God of Cooking – Chapter 142: People Over The Crossroad (2)

Kaya’s eyes, which were filled with chaos, trembled. Even after reading the message, closing her eyes, and turning off her smartphone, that message didn’t leave her head. ‘I’m sorry for the sudden message. Kaya. To go straight to the point, I’m your real father. If you see this message, can Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 106 : Amends (3)

Tl/n (CSV): Apparently, Subak had already translated 106 and simply didn’t publish it. You can thank Subak for this chapter. ‘Roan Tale?’ ‘Tale?’ ‘Wasn’t he a commoner?’ The nobles all frowned. And Deni Von Rinse also had a strange facial expression. Simon realized that and quickly opened his mouth.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 110: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 2

When Kang MiRae started reciting the incantation for her spell, the other clan masters who were chatting amongst themselves while leading their clans flinched at her sudden actions and proceeded to rush into battle formations.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 109: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 1

“Calm down first.” Yu IlHan wanted to calm down himself first, but said that anyway. [Oh, sorry for raising my voice.] Kang MiRae also became calm after realizing that she was shouting. Yu IlHan confirmed again. “So the connection was there before, right?”

God of Music – Chapter 49: Making it Work(2)

-繰り- 返して — (Kurikaeshite = Repeat/Again) While the accompaniment changed, and the effector changed, JooAh kept repeating the same phrase. Although it was the same phrase, she tilted her head when she discovered that the feeling she had gradually changed. -Oppa, my voice is echoing too much.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 108: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 9

Realizing that he had to put the bow away after putting so much effort into it since Paté wasn’t 3rd class yet, Yu IlHan was momentarily put at a loss, but he came to himself. “Yes. It’s just that good of a weapon.” [I really like your positive attitude.] (Liera)

Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 16: The Main Culprit of Balance Destruction(1)

Meanwhile, Kim Cheol-Soo looked at the inconspicuous dimension with a worried expression. He was worried that they might be fighting each other. Well, to be more exact, he was worried that Choi Cheol-Sik was getting beat up one-sidedly by Park Chun-woo.