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Survival World RPG – Chapter 48

The reunion patrol never happened. That next morning during breakfast Wilson sent someone to fetch him. After an extended debate, in which Wilson highlighted the difficulties of Mike’s current party, Mike agreed to let them train. Troy would study magic and allow everyone to clear zombies with his skeletons till Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 46

The rest of the day went by in a blur. After getting the newcomers settled in Mike took Troy down and reported in to Wilson. The old vampire bastard spent the majority of the meeting quizzing Troy on the specifics of his magics, their limits and his ability to maintain them at Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 45

“Mike,” Radio’s voice, calling through the back window into the cargo bed of the truck, sounded worried. They’d set out just after breakfast that morning after a night in the barrack area of the base. Mike had spent his time, meditating and cultivsting. His drive to grow stronger had been Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 44

Mike felt the doors close behind him with a rush of air and a loud click. Sitting at the head of the long table, cloaked in shadow, sat Wilson. “I saw you fight the lion thing out there… Pathetic,” Wilson said, emphasizing his superiority by casually handling a wine glass Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 43

Level Up! Congratulations! You have successfully won a Challenge Achievement: Player won a PvP Challenge. Calculating Reward… Reward: 500 Credits Congratulations! You have successfully reached level ten. Achievement: Player reached level ten. Calculating Reward… Reward: +2.0AP + Bloodline Enhanced + Job Enhanced + Select a skill to upgrade

Survival World RPG – Chapter 41

Emma lead Mike up to the ground floor, and then headed toward the front of the building. As they walked down the open hallway, past the various storefronts, Mike saw dozens of people in both large and small groups. Some huddled together in fear, others patrolled the building like some Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 39

Back at the truck it didn’t take long to hammer out a plan. Wilson agreed the rescue was worth the risks involved. He was quite enthusiastic about breaking the goblins power, before they could find the base and put it under siege too. Especially considering the fact the goblins hadn’t appeared on Continue Reading →

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