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God of Music – Chapter 52: Girl Group Start (2)

-You are — a good – person- but — you don’t know —- ‘This is it!!’ The musical notes coming out of Han JooYeon were constant. The light emitted from the notes combining was brilliant. As ‘To You’ was a song which became a massive hit, the effect was enormous Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 51: Girl Group Start (1)

Min JinSeo was currently on Namiseon(Island). She was taking a photo shoot in a forest within Namiseom that would go on a women’s magazine. “Yes, that’s it!! Can you smile a little?” Amongst the continuous camera shutter sounds, Min JinSeo was displaying various expressions; sometimes it was bewitching; sometimes vivacious.

God of Music – Chapter 49: Making it Work(2)

-繰り- 返して — (Kurikaeshite = Repeat/Again) While the accompaniment changed, and the effector changed, JooAh kept repeating the same phrase. Although it was the same phrase, she tilted her head when she discovered that the feeling she had gradually changed. -Oppa, my voice is echoing too much.

God of Music – Chapter 48 : Making it Work(1)

After loading the setting named ‘JooAh’ onto the digital mixer, KangYoon made JooAh enter the booth. -Shall we start immediately? “Is your throat alright?” -I’m all warmed up. I’m at my best right now. JooAh’s voice was all tensed up as though she was itching to start. When KangYoon saw Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 47 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (3)

There was no way the men in suits would recognize KangYoon. No, they thought that they didn’t even need to. Of course, their attitudes were polite. Since in front of them were their ‘customers’. “I don’t know who you are and where you work, but let’s talk later. I do Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 46 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (2)

Now that HeeYoon’s dialysis was done, KangYoon and HeeYoon headed towards the pension house they reserved in Tongyeong. As there was no congestion on the highway, they could have a relaxing journey. “Oppa, ahn~” HeeYoon even put boiled potatoes that they bought at the highway service area into KangYoon’s mouth Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 45 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (1)

Although KangYoon would usually never go to somewhere like a Director’s office, today, he had a reason to. It was because Director Lee HanSeo (T/N: Author’s being inconsistent again… He was originally called Lee HyunSang in the previous chapters.). Unlike usual, KangYoon headed there with empty hands.

God of Music – Chapter 44: Outside, Again!! (6)

[The ACE, rises as a hot star of university festivals.] The group The ACE (Members – HyeRin, Iris : real name – Kim JinGyung) have risen as a hot star of university festivals. They rose as a hot icon of university festivals, after a series of events of getting love Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 43: Outside, Again!! (5)

Before every regular Directors’ meeting, Chairman Won JinMoon receives a report from the directors about the celebrities they are in charge of. Their results, their plans for the future, etc – he received reports on these kind of things and would approve or disapprove them. This was his main work. Continue Reading →

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