Hero – Chapter 3: Twisted Kuudere Or Closet Yandere?

The passage was pitch black. Completely devoid of light. Same goes for sound. It was so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. There was even a nice cool breeze~ Made me wanna sleep forever~ Thankfully, I resisted my most basic instinct and decided to follow the breeze. After all, Continue Reading →

Hero – Chapter 2: The Bastard Is Actually Kind Of Badass?

I’d advise you to notice and keep in mind the question mark in the title… That said, on with what happened after I got conned by that piece of dogshit. The hallway was spacious enough to fit a couple hundred people at the same time. It had smooth, chiselled stone Continue Reading →

Hero – Chapter 1: I Am Not a Hero

If you got summoned to another world, and thrown the title [Hero] and forced to fight for some random people you don’t even know, how would you feel? Well personally, I’d probably kill myself. Why? Simply because one, I no longer had any ties left to the world and two Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 97: The Tides Forever Strike, Never To Stop!

After a while, the tornado subsided. The crowd once again became silent because nothing had happened! Many had assumed that Bastian had initiated some attack, and was suppressing Maita within the dust storm, but the duo were still standing exactly were they were before. The only difference was their expressions. Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 96: Betting Against The Divine, Maita!

It was finally the day for the final of the two star tournament of the Elite Gladiator League. Thousand appeared in the arena to see the battle between Yani City’s finest warriors. It was a rare opportunity for both normal mortals and cultivators. More skilled cultivators could even use this Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 95: Kill? That Would Be Easily Arranged!

Within Tyson’s office, stood the entirety of the Cole family. That included: Tyson himself, Vermalaen, Sula, Elisha and Gareth. These were the most important personnel in the family. Normally, Tyson would not involve the young Elisha in such matters but he felt that it was time for her to grow Continue Reading →