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FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 100: Where in the world is this? (Spin-off 1)

My name is Kang Han Soo. I was an ordinary boy, 17 years old this year. To pass the hellish university entrance exam, I was spending my time well while going to high school and cram school simultaneously everyday. But I wasn’t a recognized study genius in my school and Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 99: Elfheim and The Secret Room

  “Hmm? How did you know my name… No. Is it not weird that my name became known? I’m the Previous Grand Master of the Royal Palace, Alex. I’m hired and now working as the noble Miss Saintess’ guard. Since Miss Saintess called you Hero, I won’t doubt that part, Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 98: 9 Years of Being a Hero

  Miss trainee teacher! Listen to me! This hero got scammed! ZZ-grade was only a grade different from Z-grade. Since the Z effect of the skill Prodigy was ‘breaking the limit gets easier’, I decided breaking limit was possible enough. But what in the world? The amount of sacrifice needed Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 97: Life is One Blow!

  Professor Morals popped out while scolding me. Isn’t he too heartless? At least I became an emperor who occupied half of the northern continent after spending 3 years here, but it seemed like all the faculty workers didn’t even know I existed. I was more dumbfounded than disappointed. How Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 96: Two Heroes ⑮

  The Fantasia continent faced the first great crisis due to the hero’s negligence of his duty. The demons and demon-followers finished preparing their evil plan to dominate the world with darkness without anyone getting in their way at all and started to put their plan into action one by Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 95: Seriously Sir Hero. For Real?

“Did you Princess come yourself to say that?” “The details are in the letter.” I unfolded the scrap of paper the Princess said she brought and read it. Congratulations on the Emperor’s inauguration was 50% of the message, and the rest, reaching 45% was a slightly boastful, acting-humble introduction of Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 94: The War God

  7 years of being a hero. The northern continent was covered in a chaotic war. The small nation that was placed at the end of the east side was growing fast while putting the ‘Golden Golem’ to stand ahead and savoring the nations around them. The Magic Kingdom that Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 93: The Two Devil Kings

I, who tried to deny it, immediately sucked on Nanny’s nipple as soon as I saw it being held out in front of my face and regained peace of mind. That was something beyond my control. Because babies have the instinct to suck on something in the first 6 months Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 92: The Interpretation Was Wrong!

  A baby’s body was really uncomfortable. Even though I was tempted to just grab and twist my 6th and 7th cervical spine –the main key of herniated cervical disk, it was unbelievably difficult because my hands were too small. But it wasn’t a big worry for me. Because I Continue Reading →

FFF-Class Trashero – Chapter 91: Hero is Way Too Cute!

  I have turned into a newborn baby. No, should I be called a ‘re-born’ baby? It was so absurd that no words could be spoken, except for my swears. “Au.” No, no matter how the unification of swear words are “Au” is just not going to cut it! “Master. Continue Reading →

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