Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Chapter 1 : Child of a great hero and a fairy

Anhwee Castle’s upper region

A small and worn out village with a population of a mere 50 people existed upon the middle of a mountain. The villagers gathered herbs within the mountains where people did not traverse  and sold them in the market to survive.

A place where the roads weren’t even properly built, Chunryu was climbing the mountain with a bamboo hat on his head.

“Is this the upper regions of the castle?”

Chunryu, who recently received approval of his father and left Hwaryunjung received a piece of note before he left.

“Take this and go to the upper regions of Anhwee Castle, those people will be there. Go and tell them that this bamboo hat and this mask is now yours”. These were his father’s words.

Chunryu took out the piece of note and headed towards the upper regions.


When Chunryu entered the upper regions a woman wearing black clothing suited for martial arts was the first thing that he saw. Even the blade by her waist was black.

The woman stood in front of the entrance like she belonged there, as if she was waiting for Chunryu.

“It’s been a while? young master” Said the woman

Chunryu replied with a smirk “Long time no see Suyeon older sister”

Chunryu knew the woman, no, he had to know the woman. His cultivation partner was the woman called Suyeon in front of him.

“You don’t even feel anything anymore?” Said the woman

“….and you don’t seem to have changed at all” Replied Chunryu.

Suyeon and Chunryu chatted lively and smiled

But suddenly Suyeon disappeared from Chunryu’s view and he instinctively threw his hands in the air

“Hundred heaven controlling sword, Ten Thousand Heavens God Merit”

A technique he inherited from his mother that could control ten thousand swords, but this had other uses as well.


The leaves that cluttered the ground flew up into the air and started assaulting everywhere and Suyeon appeared like a ghost and landed on the ground

“…..” Suyeon frowned at the unsuspected attack and unsheathed the blade by her waist and split apart the leaves in midair.

“Dark Overpowering Single Slash”

The black blade drew a crescent moon as it cut through the leaves, no, it had to cut through those leaves


But the leaves did not get cut from her blades. Faced with an unexpected outcome, Suyeon hid her body and presence.

But Chunryu cut the empty air with his hands without a comment after witnessing her actions.

A single line was drawn in thin air as a sound of objects colliding was heard in his ears. At the same time multiple black crescents started to appear in mid air.

“Dark Lifeless Ten Slash”

Ten black crescents started moving created a smile on Chunryu’s face. “When the Dark Moon appears everything will be cut apart by black crescents, if a Dark Moon appears then do not even dare to breathe. Those who forsake these words will be cut apart by the black crescents without a trace and disappear from this world”.

With these words Chunryu took like a long object from his possesions

“But there exists a blade that pairs with the Dark Moon. Wind King’s Blade. It is all of the world’s wind as well as the only blade to stop the Dark Moon.”

The cloth that had been covering the long object flew into the skies as a tempest gathered with the blade as the center.

“…Wind King Cyan Blade”

Suyeon, who had been hiding herself, appeared and frowned as she glared at the blade in Chunryu’s hands.

A cyan Sword God. The blade gave a feeling of watching a very clear lake. On this cyan blade the words Wind King were engraved.

“Flowing Bird Black Blade Yunriur told that a husband did not exist. But the world did not know that the Dark Moon had a husband named Wind King.” Said the woman

“Did the fairy tell you that?” Asked the man

Chunryu threw the Wind King Cyan Blade to Suyeon, she caught the blade with a shock and then glared at Chunryu with blades in her eyes.

“What are you doing!?” Asked the woman

“Elder Sister, please take the blade back”


“And please do not test me further, I am not the same as before”.

All the leaves disappeared from the air and the wind blew towards Chunryu with him as the center. He took out a white mask and then stared at her expressionlessly.

Suyeon saw the stare and the mask and dropped her head towards the ground.

“From today, the owner of this mask is me”


It seemed like a miracle that the worn-out hut remained standing. The pillars had multiple cracks that showed that the pillar held up the roof for numerous years.

Under this hut, an old man was sitting there.

The clothing looked patched in multiple locations but the old man had an aura that differed from his clothing

“You came”

Chunryu bowed his head and greeted the old man after hearing his voice.

“Hyukse grandpa, it’s been a while”

The old man smiled in response to Chunryu’s greeting as he saw the mask in his hands.

“By wearing that mask, does that mean the fairy gave away everything to you?” Asked the old man

“That is right”

“Chunryu, do you know what kind of a life the fairy lived with that mask?” Asked the old man again

“Yes I do”

The old man watched Chunryu as he nodded and stroked his beard.

“….I see. Then you are the owner of us from now. We will heed to your command and become a shield with our lives on stake to protect you”.

The old man stood up, walked toward Chunryu then kneeled in front of Chunryu.

Suyeon wordlessly approached the old man and performed the same action.

“Chunryung’s protector. Undefeated Sword Emperor Yeon HyukSe greets his knew lord”

“Chunryung’s Dark Reaper Song Suyeon greets her knew lord”

Chunryu, after watching their actions, walked over to them and stood them up and said “I am not your lord, I am your family”.

The old man shed tears from those words


“Hyukse, look at this child. Isn’t it so cute?” asked the woman

“Heh heh. It resembles the fairy with it’s cuteness”

“….Thank you. Oh and Hyukse I have a request, could you hear me out?”

“I will gladly so” Responded Hyukse

“Please name this child”


“He names things without care, I’m sorry but could you please name this child?”

Man Chunhwa softly gazed upon Yeon Hyukse, at that gaze Hyukse spit out the name that came into his thoughts.

“…Chunryu” said Hyukse


“How about Chunryu? It means become a person who is as clear as a stream” said Hyukse

Man Chunhwa gazed upon the child after hearing those words affectionately.

“….Chunryu, it’s a very good name. Then from now on, this child will be called Chunryu” Said the woman

“That’s a good name, Hyukse is indeed very good”

Go Dochun came into the room and patted Hyukse’s shoulder.

“….Heh heh”

“Thank you, for giving a good name” Said Dochun

“It wasn’t much”

“And when Chunryu grows up please look after him. He will eventually leave us when he grows up. He needs you”

“Of cause we will protect the young master”

“Thank you, and make sure to fill up his empty spots. Give him some warm love, become his family from now on and bless him with Love. I beg of you”

“I understand”


Remembering the old memories, Hyukse wiped the tears and then looked up at the sky

‘Don’t worry my lord, we will become your family, a pillar that you can lean against‘ thought the man.

Translator : Ekdud


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