The Overlord’s Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 11: The Hero of Shield and Spear

After the experimental period of three days, I resumed my daily routine of questing, exterminating monsters and collecting bounty of strong individuals. Day after day, I find myself getting more used to my new body and the Greataxe. After all, life-or-death battles day after day would temper one’s combat experience considerably.

Especially weaker humans, they have a lot of ways to deter a stronger foe from slaughtering them. Some of them baited me into trap formations, while others made full use of their surroundings to improve their combat potential.

Regardless, I jumped into every one of these traps and eliminated all of them. Since most of them couldn’t deal enough damage to pierce even my skin, I took the time to obverse their trap and broke it apart slowly.

A total of eighteen quests completed; twelve of them which are bounty hunting. Combining that with my years of solid battle experience as an Ogre Lord and a year’s worth of training as a human, I think I can consider myself to be strong enough to give anyone in the human continent a run for their money. Perhaps, even the [Heroes]?

After nearly a whole month of experimenting and questing, this is what I got :
Name : Gideon Silverwolf
Age : 14
Gender : Male
Rank : C
Quest completed: E:0, D:13, C:4, B:1, A:0, S:0, SS:0
Money: 2 Gel, 35 Silv, 83 Colv

I wanted to do more C- ranked and B-ranked quests, but Ellenda wouldn’t allow me to do so. Quoting her, “C-ranked quests are of a totally different level from D-ranked quests! Most people do them in a team, not solo! Come back when you have at least 3 other C-ranked party members, okay?”

Though, it is a very convenient reason for me to “hate” her for, while putting on a smiling “facade”. As I expected, this way, the curse didn’t activate. Or at least, I didn’t think it did. She still comes to work every day without fail, so I don’t think it did…


“Ellenda, did anything bad happen to you recently?” (Gideon)

“That’s a strange question to ask…but no, nothing particularly bad happened.”

Okay, that’s go-, bad, I mean, bad. I wanted something bad to happen to her, yeah. It’s for her sake.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just randomly asking questions. By the way, I’ve completed my quest that Randol gave me today.” (Gideon)

“Alright, I’ll process it for you…what, he gave you a C-rank Subjugation Quest?! You mean, you defeated and captured a gang of bandits all by yourself?” (Ellenda)

“It’s not really a band, it’s just 4 people, not too much of an issue.”

“…I’m going to kill that Randol later, but you’re being too reckless! What if you get hurt, or poisoned? You might even get killed!”

Not really…even for C-ranked bandits, their equipment and skills are horrible and couldn’t even cut through my skin. I could probably have dealt with them even if I tied up one arm behind my back. I’m starting to think that there aren’t any more high quality quests to do any more. After all, I swept through most of the most difficult quests that is near this rural town area.

“I…I’m sorry…” (Gideon)

I dropped my head down and acted as though I was apologetic. It’s rather disgusting and degrading for me to do something like this, but it’s very effective against Ellenda’s nagging as I found out through Randol that she likes younger boys, to the point where it’s nearly unhealthy. Nearly.

“Kuh..! So cuteee- I mean, ahem! Fine, but don’t attempt C-ranked quests again solo, you’ll get yourselves killed one day. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”

“I understand, thank you Ellenda!” (Gideon)

I was barely able to keep up my near-crumbling facade, but it was entertaining to see a trickle of blood flowing down Ellenda’s nose, and get desperately trying to cover it up, so it’s all good.


Before I can step out of the Adventurer’s Guild, ready to go back to the inn for a good hearty dinner, I noticed that there was a commotion happening right outside which slightly blocked the entrance/exit of the Guild. A large group of people were gathering just outside of the Guild watching some sort of event unfolding. A loud bashing sound was heard, and there’s a guy flying out of the encirclement, straight towards me…?

“Don’t fly over to me, go somewhere else you minion!” (Gideon)

I lifted my leg and kicked him away, sending him flying in another direction. I didn’t really bother where he landed though; I just wanted to see what’s going on in the encirclement

No one seemed to care for the flying guy too, as they continued to focus on observing the situation within the encirclement.

Dammit, my height isn’t tall enough to see what’s going on!

“Ooooo, as expected of one of the legendary [Heroes]! To dispatch a group of gangsters like kicking pebbles of a roadside…indeed, this shows the power of humanity’s protectors and saviours!”

