Ten Thousand Heaven Controlling Sword – Prologue

A beautiful garden in the mountain valley which seems to only exist upon legends. A place where all the world’s beauty supposedly gathers, Hwaryunjung was not a famous location. The path leading up to the entrance was very dangerous and one had to follow a narrow path on the side of a cliff to reach this place.

Despite the danger, many herbalists and gatherers came here to collect precious herbs but they could only roam around the outskirts. But someone who has seen inside has spread the rumor about the view and people named the location Hwaryunjung and thought that the paradise existed upon this place.

But in this desolate location, a couple lived within a small hut.


As the cry of a child came out of the hut the man who was splitting logs in the yard rapidly rushed inside the hut.”Aww! Our Chunryu is crying again?”

The man’s face could not be seen clearly due to his worn bamboo hat but his manly chin could determine that he was very handsome. The man rocked the crying baby back and forth between his arms as he calmed the baby down.

“Why do you cry so? Did you sleep too much? Or are you hungry?” Said the man. But the child didn’t seem to show signs of calming down, seeing this the man glanced at the sleeping woman on one side.

Blue hair

An extremely beautiful fairy lay on the bed and breathed in and out quietly. She was the man’s wife as well as the baby’s mother but after giving birth she seemed to sleep for over half of the day.

“Hmm, do we need to get some Crow Head Roots(하수오) with some Pure Voic Rock Milk(공청석유)?” Said the man.

“There’s no need for that.” Said the woman. The woman who had just been asleep was staring at the man.

“Isn’t it because you had a baby at such an old age? You should really look after your body…” Started the man.

“I’m Old? If people saw me they’ll still think I’m a virgin.” Replied the woman.

Hearing this the man got mad, “A virgin!? Its obvious that you are already taken!”

As the man got enraged the woman just sighed as she spread her arms towards the baby, “Just give me Chunryu, he’s crying because he’s hungry” Said the woman.

“Oh he was crying because of hunger?” Replied the man.

“A father  of a child can’t even tell? You should know it by instinct, hurry and give him here.” Said the woman.

After hearing the woman’s reply the man said “Well! It’s possible not to know!” and handed the child over to the woman. The woman opened her shirt and stuck out her bountiful bosom towards the baby. “Were you very hungry? You suffer because of a bad father.”

After hearing that the man laid down his bamboo hat and sat next to the woman as he stared at her bosom. “No matter how I look, you are very beautiful”Said the man.

” Stop talking nonsense, aren’t you supposed to be working outside?” Replied the woman.

“Hmph! You’ve been so cold recently!” Said the man. The man turned around and stared at the window with a dejected look as if he was really depressed.

“I’m just kidding, is today the child’s ceremony?” Asked the woman.

“Yeah, we need to collect a lot in order for it to succeed. We will also need to use my medicinal alcohol as well as your bodily martial arts” Said the man.

“For Chunryu’s body?” Asked the woman.

“Yeah, and we also need the wisdom of fire in order to accomplish my dream goal” said the man.

As the woman heard those words tears could be seen gathering in the corners of her eyes.

“I am such a bad mother, as if I’m giving away such a heavy burden to my child” said the woman.

“What are you talking about? You have complete rights to do that, you’re his mom! And remember how much you sacrificed in your life so far.” He said as he wiped her tears and hugged her warmly from her back.

The happy moments flowed past as the baby, who was now full, fell asleep as the woman laid the baby down in the usual spot and smiled happily in the man’s embrace.

“I’ve decided, I want to give my surname to this child” Said the woman.

“That’s a very good choice, does this mean our child’s name will become Man Chunryu?” Said the man.

“Yes and I also want to pass on the Ten Thousand Heavens” Said the woman.

“Th..Then a lot of practice swords will be needed?” Said the man. The woman, after hearing that answer replied

“Oh that seems so, then I’ll ask for you a favor” as she stole the man’s lips.

It was a short kiss but the woman’s feelings were clearly passed onto the man. She hugged into the man’s embrace and whispered “….Please stay by me forever”

Hearing that the man pat the woman’s head and said “You must be tired, you should sleep a little”



A clear blue sky, this year was the twenty third year since Chunryu was born.

“Come here Chunryu”. The woman who decorated Hwaryunjung called as she watched the waterfall. As soon as she said that Chunryu appeared like a ghost beside her.

“Did you call for me?” Said Chunryu

“Where is he right now?” Said the woman

Chunryu responded with a happy smile on his face. “He said he had to go out momentarily, he had to do something but he told me it won’t take long”.

The woman nodded to Chunryu’s response as she smiled softly, “You grew up well”.

