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God of Crime – Chapter 5 : All thanks to the good neighbor. #1

After researching all night, Tae Hyuk got to know to a certain point on the usage of the mirror. It’s basically close to a smartphone with a touchscreen. It’s possible to change settings or get the information we wants by touching the screen. Tae Hyuk clicked on the [Crime skill] Continue Reading →

God of Crime – Chapter 3 : Doesn’t seem to be a dream at all. #3

In the end, Tae Hyuk gave up on throwing the mirror away. What could he do when it returns in his pocket before he knows like a cursed puppet. It seems it just report the situation through messages and vibration. It doesn’t seem like it will cause any harm. ‘I should Continue Reading →

God of Crime – Chapter 2 : Doesn’t seem to be a dream at all. #2

After his accomplice was caught, Yoo Cheol Ho’s behavior was simple. It’s like fox hunting. Even if the fox’s burrow catches fire, you’ll only get the hunter’s prey when you run outside. If there’s a sure hideout, it’s better to continuously hide in it.

When The Star Flutters – Chapter 1 : The star fell down

Seyre Calendar, 16th October 1481, Valland Kingdom’s capital Oleyg “Your majesty…your majesty.” Noticing the voice, the man stopped thinking and turned his head towards the commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces who went besides him before he could realize.

When The Star Flutters – Prologue

8th October 1941, Washington DC . The morning in Washington DC was, as usual, the serenity itself. “I wonder if there’ll be or not a lot of work today.” Mumbled the secretary of the state, Cordell Hull, in the car. “So the world did change at last.” He spoke to Continue Reading →

Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu! chapter 21

Like I expected, people gathered around me right at the end of the first lesson. 「What was that just before? Reika-sama!」 The one who put the fire on the fuel was Serika, the Extra A, who was in the same class as me since the first grade. 「You never told Continue Reading →

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