The Empyrean Nethervoid – Chapter 1: The Truth

“My child, please don’t hate us for what we are about to tell you.”   “Uncle wha-“ Before Han Ming could ask, he was cut of by his uncle with a stern tone.   “Don’t ask questions now, it’s best you listen first.” Just as his uncle finished his sentence, Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne- Chapter 17:The Empyrean Equilibrium Void Shattering Fist!

To be more precise, what Bastian could see was the heel of the footprint. Mother-F…..of my future children! What the heck is this?! Bastian had reached the maximum height he could, so he started to fall. As he fell, he felt very comfortable. He never did have a fear of Continue Reading →

The Empyrean Nethervoid – Prologue: Secrets

  “It’s funny how, before father got injured these bastards used to send us gifts and praise our family for its strength. But after he fought for their well being and got injured in the process, they began looking at us with disdain……. I can’t even walk down the road Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 15: Tyrian Double Headed Storm Dragon

“How is a drawing supposed to help you achieve Harmonization? Plus, what the heck is yin and yang?” Although the drawing had a certain charm emitting from it, at the end of the day, it was merely a drawing. This whole darkness and light thing did not really change anything Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 12: Gaining An Army!

A 12 year old middle Fighter. Bastian breathed in deeply. His chest heaved up and down uncontrollably. “Y-you said you were a student!” Said Bastian as he pointed at V. He felt deeply wronged by what he was seeing. It wasn’t the fact that she lied about her cultivation, but Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 11: Freaks of Nature

They sat on the cold, hard dungeon floor, neither one spoke a word. Struck by the gripping disdain of a failed plan, the just allowed the silence to prevail. V was annoyed. Although the situation was dire, she was only annoyed by the turn of events. Due to her upbringing, Continue Reading →