Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 136: Gained A Special Ally (2)

I now had 63 Stone Elves with me, with 51 of them being combined with elementals to become even stronger. I wonder how much stronger they are with the elementals. I was able to verify it with my own eyes soon enough. Ssssssssss- We ran into a group of Hell Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 135: Gained A Special Ally (1)

‘His name is Rohas!’ Like I expected, his loyalty was not high. The fact that it was not exactly at 50 and was at 56 was already a blessing. However, it was still a dangerously low amount. He could always betray me if I let my guard down. Having someone Continue Reading →

Chapter 11: Mercenary work? Why even bother?

“Our homeland, Elfheim, is slowly heading towards ruin. Regretfully, the current Elf King is closing his eyes and ears and still underestimates the humans. Eternal life is a blessing and at the same time a curse. The moment you let down your guard, you won’t be able to even realize Continue Reading →

Chapter 10: Everybody All Together, Cheers!

▷Dismay: Do not view weak comrades as EXP! A dwarf sitting atop a giant’s shoulder sees farther than the giant, and a pope and farmer together can know more than they could alone. Try building harmony with a smiling face even if others may not be to your liking. This Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 134: Second Monster Slave (3)

“Ugh!” The Dark Elf could not stand the pressure of the Dragon Fear and plopped down on the ground. However, the effect was just temporary. The Dark Elf was able to put some strength into his shaking legs to stand back up. ‘He really isn’t an easy opponent.’ However, I Continue Reading →

Chapter 8: Kiss of Death

  One of the black market entrances had collapsed. This was no natural phenomenon. It was a sign that an uninvited guest, one so powerful that even the hidden guards in that pitch-black tunnel could not stop, had barged in. It should have been normal to be helplessly buried alive Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: Black Market rhymes with…

“Ah! I see Hero-nim’s plan! You intend on buying excellent slaves and taking them in as companions, right? That’s a similar way of thinking to the heroes of ancient!” Lanuvel’s eyes that were full of expectations sparkled like the Milky Way. I couldn’t completely deny her speculation; in the 1st Continue Reading →