Hero – Chapter 3: Twisted Kuudere Or Closet Yandere?

The passage was pitch black. Completely devoid of light. Same goes for sound. It was so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. There was even a nice cool breeze~ Made me wanna sleep forever~ Thankfully, I resisted my most basic instinct and decided to follow the breeze. After all, Continue Reading →

Hero – Chapter 2: The Bastard Is Actually Kind Of Badass?

I’d advise you to notice and keep in mind the question mark in the title… That said, on with what happened after I got conned by that piece of dogshit. The hallway was spacious enough to fit a couple hundred people at the same time. It had smooth, chiselled stone Continue Reading →

Hero – Chapter 1: I Am Not a Hero

If you got summoned to another world, and thrown the title [Hero] and forced to fight for some random people you don’t even know, how would you feel? Well personally, I’d probably kill myself. Why? Simply because one, I no longer had any ties left to the world and two Continue Reading →