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Reincarnator – Chapter 105: Body Enhancement Surgery (5)

This is the second chapter of the day. Don’t miss the previous one! “I don’t think that will be possible.” Hansoo was thankful that they had helped them in a dangerous situation but he couldn’t let this guy go. Then Tares, the man standing in front of him, sighed. He Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 12: Grand Chef preliminaries, and… (3)

This is the last make up chapter! 7 points. That was the best Jo Minjoon could get right now. It was a rather low score compared to 10 points, however Jo Minjoon felt by instinct. That whenever the score went up by 1, the difference would not be a mere Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 104: Body Enhancement Surgery (4)

Hansoo meticulously checked the formation. Sofía made a slightly surprised expression and Hansoo looked at Sofía with an understanding expression. ‘It’s a skill that doesn’t appear in the Red Zone.’ Actually it was hard to acquire in the Orange Zone as well. But it was indeed a very useful skill. Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 11: Grand Chef preliminaries, and… (2)

It was a really basic question. However it could judge whether or not you had real cooking experience. The onion was basically a vegetable that had a texture. If you cut it vertically that texture would be followed, however the texture would die if you cut it horizontally. And an Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 10: Grand Chef preliminaries, and… (1)

This is a make up chapter Jo Minjoon was told to bid his farewell because he was going to leave Jessie very soon, but even after having received the reissuance of his card Jo Minjoon continued to stay on Lucas’s house. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. However Lucas Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 103: Body Enhancement Surgery (3)

Kududuk! Hansoo madly rushed towards the direction Ken pointed to. ‘We have to get them out before the time runs out and then back off.’ It’ll be troublesome if they got caught in a place like this. They finally arrived at a location after a long while of running. A Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 9: In 92nd Street in New York (5)

“Jelly?” Jessie asked once more. It wasn’t because she didn’t know what jelly was. But because it was an idea that has never crossed her mind. Jessie, of course knew that Lucas liked Jelly. But i wasn’t that her father had raised a factory just for that reason. However she Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 102: Body Enhancement Surgery (2)

“So you’re telling me that… You can give us that answer huh?” Sofia looked at Ken with an extremely suspicious expression. This guy was not somebody who was high up on the rankings even at a single glance. How would a guy like him know the path to a place Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 101: Body Enhancement Surgery (1)

“…It eats those?” Sofía frowned as she looked at the creature called Margoth in the distance. Though it looked rather timid, it towered over multiple kilometers. How vicious and giant does one need to be in order to live by eating up those? Hansoo just shrugged his shoulders at those Continue Reading →

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