The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 16: Journey to the Past (1)

Crystal POV:
Ever since the day I was born, I’ve been shunned by the people around me.

I was born with distinct eye-shaped marks on the top of my head.

Knowing that my mom is a descendant of a formidable demon, villagers quickly put two and two together and they realize that I am a case of demonic atavism. The news spread like wildfire and within mere moments, everyone in the village knew I am not a normal human being.

To the people around me, I was known as a cursed child, a half-demon, a harbinger of doom and destruction. If at all possible, everyone avoided me like the plague. Adults talk behind my back; Children physically abuse me by throwing mud and stone.

I had no friends to speak of. To children of my age, I was just the child their parents told not to go near. To the older kids, I am just that [Demon] that needs to be vanquished by them, the [Heroes], with mud-balls and stone.

The only people in the village that still cared about me are my parents. At least, my mom did wholeheartedly. I can tell that my dad only tolerates me as I’m still his flesh and blood.

When I was ten years old my dad came back home at midnight in a drunken rage. He tried to strangle me to death, but my mom rushed over to save me from my impending death. The three-way struggle lasted for a while, before he killed mom by accident.

It’s amazing how just a simple push can end someone’s life, isn’t it?

Regardless, after that my dad ran away, in terror and guilt I suppose, that very night. He left me alone, terrified and traumatized.

Until this very day, I can still remember how I hugged my mom, calling for her name while she’s turning colder as time went by. My dad? He was never found after.

The days got a lot worse after that. I was passed around the village as no one wanted me to stay in their abode long-term, and most of the time I was just there for them to abuse, and as free labour.

Of course, the usual bullying from both adults and children alike never stopped, it only intensified.

Food is rarely given to me on a plate; I had to pick out edible leftovers from the bin every day. It’s a wonder I never got sick from eating food out of the bin.

For over a year, that was my lifestyle. Perhaps out of guilt, maybe out of kindness still, but some of the villages started to treat me slightly better. My life got a lot easier as the time passed by, being used to all the strenuous housework and getting better treatment over time.

However, tragedy struck once again as on my fourteenth birthday, my innate demon blood revealed its true form. I can never forget that very day, the day where I alone caused the destruction of my entire village.

It was an ordinary day for me. On that day I was staying at Uncle Gen’s place. Out of all the villagers, Gen was probably the person nicest to me. He didn’t actually hate me or the fact I had demon blood, but simply chose to turn a blind eye to the villager’s action. I understand that he doesn’t want to be ostracized by the village, so I didn’t really blame him.

Not like I had any right to blame him anyway. To the villagers, I was still a filthy half-demon.  I should be thankful enough that the village is starting to treat me better, even if it’s just slightly.

That day, he invited his friends over for a chat. Since I was there, I automatically went around cleaning up their mess, refilling their drinks and serving them food. After all, if I don’t give them any reason to reprimand me, my life would be a whole lot easier.

As they continued to chat happily and I continued to do my job, I realized that they keep shooting glances over at me, with a weird look on their faces. Those glances unnerved me, but I ignored them as much as I could and continued my work.

Then, what happened next was the trigger point that changed my entire life.


“U…uncle Gen, is there anything I’ve missed out?” (Young Crystal)

I was serving another round of drinks, pouring beverages into the cup. When I was done doing so, Uncle Gen pulled onto my hand before I could leave.

“Shh…! Don’t make so much noise, Crystal. Look, do I treat you well?” (Gen)

I nodded my head lightly.

“Then, come here and sit down with us, alright?” (Gen)

I tried to sit down on the floor, but Uncle Gen pulled me over to him, and I ended up sitting on his lap instead. I tried to get up, but he grabbed hold on my waist with both his arms.

“Uncle Gen, what’s this, what are you doing?” (Young Crystal)

“Don’t move about too much, and keep your voice down!” (Gen)

Not wanting to suffer any more punishment of any sorts, I instantly ceased my struggles. Uncle Gen’s hand went inside my clothing and touched my tummy, while slowly moving upwards.

I have no idea what was happening to me at that time, but it felt really weird and wrong at the same time. I grabbed hold on the hand that was touching me, but immediately after that Uncle Gen used his other arm to remove my hands.

“Crystal, be a good girl and Uncle Gen will buy you a new dress, alright? The four of us will treat you a whole lot better the next time you come over…so just stay still and let us “pamper” you all over.” (Gen)

“Yeah Crystal, we’ll take good care of you. Just keep quiet and don’t make any noise; we’ll be gentle with you.” (Guy #1)

“It may be a little bit painful later, but it’s for your own good, okay? Soon, it’ll feel all better.” (Guy #2)

“Who knows, maybe you’ll grow you like it so much that you’ll want to have a round every night with us!” (Guy #3)

Just what are they talking about? What are they trying to do to me? I’m scared…I’m scared, yet, I don’t dare to move a muscle, in fear of getting ill-treated again.