“She’s so cute as well…”

“Ahhhh! Crystal, look over here! We’re your biggest fans!”

Wait; did they just say the word [Hero]? One of the legendary [Heroes] is in this rural town, right now? This is my lucky day, since I have already ran out of things to do in this town. A short spar with humanity’s finest warriors will determine my standing in the human continent!


Crystal’s POV:

Sigh…how did this even happen? How silly of me, to be distracted while walking on the road, now I caused such a commotion.

An old friend of mine asked me to meet up with her at the Adventurer’s Guild; therefore I took the time out of training to visit her a bit. After all, it’s been awhile since I last saw her. While caught up in my thoughts on how am I going to tease her for making me come all the way here, I accidentally knocked onto a group of guys without realizing.

“Oops, I’m sorry! Pardon me…” (Crystal)

“Hey hey, little girl! Don’t you think just a simple sorry will do after knocking onto us? That’s not very nice of you, isn’t that right guys?” (Guy #1)

“Yeah, what he said!” (Guy #2)

“How about accompanying us men here for a day and maybe, throughout the night as well, hmm?” (Guy #3)

The guys blocking my way made very nasty, lewd laughter as they slowly and steadily made their way closer to me. Sigh, looks like being the newest [Hero] means that not many people recognises me yet…

“Hey guys take a look, she’s a warrior! Looks like she have plenty of stamina for us to take turns, isn’t that right, huh?” (Guy #2)

“Don’t worry, we’ll treat you gently and nicely…ehh-OuchouchouchmywristisbreakingARGH!?” (Guy #1)

As his hand tries to touch my butt, I took hold on his wrist, and applied just a bit more force into it. Well, he’s a normal person after all; I don’t want to risk breaking his hand. Not just yet.

“So I see, you guys are that kind of human scum. Alright then, I’ll accompany you three for a short while. I’m a little busy so you’ll have to forgive me for that ~ . Well then, let’s begin shall we?” (Crystal)

I twisted his arm so it faces his back in an arm lock, and slowly applied increasing pressure. He tries to shake it off but his struggles only made him scream out in pain louder.

“W-w-what are you two waiting for? Get her, before my wrist breaks off!” (Guy #1)

The two other guys looked at each other for a while stupidity before rushing towards me, their arms pulled back with the intention to strike me with.

Sigh…they don’t know who they are dealing with huh? I guess I’ll go easy on them.

“Steel my flesh, [Fortify].”

After a few months of training, I managed to shorten the chant of the high-class enhancement spell to merely 3 words. Although it comes with a price of immobility temporarily, the short period of defence boost it gives is immense.

As their fists landed on me, their face revealed a smug look of victory before quickly changing to a grimace of pain and confusion, as I heard the sound of broken bones and torn tendons.

“M,my hand! I can’t feel my hand!” (Guy #2)

“GOD DAMMIT, we’re going to mess you up so bad when we get a hold of you later!” (Guy #3)

“Oi, what are you two jokers doing, she’s just one small girl, finish her off already-OUCH MY WRIST IS BREAKING PLEASE STOP I’M SORRY!” (Guy #1)


“Wait a minute…isn’t that the [Hero of Spear and Shield], Crystal Theia?” (Random By-passer)

“Oh yeah it is! There’s no mistaking it; the symbol of a shield and a spear on the armguard artefact of hers…that’s definitely Crystal, the [Hero]!”

“And she’s dealing with three troublemakers at once, with no problems at all. As expected from a [Hero] that deals with those nasty demons!”

In a blink of an eye, a crowd formed with me and those three idiots as the centre of it all. After realizing I am one of the 3 [Heroes] of humanity, his face had a look of terror and he started to shake uncontrollably, while the other two stared at me with an expression as though as they pissed themselves.

Seeing that they had lost of will to fight back, I released the grip on my arm lock, and pushed him towards the other two.

“So what if you are the [Hero]? Nobody treats me this way, you hear me, you bitch?!” (Guy #1)

Out of the blue, he rushed towards me, holding a dagger and trying to stab me with it.

“Seriously, just right after I decided to let you off…you should know better when you’re outclassed old man!” (Crystal)

With some control, I send him flying with an uppercut while dodging the stab from the dagger and he was sent flying out of the ring of people.

“Oops, sorry; heads up!” (Crystal)

I hope that didn’t hit anyone…ah, it’ll be fine. At the very most I’ll just apologize after I finish off this.

