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God of Music – Chapter 12: Sweeping Japan (8)

“I’m sorry.” -I’m alright, oppa. It’s just your work, isn’t it? “Thank you for understanding. Anyway, sorry. I should’ve gone back on Saturday…” While KangYoon was talking to HeeYoon on the phone, he couldn’t help but feel sorry. He thought that when the Music Station stage was over, he could Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 11: Sweeping Japan (7)

One day before the Music Station live broadcast. KangYoon was at the opening hall of Asai TV where the live recordings would be carried out. [There, there!! Ah, really!! Hey, what do you want me to do if you put the moving there?] (I’m not sure what a ‘moving’ is… Probably Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 10: Sweeping Japan (6)

‘So it’s today.’ It was dawn when everybody should be asleep. KangYoon woke up early and got the already packed travel bag. KangYoon carefully treaded towards the front door while carrying the bag in fear of waking HeeYoon up. However, HeeYoon seemed to have heard that small noise as the Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 9: Sweeping Japan (5)

“What’s the reason?” President Lee HyunJi crossed her arms and demanded answers. It was the close minded Asai TV, and Music Station in which no foreigners ever appeared on. On top of that, Eiden and Hydrea, from the big 3 entertainment companies were having a comeback stage. In this situation, Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 8: Sweeping Japan (4)

. . . “You’re late!!” When KangYoon arrived at the studio, where a last-minute recording was going on, JooAh, who arrived early and was resting, shouted at him. “I’m sorry, is the recording going well?” “I will forgive you this once. Why should I worry about you? And why is Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 6: Sweeping Japan (2)

JooAh prepared to stay up the whole night, but she didn’t expect the song selection would end so quickly. Thanks to that, she could return to her dorm early. “Thank you for your hard work, JinSung-oppa.” “You too, JooAh.” After the manager left in his car, JooAh also went inside Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 5: Sweeping Japan (1)

“Is the work going well?” A question flew at KangYoon, who was handing in the interim report to Chairman Won JinMoon. “Yes. It is going well. We’re selecting the song right now. We have also decided on the album name: ‘Girls on Best.’ It represents a proud and aloof girl Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 4: To Ten Years in the Past…(4)

. . . The next day, KangYoon started organizing the team for real. Chairman Won JinMoon gave him all of the power as he said, so KangYoon could select all of the important team members as he wanted. ‘MG has a lot of talents. That’s for sure’ From Producer Oh Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 3: To Ten Years in the Past…(3)

The dress code for the planning team was casual clothes, but it was laughable to go casual on the first day. KangYoon wore a suit that fit him perfectly, and he checked various parts while looking at the mirror. “Is it strange?” “No, not a bit. My oppa is the Continue Reading →

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