I Am the Monarch – Chapter 168 : Crimson Ghost (1)

T/n: Tuesday Chapter. BTY, IatM has finally reached an end (not translation, but the raw). It is total of approximately 348 chapters, and the author is currently writing the final (and apparently extra long) chapter. “You, you crazy bastard!” Viscount Beiro Hadding shouted at the top of his throat. It Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 167 : Enter the War (5)

T/n: The missed last Sunday’s chapter. Assuming I can finish before Kuhaku goes to sleep, the sponsored chapter will be up in the next few hours. A northern wind blew. At the bleak battlefield where the cleanup of the aftermath was being done. At that place, Roan and Chris were Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 165 : Enter the War (3)

T/n: Tuesday Chapter. Sorry about the missed Sunday’s chapter. I’ve been a bit busy cramming for the driver’s license test. I’ll make sure to make it up this week, and hopefully the sponsored chapter too. It was something completely unexpected. “Roan Tale. For you to come find me……” Kallum Rinse Continue Reading →