Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Chapter 2 : Mu Saint Household's ‘Golden Branch Jade Leaf’

(In Korean Gum Ji Ok Yup = Golden Branch Jade Leaf means a precious child of royalty or cherrished child)

Southern Palace Household.

A sword clan that controlled many faction’s problems as well as having a long history as well as being Anhwee Castle’s True Lord.

A sword clan that controlled many faction’s problems as well as having a long history and being Anhwee Castle’s True Lord.

Southern Palace Household’s Hyun Clan Patriarch ‘Sword Heaven’ Southern Palace Jon was the man of Two Heaven Three Emperor Five King. With him as the center of the elders who compromised the One Hundred Great Masters as well as the previous men of the Ten Great Masters were important people that acted as the pillars that held up the Southern Palace Households.

Here, many young and promising martial artist’s idol Heavenly Government Five Dragon’s ‘Black Dragon’ Southern Palace Douyoung reigned supreme. Due to this man, the martial artists of many households believed that the Southern Palace Households was the strongest in history.

But this exact Southern Palace Household was too noisy.

“Lord! We just sent the order to the Patriarch! He will arrive at the clan very soon!

The man who reported whilst he was panting quickly ran somewhere busily.

“Call back all the Ascension sect and Lord sect! This is the orders of the seventh elder! And everyone else who is not working or on standby go and defend the clan outskirts!

One of Southern Palace Household’s four pillars, the Swordless sect was moving around in a hurry. As if a war started.


Southern Palace Songho, the man who was leading the Swordless sect, was spitting out offensive words as he grinds his teeth.

“Son of a bitch! Why did you have to cause an accident on the day the Patriarch and many of the elders are absent!?”

Southern Palace Household Patriarch and 6 elders were currently patrolling the inner regions of Anhwee Castle along with the castle lord.

At the moment when the leaders of Southern Palace Household were gone, the seventh elder stayed behind to command the household.

“The one younger brother I have is like my nemesis!”

Southern Palace Songho was pressing down on his anger while screaming out inside.





A woman took a girl and stood in line for the checkpoint along in order to get into Anhwee Castle. The woman’s face was covered with a veil but her aura caused many civilians and even martial artists to keep their distance.

The beautiful curvature along with her white skin shook the hearts of many men.

“La..lady? The looks of those people are weird?”

The girl who was looking around the woman told the woman with a trembling voice.

“Ignore it. Isn’t it something that happens regularly? And if something happens I will step out. Don’t worry about it.

The woman comforted the girl as she touched the two swords hung by her waist.

“Bu…but aren’t men vicious beasts? The patriach told us to be careful and even take bodyguards but you…” Said the girl.

“It’s all right, we aren’t going anywhere dangerous. We’re going to Anhwee Castle, one of the pillars of clans. Since we aren’t very going far we can’t bring bodyguards along with us, we can’t afford to waste our forces just because of me.” Replied the woman.

“La..Lady! What do you mean wasting forces! You are our clan’s…!”

“That’s enough, it’s our turn next”

The girl came to senses from the woman’s words and said “S..Sorry, I didn’t know my place”

“What do you mean by your place?. You obviously did it for my sake. There is no need to apologize.” Repied the woman.

And as the two approached the checkpoint they both looked around as if they were looking for something.

“Pass please”

The gateguard received the pass and tilted his head in question.

“Hmm..let’s see, yellowish tint means gold.. and the words say Mu Saint.. MU SAINT!!?”

As the guard shouted in surprise the surrounding people’s gaze shifted over to him.

“Ar..Are you Mu Saint Household’s ‘Gold Branch Jade Leaf’ Hyunhyun princess?” The guard asked in a small voice as he looked at her with fear in his eyes.

“Thank you for your troubles. Let’s keep my visit a secret since I came here quietly. This is a small token of my appreciation”

The girl took out a silver coin from a small coin pouch and gave it to the guard along with Hyunhyun’s words.

“Eh..Ehem! This is not a bribe! Pass!”

As the path opened up along with the guard’s words, Hyunhyun and the girl leisurely walked through the gates and headed towards the direction.

“La..Lady! My heart is still thumping! If the guard spoke your name out loud….”

“It’s ok, I would’ve silenced the noise before it spread out anyway” replied Hyunhyun.

Hyunhyun knew that if the guard did indeed voice it out loud, she could not stop it however she knew that the guard wouldn’t speak it out loud.

“Well… anyway it’s really peaceful here. Is it due to the influence of Southern Palace Household’s Patriach?” The girl asked.

“Probably, you know too don’t you? The Patriach of Southern Palace Household cares for Anhwee Castle’s people more than anything.” Said Hyunhyun.

The girl smiled from Hyunhyun’s words as she walked towards a fruit stand in the noisy market.

She held up a ripe, red, apple, wiped it with her sleeves and took a huge bite.

“Mmm~ delicious! Auntie, can you get us some of these apples?” Asked the girl.

As the old store owner watched the pretty girl happily eat, she said “Well since you’re pretty I’ll give you a little bit more.” as she tied up some apples in some cloth.

“And that apple on your hand is free.”

“Thank you!” replied the girl as she took the apple and walked off.

Hyunhyun and the girl suddenly stopped whilst eating the apple and watched their surroundings get more open.


-Southern Palace Household-

Hyunhyun and the girl saw the sign and approached the gate with a smile.

“Hello?” said Hyunhyun

The gatekeeper asked after he nodded at her greeting

“Who are you?
“I am….”

At that moment

“Seems like you’re a beauty? Who are you anyway?”