“It’s because I am the child of mother and father” Said Chunryu

“….so, did you decide what to do now?” Asked the woman

“Yes, I plan to leave this place” Said Chunryu.

“Then leave” said the woman

“….Can I really leave?”Said Chunryu

At that moment

All of Hwaryunjung started trembling and the swords that had been rolling about on the ground all flew up into the skies. And all those swords started flying towards Chunryu.

“Beat this mother and then go” Said the woman.

Swords that had been enveloped within azure energy had an imposing aura. Even though Chunryu had inherited her martial techniques and gained amazing amounts of strength he couldn’t even measure up to her foot in terms of strength.

Could someone like him face those swords?

First come first serve, there weren’t any swords left on the ground and Chunryu only had a limited ability. But since the woman acted out in such a way he had to fight it out.

“I understand that however I struggle that I cannot even touch your clothes but giving up before trying is not me, so I shall receive some pointers” Said Chunryu.


Chunryu’s hands moved and all the leaves on the ground were enveloped within white energy as they floated up and then flew towards Man Chunhwa (Name of the mother).


Chunhwa effortlessly blocked it with one hand and then sighed as she looked at Chunryu.

“Is this all? If so then there is more of a reason why I cannot let you leave” Said Chunhwa

As those words came out of her mouth, all the swords that had been levitating suddenly flew towards Chunryu. Chunryu stood still and at this motion Chunhwa squinted her eyes in displeasure.


The swords stopped right in front of Chunryu and dropped to the ground powerlessly, seeing this Chunhwa looked at Chunryu standing behind her with a sad face.

“Mother loves me too much, this is why you cannot hurt me so” Said Chunryu.

Chunryu knew the swords will stop, he used this short moment to get behind her.

“…….” The woman stared at Chunryu wordlessly.

She gave birth to him and was grateful that he grew up so well. But as the time to let him experience the real world outside the sheltered life approached she began to worry about him.

Could this boy really survive in the outside world?

Could he really… face them?

She thought of those people as she taught him strictly and handed everything she knew over to him. She even passed on the martial technique that she created after altering it to fit his body.

“You really did grow up well” said Chunhwa

The woman smiled softly and closed her eyes as she decided to let him go out.

At that moment

“You became much more bolder, even knowing how to get behind Chunhwa” A voice resonated in the air as a man wearing a worn out bamboo hat appeared with the wind and landed next to the woman.


He opened the cork of the wine gourd and took a mouthful as he permeated a dominating aura and started pressuring Chunryu.

“Crazy bastard, come here instantly!” Said the man.

Shocked by those words, Chunryu immediately ran towards the man and kneeled as he met his gaze. As the man saw this he sighed as he handed over the wine gourd over to Chunryu.

“So you decided?” asked the man

“….Yes” Replied Chunryu.

Chunryu, after receiving the gourd, carefuly sipped a bit and then handed it back to the man.

“If thats so then go, go wherever you want to go. We were going to let you go anyway” Said the man.


“The ‘thing’ I gave you is still sealed inside your body. I thought you would know how to deal with it when you became an adult but it was impossible for you. That’s why Chunhwa and I had to seal it” Said the man.

“…..I am sorry that I did not live up your expectations” said Chunryu

The man smiled at that reply and took out a white mask and took off his bamboo hat and he handed those two objects to Chunryu.

“From now on this bamboo hat and Chunhwa’s mask is yours. Never forget that the heavens are always watching you. If, one day, you are able to win over the ‘thing’ inside you Chunhwa and I will reappear in front of you” Said the man.

As the man finished his words, Chunhwa hugged Chunryu from the back and whispered very quietly. “I love you”

At these words Chunryu started letting go of the tears that he resisted.

He always received severe training but he also received as much love. Whilst training, if he were to get injured then his father will come out of nowhere and treated him. When he went back to the hut after a long day of training and cultivation his mother always had a delicious meal ready for him.

“Father, Mother, I love you. Thank you”

At those words Go Dochun(Father’s name) smiled as he petted Chunryu’s head.

“Go to the real world and see everything. Protect those who are kind but weaker than you but punish those who are evil. Follow those who are stronger than you and if you meet those who are stronger than you but are evil, use whatever methods to destroy them. Got it?” Said the man

As he heard his father’s words Chunryu stood up and started kowtowing to his father and mother.

“Yes, I will keep them in mind. I will be back” With these words Chunryu left Hwaryunjung and headed towards the world.

Translator : Ekdud

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  1. David

    Flawless, except:

    “Go to the real world and see everything. Protect those who are kind but weaker then you but punish those who are evil. Follow those who are stronger then you and if you meet those who are stronger then you but are evil, use whatever methods to destroy them. Got it?” Said the man

    All the then should be than.

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