhat been expecting it. The reward was just much larger than his wildest imagination.

Mike immediately pulled up his status screen.

Name: Mike Tanner – Race: Half Orc Boss
Occupation: Monk – Level: 10
Purse: 1350 Credits
STR: 5.4 / QUI: 4.8 / BOD: 6.4 / SPI: 4.4 [AP: 2.2]

Looking it over, he noted his upgraded bloodline [Half Orc Boss] with approval.

Physically he hadn’t changed much from the upgrade. His “tusks” seemed slightly longer, and he wouldn’t be surprised to find he was denser and thereby heavier as well. Looking at the status he thought his Body was a little higher than it had been, maybe even as much as half a point higher.

His job class on the other hand seemed unchanged.

Curious, he touched it to bring up a description, and found his answer immediately. His passive [Monk] skills, [Martial Artist]-[Novice], [Qi Manipulation]-[Novice], had become [Martial Artist]-[Apprentice], [Qi Manipulation]-[Apprentice].

Combing the changes in job and bloodline, from level eleven onward, Mike would grow 0.2AP in each of his attributes, even before using the AP earned every level up.

Curiosity satisfied Mike distributed his AP, giving a full point each to Strength and Quickness, and the remaining 0.2AP to Body. The distribution left his Spirit somewhat lagging.

Mike figured his cultivation would slowly enhance that on its own. He wasn’t worried about it.

Name: Mike Tanner – Race: Half Orc Boss
Occupation: Monk – Level: 10
Purse: 1350 Credits
STR: 6.4 / QUI: 5.8 / BOD: 6.6 / SPI: 4.4 [AP: 0.0]

Attribute points distributed and upgrades checked, Mike opened the skill menu the popup screen indicated.

For a brief moment he considered directly upgrading his demon phase transformation from Ghost to Imp phase. He dismissed it just as quickly. It seemed to him that with skills like cultivation techniques, the rewards were bigger if he actually achieved them through hard work.

To his mind, It was like building a house. The stronger the foundation the sturdier the entire structure would be in the end.

His mind made up he upgraded [Breeze Step] to its second tier version [Wind Dance].

Like a little kid unable to resist his new toy, Mike tried it out as soon as he dismissed the screen. From one step to the next he found himself moving behind Jessica, then to Emma’s side, and then back again.

He moved like the wind.

it was a glorious feeling, which only heightened as Peter, the lion man, still kneeling on the ground said, “That part of your system reward for beating me? I guess I’ll have to wait on my revenge.”

Peter’s smirk was enough to show he was joking. Mike couldn’t help noting the difference in the man’s attitude toward him from the second he beat him. He truly did only respect strength it seemed.

“What do you plan to do now?” Mike asked, deciding to clarify things while his victory was fresh. He didn’t mind coming across as a bully if it kept the base a little safer in the future.

Peter barked a coughing laugh, the same one he’d given before they’d fought, but lacking the hostility.

“Why don’t you tell me what to do kid. You just beat me. The loser should obey the winner after a fight.”

Mike smirked at Peter’s views on hierarchy, they seemed a bit “Orcish” to him. They also happened to work to his benefit, so he took advantage of them.

“Form a small team to run missions in the field. Then let the men and women you don’t take into your team work with the security personnel here to keep everyone safe.”

“What kind of missions?”

“You’ll have to talk to someone else about that, but off the top of my head I’d say locating and helping survivors, supply runs, and clearing monsters in an area. Things like that,” hesitating Mike looked at Jessica as he asked his own question, “Any idea who you’re going to put on your team?”

Peter snorted, without pulling any punches he said, “Jessica is a big girl, she can decide whose team she wants to be on.”

For the second time in less than an hour Mike felt himself blushing. Once more he was grateful for his thick orcish skin.

Smiling Jessica snapped a mocking salute at him as she said, “I’m still on your team if you’ll have me sir.”

Mike smiled in spite of his embarrassment. Things were finally going his way for once. His smile only got wider as Emma said, “Me too.”

Still he felt obligated to keep Emma safe, so kneeling down to look her directly in the eyes, he said, “Its dangerous out there–”

Before he got another word out Emma cut him off with a whispered, “What you’ll take your girlfriend but not me?”

