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Reincarnator – Chapter 11: Otherworld’s Moon (1)

Rattle. Rattle. The train moved to the next station swiftly. ‘Let’s see… he did say there were multiple stations.’ Hansoo thought of the stories of the four who had acquired the hidden piece. <If you continue the stations will continue to come out. I went up to the fourth station.> Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 10: Gangnam Station (6)

“Have you decided?” Whilst Hansoo went to the convenience store to get something he gave some time to the three of them to decide. And then Mihee nodded her head. ‘Well. They probably know.’ You can realize just from Taesoon’s situation. Stats were important but skills were also very important. Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 9: Gangnam Station (5)

Hansoo who had entered the the third floor nodded at the light in the distance. A corridor that stretched far. In the space there darkness was best suited for, a stationary train made hissing sounds as it shone its lights in the distance. And because of that Hansoo didn’t need Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 8: Gangnam Station (4)

“There’s an adventurer who has gotten over 50 first? Wow.” The fairy came out of thin air and clapped with its tiny hands. The three who were standing behind Hansoo just watched this scene in a daze. Taesoon, who was in a daze, asked the fairy. “What do you mean Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 7: Gangnam Station (3)

“Wait a moment!” “What is it?” Taesoon, who was already annoyed due to Hansoo’s slow movement while he checked the walls and the ground carefully, replied bluntly. Hansoo ignored Taesoon and searched the surrounding ground. Monsters are living beings too. They were dragged along with them into this world but Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 6: Gangnam Station (2)

Hansoo thought of the words that Minchul, who was part of the final brigade, had told him. <In the location where all the people who start are gathered there is always a train station.> <All the train stations are different and have a different layout but the fact that they Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 5: Gangnam Station (1)

Kaaak! A beastly sound was heard from below as green blood spluttered out. Taesoon who had seen this was scared out of his wits. “What is it!” ‘Green Worm’ This place looked like Gangnam Train Station but it was not anymore. It copied the looks of the Gangnam Train Station Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 4: Tutorial (3)

‘In that case… I have something I need to solve first.’ Hidden piece. If it did indeed exist then it would be something an evil god would have hidden, something that is way better than something you could gain in the beginning. From what he heard, the difficulty of the Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 3: Tutorial (2)

(The previous Nagamaki will be changed to Podao) The whole body’s muscles started squirming around at a miniscule level. His body, which he wasn’t accustomed to due to it being from many decades ago, quickly moved according to Hansoo’s will. Hansoo, who had prepared his body, slowly walked towards the Continue Reading →

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