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Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Chapter 2 : Mu Saint Household’s ‘Golden Branch Jade Leaf’

(In Korean Gum Ji Ok Yup = Golden Branch Jade Leaf means a precious child of royalty or cherrished child) Southern Palace Household. A sword clan that controlled many faction’s problems as well as having a long history as well as being Anhwee Castle’s True Lord. A sword clan that Continue Reading →

Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Chapter 1 : Child of a great hero and a fairy

Anhwee Castle’s upper region A small and worn out village with a population of a mere 50 people existed upon the middle of a mountain. The villagers gathered herbs within the mountains where people did not traverse  and sold them in the market to survive.

Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Prologue

A beautiful garden in the mountain valley which seems to only exist upon legends. A place where all the world’s beauty supposedly gathers, Hwaryunjung was not a famous location. The path leading up to the entrance was very dangerous and one had to follow a narrow path on the side of a Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Prologue

Tic Toc Tic Toc. Inside an empty kitchen,  Jo Minjoon quietly stared at the clock. Don’t go. Stop. Despite his silent scream, the clock hand continued to move diligently, like it always does. Eleven fifty-nine and fifty-seven seconds. fifty eight seconds. fifty nine seconds.       And    12 O’clock….. It was New Continue Reading →

God of Crime – Chapter 5 : All thanks to the good neighbor. #1

After researching all night, Tae Hyuk got to know to a certain point on the usage of the mirror. It’s basically close to a smartphone with a touchscreen. It’s possible to change settings or get the information we wants by touching the screen. Tae Hyuk clicked on the [Crime skill] Continue Reading →

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