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God of Music – Chapter 22: A Plan that Overcomes Blanks (2)

. . . “Hey, hey, hey. Isn’t that Sedy?” “Sedy? Whoa. What’s he doing here?” The trainees whispered to each other while looking at Lee JunYeol who was sitting with crossed legs on a sofa. The light shining from the window emphasized his already handsome face and it was all Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 21: A Plan that Overcomes Blanks (1)

‘Sedy, who has a comeback stage after 2 years, splendidly ruins the comeback and disappears.’ KangYoon, who came back to the office, opened the envelope and fell into thought. Sedy, who made women’s heart flutter with his mellow voice and the emotional songs that matched it after his debut, went Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 20: Unintended School Conquest (2)

Lunch time. KangYoon was at a chinese restaurant with Chairman Won JinMoon and President Lee HyunJi. The sweet and sour pork of that place was first class so it was a place that Chairman Won JinMoon visited a lot. “This place is known for its sweet and sour pork. Let’s Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 19: Unintended School Conquest (1)

Jung MinAh, who lived at home usually, was slightly dissatisfied with the forceful cohabitation due to the girl group project. She didn’t want to miss the food her parents made for her, but it wasn’t like she could miss this opportunity. In the end, she packed up her belongings on Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 18: Blowing Suspicions Away (2)

– It’s strange ㅡ I can’t hide it this heart ㅡ What should I do ㅡㅡ From the video, Lee SamSoon’s figure of singing and high five-ing the crowd flowed out. The figure of Lee SamSoon going into the crowd, having fun and even playing around with them broke their Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 17: Blowing Suspicions Away (1)

“Have a safe trip.” KangYoon went out while receiving HeeYoon’s farewell. After joining the army of men in suits in the bus and train, he arrived at the company when he received a call to the President’s office. It was due to the report he gave yesterday. KangYoon took some Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 16: Rookie Planning (4)

“JinSeo is good at acting, aren’t you?” “…Thank you.” KangYoon lightly said to brighten the mood but Min JinSeo was frozen stiff. “Were you practicing alone? If I remember correctly, acting classes are not here.” “This…” Min JinSeo avoided KangYoon’s eyes. The place Min JinSeo was in now was not Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 15: Rookie Planning (3)

“Hello.” “Hi.” KangYoon, who visited the 3rd floor for a little bit to receive some paperwork from the trainers, received loud greetings from the trainees when he was walking along the corridor. ‘Hey, hey, hey. Is that him?’ ‘Yeah, yeah. I heard he’s planning for the next singer. Wow, wow.’

God of Music – Chapter 14: Rookie Planning (2)

“These kind of evaluations can be made up for later.” Christie An’s poker face instantly collapsed when KangYoon ripped apart the evaluation sheet. “Dance: C – Dance needs a little more effort. Singing: B – This isn’t anything great either. However, Star Quality: B. This is hard to approve.” “Star… Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 13: Rookie Planning (1)

“Hey Ris, Hey Ris!! Have you heard?” (Ris = Christie) “…What?” Christie An stretched while reacting chicly at her friend who was flustered. Her friend seemed used to Christie not being emotive as she started talking. “JooAh-seonbae. She hit it big in Japan. A big Jackpot!! She sold over 500,000 Continue Reading →

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