The Empyrean Nethervoid – Chapter 2: Philip


“Father, I wish to use the travel gate to go to the 6 Eastern continents to train with my friends from across the 7 Mystical Heavens. We want to leave within two years.” The youth who had uttered these words was a 16 year old boy. The boy had short black hair and a body so round one would think they were staring at a ball.


This youth was Philip, his father was one of the 7 Patriarchs that were in charge of the 7 mystical heavens.


And on the man’s face, amusement was present. It was more mock amusement than anything when he stared at his own son. He believed that even though his son had stepped into the realm of Martial  Artist, he was still lacking to go out and hone his skills with a bunch of other brats from across the east.


With a heavy sigh he looked at his son solemnly and said, “Do you think that with your cultivation base at the first level of Martial Artist, you’ll be able to go to that barbaric land and survive?”


Philip was really bothered by his father’s gaze and with a rather bashful expression, he looked at his father and said, “Father I might just be at the first level of a Martial Master now but in two years I can guarantee that I will be able to step into the sixth level. If I do so will you be willing to let me go?”


“Dear husband, I do believe that fourth sister’s son will be able to survive once he steps into the Fifth level. Just approve to it.” The person who had spoken was a middle aged women whose beauty was able to topple nations.


This was the Patriarch’s first wife Jane. Even though she looked as if she was in her thirties. She was actually a little over 90 and was a Martial Saint of the eighth level. Even though it was a full Stage behind her husband who was a Martial Sage, it was still considered powerful.


In their world there were 9 known stages in cultivation. These stages were, Body Refining, Martial Student, Martial Artist, Martial Master, Martial General, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Saint and ultimately Martial Sage.


Each cultivation level had 9 sub levels. And the threshold of breaking through to a higher realm became more difficult as a cultivator progressed.


The fact that this couple was able to reach such heights, was all due to their cultivation talent. Both parties had a grade 8 talent for cultivation. It was considered the pinnacle of talent On the Regal Planet.


Philip on the other hand was a 6th grade talent and was just a concubines son. So the patriarch did not dote him too much.


He didn’t do much as a father apart from offering him cultivation resources. So between the pair of them there wasn’t much love nor respect.


In fact you can say that the reason why Philip was still alive was because, as a Patriarch he couldn’t kill his own blood because he would lose face. If it wasn’t for that then he would have killed this arrogant brat.


Because out of all his 12 children only this brat had the balls to say anything to his face. And this unnerved him. The other reason he couldn’t kill this guy was naturally because his fourth concubine who was this gluttons mother had sacrificed herself to save his and Jane’s first born.


This left his first born son, James, with a heavy sense of guilt and thus James did his best to protect his younger sibling. James was an 8th grade talent himself so it was not a wise decision to piss him off.


Even though it was his own son, he knew that if James was to be provoked he would immediately cause a scene. This huge loss of face was too much for him to bare. So he chose to bide his time.


And when he heard his Wife’s statement he suddenly realized that this was grand opportunity to get rid of fat bastard. So in the end he decided to take the opportunity.


He looked at his son and after what seemed like an eternity of silence, he finally opened his mouth and spoke. “ If you feel like you can reach that point in two years, I’ll naturally allow you to leave. With or without your frien-“


“Their respective guardians have already agreed so no worries there.” Philip replied in a rather tedious manner, and this annoyed his father to the extreme.


As he noticed his fathers annoyed expression, he gleefully smiled and stared at him for a while before speaking again “I’m gonna need more cultivation resources and Martial Techniques to train in if I’m to grow stronger.”


His father was left stunned by his sons demands and with a gaze fueled by fury his voice rose, “ What the f*ck do you mean you need more resources!? We gave you a years worth of resources half a year ago. How do you nee-“


“I’m a big guy I naturally take in twice as much……. I shall take my leave now dear father and first aunt.” And without even waiting for a reply the fatty turned around and started walking towards the door.


And just as he was about to reach the door, he turned around and said words that shocked the entire room. And as he said this words he made sure that even the guards outside could hear it.


So in with one breath he opened his mouth and asked, “ Dear father, did you feel anything weird after you slept with Gloria from the brothel? Because there is this dot on my manhood and I can’t quite tell what it is.”

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