Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 21: Shadow

깨어나라, 최강의 능력자! Rise, Strongest Warrior! staff : Syk (TL) BlsdGrace(PR) 깨어나라, 최강의 능력자! – Chapter 21:  Shadow Rumble. Suddenly it felt like lightning and thunder struck in the sky. In reality, the sky drawn with black lines was shaking. “Is something going on?” The quaking was only for a Continue Reading →

Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 20: Yong Shin

깨어나라, 최강의 능력자! Rise, Strongest Warrior! staff : Syk (TL) BlsdGrace (PR) Pyrenose (PR) 깨어나라, 최강의 능력자! – Chapter 20:  Yong Shin “It’s not a big deal. I am Yong Shin.” Her eyes curved like crescents as she spoke giving off the image of an idol’s liveliness and innocence. She Continue Reading →

Green Skin – Chapter 68: New Subordinates (5)

As we were entering the third village, the clansmen all had some sort of expectations written on their faces. On the other hand, the Three Goblin Sisters were surrounding Mev, comforting her. “She can never be forgiven. Ggireuk.” Commented one. “Such an impertinent troll. Mev stay strong!” Replied another. “Mev Continue Reading →

Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 17: Psychokinesis(1)

Thousand-Pound Weight, I thought it only happened in martial arts novels. [TN Note: eg.  https://shaolin.org/shaolin/72-arts.html no 20. – one of the 72 arts of the Shaolin Arts. It makes ones body heavy and firmly rooted so it is unmovable from outside resistance] However, the power wriggling inside his internal force Continue Reading →

Dragon Poor – Chapter 10 – Role Model of Success (1)

The gossip of the entire military camp was in regards to the visit of the Magician Stranger. The soldiers were thrilled at the opportunity to see a Magician, who are rarely seen outside normally. Not to mention that the origin of this Magician was a Stranger, which invoked even more Continue Reading →