All Things Wrong – Chapter 13: Everything Would Have Been Fine If You Were Like This From The Start

Following the ‘pa!’ sound, everybody that was initially queuing up behind Li Huailin immediately took a step back, and those who were slashing at the dummies all froze too.   “What’s happening?” A clueless player asked.   “That guy slapped the warrior instructor…” Another player replied mechanically.   “What? Then Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 12: Why Must The World Force Me?

The human race’s capital, Godblessed City. It lies in the Gondor region, in the very centre of the Minasdilis Plains. Though it was on the plains, 30 metres tall double walls and a 5 metres wide moat surrounded this city, causing this city to be known as the ‘Unbreakable City’. Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 11: Please Don’t Harm Yourself Like That, Boss!

“Not good!”   Neidhart’s whole body flashed gold for awhile before he rushed and slashed at Azaz who was in the middle of the room. This slash was really filled with killing intent. However, Azaz just raised his hands suddenly and a black wave hit Neidhart’s chest. Neidhart coughed up Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 10: Please Don’t Harm Your Underlings Like That, Boss!

“Dafuq!” All the Spirit World members exclaimed, and they all took a step back unconsciously. They all thought, ‘Luckily, I’m not party members with this guy.’   [System Notice]: As you have attacked Neidhart, friendliness level with Neidhart has increased by 20 points. You are currently seen as a friend.

All Things Wrong – Chapter 9: Don’t Play Dead On Me!

Just as they were talking, the other members of Spirit World already settled the three mummies. Li Huailin looked at the other members coming over, and saw that there were nine males and one female. These people all participated in the fight while Ye Hang was talking with Li Huailin. Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 7: This Is Called Levelling!

Even though Li Huailin had already slapped Bard till even his mother couldn’t recognise him, Li Huailin still didn’t get much from him. Looking at his EXP which was -500/500, Li Huailin felt a lot of pressure. Li Huailin could say for sure that the amount of EXP he had Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 5: You’re Asking For A Beating Too, Right?

As it was a little late, Li Huailin went to sleep after looking at his bank account. The second day, 7 am. Li Huailin woke up on time and made some instant rice for breakfast. As he was eating, he also browsed through <Heart of Glory>’s official web page and Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 4: Kaching! Kaching!

Translator’s Notes: I will be frequently using a new term today, called ‘niubi’. In Chinese, it is 牛逼, and I seriously couldn’t find a translation for it. It means being cool, awesome, great, basically the definition of badassery and all things awesome. However, saying badass all the time seems awkward, and Continue Reading →