A man wearing a blue martial artist’s robe with a headband around his forehead approached Hyunhyun and asked rudely.

The gatekeeper rushed towards the man and lowered his head in greeting

“I greet the young master!”

The man nodded at the gatekeeper’s greeting and then watched the woman again.

“Woah, look at those chin lines? You are an amzing beauty!”

The gatekeeper blocked the man’s path in shock

“Yo..young master, they look like the household’s guests so you should watch your mouth…”

“What? Watch my mouth? I am the invincible Swordless sect’s young master! You son of a bitch! Are you crazy!?”


Southern Palace Sungho watched the gatekeeper fly away with a bent shape and a smile on his face.

“You must have gone crazy, a mere gatekeeper telling me to watch my mouth. You! Are you guys going to stand by and watch? Get rid of him! And from today on I am the gatekeeper of the main gate!”

“Uh.. Understood!”A younger gatekeeper replied as he lifted up the fallen gatekeeper and took off.

At the noise the people looked over and whispered around. “It’s him again?”

Southern Palace Sungho looked over with a sharp gaze and the people started moving away.

“Ahh~ Sorry about that lady. It was scary huh? But people like him need to be punished at that moment or they won’t ever wake up. But that guy said you were the household’s guests but I’ve never heard of it. Who are you?”

The girl watched the man talk without any manners and then stood in front of him with explosive anger.

“How dare you! Do you realize who this…eeuk!?”

Southern Palace Gungho watched the girl fall towards the ground with a weird expression while holding her neck and gasping for air

“Hmph, at first the gatekeeper goes crazy and now the servant? Are you ignoring me too? And realize who this is? Then do you know who I am!? I am the grandson of Southern Palace Household’s Seventh elder! You piece of shit!”

At those words the martial artists of Southern Palace Households started to turn around. Nobody who got caught in his eyes came out without getting injured, even these people were avoiding him.

But Hyunhyun was different, she sighed deeply as she watched Southern Palace Sungho.

“Hoh? You even know how to sigh? And you have a sword by your waist? Are you a disciple of the Sword Gate?”

Sword Gate

A sect located on a mountain in the outskirts of Anhwee Castle that only consisted of women.

With sect leader Water Lily as the center, a few disciples kept the sect going but due to it consisting only of woman, it was quite famous.

“Not even going to answer my question huh?”

Southern Palace Sungho got mad from the woman ignoring his words and he hit off the veil and watched the veil fly off with a smile.

And then

The smile on his face disappeared as his whole body started to tremble


“If one is the grandson of the seventh elder of Southern Palace Household then are they allowed to treat guests like this? Southern Palace Sungho.”

“Th, That is..”

The onlookers tilted their heads as they whispered around. They have never seen Sungho shake from fear in front of someone like that before.

And then when they saw her face their jaws dropped from shock.

“Uwahhh! Hyunhyun lady! That man over there bullied me!”

And the servant’s words made the onlookers freeze on the stop. There was only one woman with the name Hyunhyun that had a perfect body along with that beautiful face in this world.

Sword Emperer’s great-great-granddaughter.

Honorable Royal Clan’s Mu Saint Household’s ‘Golden Branch Jade Leaf’.(* = cherrished child)

The absolute genius of the martial world.

A beauty that could be called invincible under the heavens.

All these words described that woman.

And she was the idol of every martial artist as she was called the unrivaled genius of the martial world.

“Heavenly Flower Mu Saint Hyunhyun!?”

When one martial artist shouted that out, all the other martial artists strided off in a hurry.

“Don’t cry”

The girl stopped crying at Hyunhyun’s words and glared at Sungho in Hyunhyun’s embrace.

“Lady! We need to report his actions to the royal palace! This is a crime of disgracing the Royal Household!”

“Sohyang. Calm down. We will first tell the patriach of Southern Palace Household for now. You must keep this a secret from father and grandfather ok?”

The girl nodded at the words on Hyunhyun and backed off from her embrace.

“We should at least greet first, right? It’s been a while Southern Palace Sungho.”

“…..Please kill me”

Sungho kneeled in front of Hyunhyun with his head towards the ground and placed his sword in front of her.

“You haven’t changed at all? Until when are you going to use the name of Southern Palace Household and fuss around? I’ve heard you’ve become much more responsible after becoming the young master of the swordless sect but it seems I heard wrong?” said Hyunhyun.


“And don’t show me this look. You are a proud martial artist of the Southern Palace Household”

“…..Please kill me” said Sungho.

“I don’t need your life. Now disappear from my sight.”

With those words Hyunhyun took Sohyang and passed through Southern Palace Household’s gate.

And a few moments later Southern Palace Songho appeard in front of Sungho and gazed down at him.

“You rotten twerp! I heard it all. What are you going to do now!? How dare you act towards her this way! If something happens to the elder how are you going to take responsibility!?”

Sungho lay on the floor as if he was dead after he heard Songho’s words.

“I told you countless times but you cause an accident again! Useless! What are you doing! Lock this fool up, I don’t want to see him again!”

The soldiers who were on standby behind Southern Palace Songho raised Sungho up and took him away to lock him up. Songho watched this from afar and sighed deeply.

“Goddamit. The sky is clear while there’s an uproar in this place”

Translator’s note

From now on I will put the titles of people as so ‘title’. Also please excuse my lack of Chinese knowledge as the author will use many Chinese letters and words.

KCDS’s note

금지옥엽 / Gum Ji Ok Yup = King’s descendants or household member in the past, nowaday means “cherrished child”

Translator : Ekdud

TL Check : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zennath


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