All Things Wrong – Chapter 18: An unwanted successful practical lesson…

Godblessed City Northern Gate. Once again, in the bush that was probably getting annoyed already, Li Huailin and ScarletDrink were there. ScarletDrink who was excited about her first robbery was excitedly scanning the area for her first target, while Li Huailin was just having a headache.

All Things Wrong – Chapter 17: Is even the world against me leveling up…?

Godblessed City Northern Gate. Time: afternoon. A Level 13 player just walked past the city gate, planning to grind some EXP and money from the monsters on the plains. Though the monsters here were stronger, there were not many people here, and that suited this player’s needs as he wasn’t Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 14: The Start Of Courting Death

“Though I can run faster now, I still have to find a suitable training (suiciding) place.”   Li Huailin started to seriously think about how to end his life. After all, he had just reached the human capital and didn’t know the area well. Ideally, there was an area similar Continue Reading →