God of Cooking – Chapter 149: Rival (1)

“……..It was that delicious?” Anderson frowned as if he couldn’t believe it. Jo Minjoon nodded. “It was almost similar to what we ate on Alan’s Olive Island.” It was an evaluation without exaggeration. Although he couldn’t see a 10 points dish until the end, making dishes on that level alone Continue Reading →

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 129: I Invade – 5

Not long after that, Yu IlHan arrived in Venezuela. The city under the blue sky was bustling with people, and he could hear noisy chattering as well as people bargaining at shops. He had come here in his dropout period, but ironically, it was even more strange now that he could Continue Reading →

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 128: I Invade – 4

“Huh? Hey, look up…….!” “Kahk!” It was already too late when they noticed. Even wolfkin, who boasted superior agility and reflexes among 3rd classes couldn’t react, how would a weak 2nd class block Yu IlHan’s spear throw?

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 127: I Invade – 3

South America, on the ‘sea’ to the Atlantic ocean, Yu IlHan was currently grumbling. “If I find a traitor this time, give me a flying vehicle that’s super strong and awesome.” [We don’t build anything like that, since all of us angels can fly.] (Liera) “Ugh! You really aren’t helping.”

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 126: I Invade – 2

  The declaration from a higher existence belonging to the Destruction Demon Army, and the connections to other worlds one after the other was proving the statement. Yu IlHan consulted Kang MiRae about this, and she, with her exceptional abilities had informed the other ability user groups of Earth. Moreover, Continue Reading →

God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 33: Invincible Marksmanship

What kind of idiot does it take to spend 19,800 RMB to buy a crystalline photo frame? Shen Ming would understand what it feels like to be an idiot today. “Mother, I’m sorry but I could only buy such a cheap photo frame like this for you, I will change Continue Reading →

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 125: I Invade – 1

Even after finishing off the armor, Yu IlHan’s smithing did not stop, however, since he had made everything he needed to, the time he spent smithing decreased a lot. If so, it would be good if he trained in the Great Cosmos-severing Spear, but he did not do so. “Good, Continue Reading →

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 124: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 8

Although it was a little off to say that ‘time passed quickly’, the two months inside the barrier seemed like it was shortening faster the busier Yu IlHan and co moved around. They felt like it was just ‘yesterday’ when they said it was going to be a boring 2 Continue Reading →

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 123: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 7

After activating the barrier, Yu IlHan focused on an extremely regular schedule. Despite the fact that there would be no change in the rise and fall of the sun and moon within the barrier, he dedicated 24 one hour blocks as one day, with the first twelve hours making various equipment. Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 148: The hands of a master (5)

‘Even if they say that there are many extraordinary people in the world…..’ He couldn’t imagine that he would encounter someone with a cooking level 9 this suddenly. An old man that was in the kitchen approached them slowly. He had a shaved head with mixed black and white hair Continue Reading →