I turned around to the other two, tapping the diamond-shaped hand-guard with my left hand and showing it to them. Fear is etched right now their faces, as they kneeled down straight onto the floor and went down on all fours.

“So…how should I deal with the two of you scumbags hmm? Do you still want me to entertain the both of you throughout the night? After all, I have PLENTY of stamina to last, if you really want me to of course.” (Crystal)


“We…we’re sorry!”

The two of them immediately slammed their head repeatedly on the floor, begging for mercy. Well then, if they are going so far as to bow down in forgiveness I can’t really find the heart to punish them anymore.

“Ooooo, as expected of one of the legendary [Heroes]! To dispatch a group of gangsters like kicking pebbles of a roadside…indeed, this shows the power of humanity’s protectors and saviours!”

“She’s so cute as well…”

“Ahhhh! Crystal, look over here! We’re your biggest fans!”

I looked around and realized that the crowd has grown to quite a huge size. Awkwardly, I waved around a few times with a smile on my face.

Ah crud, I don’t really like so much attention…how am I supposed to get out of here, squeeze through the crowd? No, that will be too rude…

“Oi, [Hero]! Don’t randomly throw people around, he almost landed on me!”

I turned to look at the owner of the voice, only to see a young boy with unkempt hair, probably 14 or 15 year old at best.

He has a gigantic Greataxe hanging behind his back, and is squeezing into the crowd while dragging a guy behind him…oh, isn’t that the same guy I accidentally punched out? Oh crud, I hope it didn’t cause him to suffer any form of damage, I hate troubles.

“Oh? For a [Hero], you are rather young, never seen you before too. No matter, Crystal Theia! My name is Gideon Silverwolf, and I challenge you to a duel!” (Gideon)

“Hey kiddo, don’t pick a fight you can’t win! How about you go back to the Guild and go pick some flower collecting quests?” (Random guy #1)

“Ah, what was that you just said? So, there are people in this town that still doesn’t recognize me, huh?” (Gideon)

An incredible killing intent flooded out of Gideon, and most of the people who were encircling with previously started to disperse very quickly, leaving a few adventurer-like people and some brave bystanders.

“You idiot, that’s the [Golden Rookie], Gideon! You know, that guy who managed to complete quests solo, with nothing but his Greataxe!”

“W-what?! That kid right there is Gideon? THAT Gideon who managed to defeat a variant Ogre all by himself? OH crap I am so doomed after if he comes to look for me…”

Gideon, the [Golden Rookie]? Seems like this guy here have quite some strength. Judging by that Greataxe he’s carrying and all the information that I’m currently picking up from onlookers, he’s definitely better than your average adventurers. Such killing intent from a youngster likes him, who is he…wait, is that a silver ring? No way, he’s a C-rank adventurer, just by simply going on quests alone? Just how young did he started questing, to be able to reach C-rank?

“Alright, now that the crowd is mostly gone…shall we begin the challenge?” (Gideon)

Sigh…I managed to finish up one trouble, and yet another trouble comes along. Guess I’ll have to entertain the youngster here for a while then. Seeing that he has already prepared to duel, I can’t possibly run away from a challenge; especially when it’s from such a hot-blooded guy like this.

I mean, I can run away but…Alexis will definitely chew me out for running away from a duel. No choice then. At the very least, I’ll try to persuade him against the idea.

“Hey, Gideon, is that right? I may be the newest, but I’m still a [Hero]. I may not be able to hold back when I start fighting, so if you want to back out now, then I’ll-“

“That’s exactly what I want. Do not hold back for my sake and just give me your best shot, [Hero]! You’ll see that I’ll prove to be quite the challenge.” (Gideon)

Ahh…looks like there’s no stopping this guy from fighting, is there? Uuu…I don’t really want to fight with such a young boy…I may be around the same age but I’m a [Hero]! This won’t turn out well for me, even if I win or lose.

Argh, whatever happens, I’ll deal with it when the time comes!

“Alright then I, Crystal Theia, stand forth-“

“Enough! There will no more fighting in front of the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Ellenda)

“Eh?” (Gideon)

“Eh?” (Crystal)

Ellenda stomped out of the Adventurers’ Guild, and the sudden loss of tension caused the both of us to have the dumbest look on our faces.

Author : Kiribou

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