“You little punk,” Mike said, taking her into a headlock as he gave her a noogie. Emma squawked as she fought her way loose like some sort of slippery eel. Kicking him in the shin with a huff she said, “I don’t want to sit around waiting for you to come back. If you’re worried about me just keep me safe Dill-weed.”.

Mike knew she had a point. The base wasn’t a guarantee. They’d seen that with the hotel basement and again with the shopping center.

Grunting he took her by the shoulder as he asked sincerely, “Are you sure? Just because this place isn’t guaranteed to be safe, doesn’t mean its not safer than going with me,” he added.

Emma nodded, consenting that his words made sense, but she answered without hesitation, “I’m going with you. I feel safer with you.”

Playfully clearing her throat, Jessica said, “Uh guys, did you forget about me?”

Without really thinking about it, Mike reached out and snaking his hand up and around her waist he pulled her down into his chest. Meeting Emma’s eyes, he nodded down at the surprised Jessica and together they proceeded to give her a giant mushy group hug.

As everyone quit laughing Mike looked up to see Peter, staring down at him. Swallowing his embarrassment he let go of the man’s daughter and stood up all at the same time. The man might respect strength but Jessica was still his daughter.

He didn’t have to mutter any apologies though, as the lionman stuck out his hand for Mike to shake. Grabbing it he found himself pulled into the furry’s chest. Leaning down, Peter whispered into his ear, “If you hurt my daughter or get her hurt in any way, I will kill you, even if I have to sneak up and do it from behind. Nod once if you understand.”

Mike mutely nodded, strengthening his side of the man-hug, as if to say, don’t worry about it.

Satisfied Peter let him go. Whistling a happy tune, the lion man headed down the hall and around the corner, quickly disappearing form sight.

Feeling slightly awkward, Mike looked down at the girls and said, “I still have to go in and talk to Wilson. Where are you guys going to be when I’m done?”

Emma shrugged like she’d never given it a moment’s thought, but Jessica answered him, “I figured we’d go find Nikki and grab something to eat. Maybe catch up. We’re all about to be one big happy team.”

‘Okay,” Mike nodded, showing his support, “tell them I said to behave.”

It was kind of a weird thing to say, and it did’t really fit with his style of leadership. But Jessica didn’t seem to notice. Emma didn’t crack any jokes about how lame he was either. Taking that as a win, he turned around and headed for the big double doors.

Giving one last look back he added, “I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. Don’t wait up for me if he keeps me late.”

Assuring him they wouldn’t the girls gathered themselves and disappeared around the same corner as Peter.

Taking a deep breath to ready himself, Mike pulled open the door and stepped inside.

Author’s Note

Here’s a bonus chapter. I’ve owed it for a while, and just now got it ready. It’s much shorter than I originally intended. The cut off works, but at the same time, felt a bit forced. Still I figured that short was better than unreleased. I also figured the bonus chapters were under the old system. This would have been a long chapter back then. So sorry, and enjoy?

I guess I’ll end the note here before I go off on a barely related ramble like usual. One more thing before I go though, I suck at grammar, but the double negatives used in this chapter were on purpose.

Author : The Steve

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  1. jacobpaige

    Its been bothering me for a while now, but why was the MC the first one to use the vending machine? He woke up so late and I’m sure there were plenty of hungry/thirsty people that would take the risk to hit a vending machine, assuming that they weren’t holed up in a room with one in the first place.

    And that’s before you consider the people who had already been through this once and knew about the bonuses. Why would they completely ignore them and let someone else get them? Heck, I’d think that there’d be at least one set of machines on every floor of that base just to make sure that one of their own got the bonus.

    1. Barabarossa (@Arkusar)

      maybe beta-player don´t get Noob-bonus? Mike is a no-life king gaming addict and ha just luck survivung his confrontation with his first Zombie xD I bet most gaming addicts that would think like “Whoa, zombie apocalypse FINALLY” and then get system notice from a game and actually deduct “there have to be cash shops” died first :p
      As you said he awoke late, but it was still the first day, people had better things to do, like survival, before they get hungry enough to risk their life for a snicker xD

      1. jacobpaige

        Even if the beta testers weren’t eligible, the majority of their forces weren’t beta testers.

        If we assume that they were disqualified anyway, it still seems unlikely that no one would get hungry or thirsty in all that time. Especially when you consider how common vending machines are and how easily they can be accessed. I’m sure at least one person was trapped in a room that had one (break room at work maybe).

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