Solo Clear – Chapter 7: Day Two Morning Exploration and Death

This morning, 38 more people arrived at the training ground. According to the manager that takes care of the entire training ground system, they gathered all the smaller groups into one place. Currently, there’s a total of 50 people here. Among them, like the ones that spent their first day Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 148 : Tale Barony (3)

T/n (CSV): Sponsored chapter. Update: The chapter for Tuesday will be a bit late. “I’m Lemming Ade!” “I’m McCrum!” Lemming and McCrum unknowingly and suddenly stood up. ‘What the? Even though our ages seem same……’ McCrum gulped as he stared at Roan. For some reason, his heart jolted.

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 146 : Tale Barony (1)

T/n (CSV): The regular chapter for Thursday, June 22nd. Roan hurried the preparation to return to the kingdom. Before the news of Reitas and Manus’ veiled strife reached the Istel Kingdom, they had to cross the border. ‘Once the news of the strife spreads, my name will definitely come up.’ Continue Reading →