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BJ Archmage – Episode 19 : Well, Let’s Do It! (3)

7.   Kim Minsoo, who created everything in God Wars, spoke.   I wanted to make a game that would give more to those who enjoy the game more deeply.   That was the rune system.   Kim Minsoo’s intention worked properly.   As he thought, God Wars gave more Continue Reading →

BJ Archmage – Episode 18 : Well, Let’s Do It! (2)

4. God Wars’ star content, Boss Monster Raid. The reason why such Boss Monster Raids were difficult was simple. There were only a few players who can play one-on-one against the Boss Monster. And whether it’s a hundred people who were rallying or a thousand who were rallying, only one Continue Reading →

BJ Archmage – Episode 17 : Well, Let’s Do It!(1)

1.   There is more content in God Wars than people think.   It wasn’t just about leveling up.   Earning achievements and runes is the evidence for that claim.   ‘We hope players will enjoy the whole world of God Wars in more and more ways. Runes are designed Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 190: Noble Sacrifice (3) END

“Jonnan?” I turned my head to see Jonnan there. Jonnan who seemed to be unbelievably young and healthy for being 50 was holding a longsword and attacking Heros. How did Jonnan get in here? Now wasn’t the time to think about that. Jonnan was level 400, but his sword skills Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 189: Noble Sacrifice (2)

When the heck do I use this thing? I looked through the draft plan, but there was no item like this. I also haven’t found a place to use it yet. That was the case even though I defeated Demon Lord Heros. But I’m sure that there has to be Continue Reading →

BJ Archmage – Episode 16 : Lucky (3)

7.   The jobs that players had in God Wars were way more subdivided than people could imagine.   The warrior class is divided by weapon selection such as swords, spears, hammers, and shields.   From there Warriors, Fighters, Knights, Paladins, and Dark Knights … … That was why God Continue Reading →

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