One Man Army – Episode 10 : [Chapter 6] Hunting Villains (1)

< [Chapter 6] Hunting Villains (1) > Sang Hyuk went to the public library and read a set of books for a few hours. The set was titled ‘Chivalry’ and there were a total of 10 volumes in the set. The moment he flipped over the last page of the final Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 9 : [Chapter 5] To Monopolize (2)

In a few weeks, players were supposed to gain more Karma by killing villains rather than killing monsters. Besides, there was a rumor that players could get a good title. So from the present, users who were in the highest level class started suppressing villains so much so that villains Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 8 : [Chapter 5] To Monopolize (1)

Piercing four soul holes was something other users could never imagine doing. Of course it wasn’t easy to level up as one’s required exp quadrupled, but it still wasn’t as bad as he halved it with ‘The Challenger Never Gives Up’. It wasn’t such a big difference in the early Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 7: [Chapter 4] Drawing a Big Picture (2)

Even if the boundless pasture was a special place where one was able to die and revive to fight repeatedly, it took a long time to die 4,444 times. Sang Hyuk accomplished his goal, dying 4,444 times at the boundless pasture over 3 days exactly without sleeping at all. The Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 6 : [Chapter 4] Drawing a Big Picture (1)

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m posting the new OMA chapter scrubs [ A recommended VRA for this game was 150. Users who were under VRA 100 would find trouble playing this game. ] This warning had popped up first as soon as people started Eternal Life(EL). In virtue of the Act of 2024, Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 5: [Chapter 3] Getting out of despair (2)

VRA couldn’t be controlled. Well, it was impossible to control to make one’s VRA range higher. But, it was totally possible to do the opposite. Especially someone like Sang Hyuk who had lots of experience in virtual reality, he could make his VRA low easily. Of course they could check Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 4: [Chapter 3] Getting out of despair (1)

Over time, Sang Hyuk’s gathering of medicinal herbs was even speeding up, as a result, Sang Hyuk could get more gold than he expected. However, he didn’t have any gold on hand. Sang Hyuk looked at auctions and bought items as much gold as he got…. . The item that Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 3: [Chapter 2] Coming back (2)

From the recollection of his memory, he was sure he remembered about Sword & Magic in 2007. It was inevitable the moment Sword & Magic started showing signs of detriment and handing over its best game position to Eternal Life(EL). Even though it hadn’t happened yet, 9 months later from Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 2: [Chapter 2] Coming back (1)

It wasn’t much different from a usual day. Nothing had changed even though he won the Major Leagues.    He drank heavily and fell asleep after coming back home from the interview. However, everything changed when he woke up. He couldn’t think straight for awhile because of the situation, which Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 1: [Chapter 1] The Best Moment?

“Congratulations. The Integrated Grand Slam Championship of the SKY team has been determined as the winner. Everyone said that it was the director who made the most significant contribution to make this happen. What do you think about this?” Although Lee Sang Hyuk declined most of the interviews after the Continue Reading →