The Empyrean Nethervoid – Chapter 1: The Truth

“My child, please don’t hate us for what we are about to tell you.”


“Uncle wha-“ Before Han Ming could ask, he was cut of by his uncle with a stern tone.


“Don’t ask questions now, it’s best you listen first.” Just as his uncle finished his sentence, he opened the door, sighed and shook his head. “Brother, Ming’er has arrived.” Han Ming respectfully bowed towards his father who was lying on his bed.

“Ming’er greets father.”


“Sigh, Ming’er I have no right for you call me that. To be honest with you what I’m about to tell you will hurt both you and me. I never dreamt I would have to tell you this. Sit down first.” While saying these words Han Mings Father seemed to grow weaker with every word he said. In his eyes one could see unwillingness and sorrow. To him what he was about to tell the child was devastating to him.


Today is the day I lose my child……. I can only pray he understands.


Han Ming sat down and stared at his uncle for a couple of breaths, but after noticing that his uncle wasn’t gonna explain anything, he turned his gaze towards his father. His frail looking father whose name once rocked the battlefield when the 6 Eastern Continents went to war. But alas every good thing comes to an end, the name Han Gui soon became nothing in the midst of war. The day his Cultivation Base was shattered was the day his great name got sullied.


At this moment the former Great General Han Gui was on his death bed, with fear in his eyes. If any one was to ask him which fear was greater, that of losing his cultivation or that of losing his son, he wouldn’t even need to answer because the fear in his eyes as he looked at his son was the type of fear that one would experience at deaths door step.


“Son I love you more than words, but I feel I should tell you the truth……”


Han Ming: “……”


“You’ve never asked about your mother and I have never talked about her either. This is because I never knew who your mother was nor do I know who your father is. You’ve grown up calling me father but to be honest I am nothing but a man who found you during my travels. I’m not your father by blood but I hope you can accept me as your father still.”


When Han Ming heard these words that’s his father spoke he was stunned into silence. He never would have thought that the man he idolized as a child the man that he called his father all these years was not his real father.


Hahahaha isn’t life just beautiful. How does he expect me to react to that. No matter if we don’t share the same blood, if he’s my adoptive father so what, he still raised and to me that’s what a parent does, right?


Even though he thought this way, even though he was mature beyond his age, he was still only 12 and it was still a lot to take in. So he stayed silent, and at a point even began crying. This lead to the room being silent for quite some breaths, it was like this until his uncle broke the silence.


“Ming’er we have wronged you, and I pray you can forgive me and eldest brother for what we have done.” Han Ming’s uncle lightly bowed as he apologized. All Han Ming could do at the moment was stare at his uncle. He himself was not willing to accept this reality. So when he opened his mouth to speak, and these words mirrored his thoughts.


“It changes nothing that we not connected by blood. We are connected by fate and that is enough for me to call you father. Maybe my “actual” parents didn’t want me, but it doesn’t matter cause I’ve learnt that family isn’t always blood. And come hell or high water, you’re still my father. As for my past before you found me, I don’t really car-“


Before he could finish his words, his father had thrown a storage bag at him. He caught it and by instinct he began inspecting it. “ Do not say that you don’t care about your past. We are all human, and trust me I’m just as curious as you are about your past. Inside the bag there is a memory stone. There are some inscriptions on it so I’m guessing it was specially for you and if you drop your blood on it you’ll be able to see the fragments inside if you place it on your temple. I wish I could tell you who your parents are. But the writing on the bag is foreign to me. In the continents we speak the same tongue but our writings are different. I myself have only been to two other continents and none of them had this type of writing. So its either you’re from the continents further up. If not then I do not know.”


Wait other continents!!! Han Ming had a confused look on his face. To him the Rovert Kingdom was big enough but for there to be other continents. To him It was blasphemy.


His uncle noticed his nephew’s confused look and he chuckled and patted him on his back whilst saying, “You are still too young, in the Cold Moon continent there are 14 kingdoms, and ours is one of the weakest of these 14. And when you go to other continents there are other kingdoms called Countries. Our continents are called the eastern continents, because we are located to the east of the Demogorgon sea.”


Han Ming: “ So to the west is?“


“That’s a story for another day. For now just go rest and find out what you can from that stone. Go now.”


“Yes father, I will do so. Farewell uncle.”


As Han Ming exited the room, his uncle stared at Han Gui and sighed. “Elder brother, do you think maybe it was too early. He is still only twelve.” Han Gui “ He had to know before I die-“


“Don’t talk like that brother, in this world full of cultivators there is always a solution we just haven’t found it yet.”


Han Gui “ Haha..right….” There was little hope in Han Gui’s eyes. As far as he was concerned death was a certainty, and certainties did not bother him. What bothered him was Han Ming’s uncertain future…





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