Seeing my lack of resistance, the other three of them came over closer, and started to pet my arms and my thighs, while Uncle Gen continued to slowly caress my tummy, as he inches upwards with every movement.

At this point, their faces are painted with such a disgusting look, that I couldn’t bear to look at it. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping that this…this torment would end soon.

Being touched by these four men, who are more than twice my age, felt disgustingly weird and left an awful sensation on my skin. I tried struggling a little, but it only prompted them to hold me tighter and got them to pet me even harder.

After what seemed to be an endless amount of time later, I felt my clothing slowly slipping off my body; my slightly torn shirt being lifted off and my dirty, old pants being taken off.

It was then I couldn’t take it anymore. It felt so wrong, and I just couldn’t let it go on.

I struggled. Despite my arms and legs being held onto, I managed to break free somehow and I pulled back my clothing, struggling out of their grasp and rushed to a corner of the room.

“C’mon Crystal, it’s just old clothing. We’ll get you brand new ones, right after we remove these old, torn ones for you.” (Gen)

“Is either that, you we’ll tear them right out of your body.” (Guy #1)

No…no, I don’t want this!

They slowly advanced on me. I couldn’t do a thing, but allowed them take hold of me once again, as tears rolled down my face.

I hate it I hate it, I HATE IT!

My clothing came off swiftly, and I had never been more vulnerable as they petted me however they pleased; caressing my most private areas.

Someone, anyone…please, HELP ME!

My whole body began to feel warm; even the air I breathed out was hot.

I had enough…if I have to live like this, I’ll rather die…

No. Why should I die?

They are the ones who were tormenting me.

I am the wronged one.

They should die instead. Not me.

In fact, the entire town is wrong.


My body heated up even further, as a bright light covered my entire body…


Gen’s POV:

She was just an ordinary girl, with some filthy demon’s blood.

That’s all she is, she’s not even classified as a human!

She’s impure, and we are going to “cleanse” her body of her impurities, that’s all. If anything, she should be thankful to us instead.

We found an opportunity where she’ll be arranged to live at my place, and then the four of us would take our turns with her secretly. She’s not a human, but we’ll do the right thing, and help to cleanse her with our seeds…

Crystal tried to struggle, but how can she escape the four of us? It simply made the chase a lot more exciting.

Even she’s feeling the effects of a prolonged petting; her body is getting warmer and wetter by the second after we removed her clothes; any time now, and we’ll be able to do as we please…

“Is she having a fever? She’s getting really hot, like, unnaturally hot.”

“Ah, who cares? We’ll just go on with schedule; I mean, are you going to stop now even if she’s having a fever?”

“Hey I think he’s right, there’s something weird going on. Crystal’s really heating up-ARGH, what’s with the light?!”

I ceased touching her and moved away from her glowing figure. She was not only burning up, but she suddenly glowed in a white light as well!

“Be careful, she might be awakening!” (Gen)

“A…awakening?! You mean, she’s turning into a real monster?”

“Hey, isn’t that bad? Should we just finish her off right now?”

I shook my head. After all, how strong can a monster be, especially right after awakening? Even if her ancestor was a powerful demon being, Crystal alone won’t amount to much.

“No. In fact, isn’t this the best situation? If we can subdue her later, then we can lock her up forever, and have our way with her anytime we like.” (Gen)

That was a fatal mistake. As the bright light began to fade, she began to stand upright slowly. I picked up a piece of firewood, and swung it at her head in an attempt to knock her out as she simply stared at me.

However, that hit never landed. Before it made contact, my entire body froze up. It was like as though I was trapped within the earth.

I…can’t talk, or move…or even breathe?!


No matter how hard I try, I simply can’t move any muscle. Then, just like that, my vision began to go black…


“Dude, Gen! Gen isn’t moving…he isn’t breathing! His entire body is stiff!” (Guy #1)

“This can’t be, only high level monsters have petrification abilities!” (Guy #2)

“We have no choice now. we have to end her, here and now. If she managed to get outside and wreaks havoc, our village will be in danger!” (Guy #3)

End her? Danger? As far as I’m concern, you guys are the danger, and I’m the victim!

“I’m sorry, Crystal. The only way we can help you now is to put you out of your misery. Alex! Gregory! Don’t just stand there, grab her and don’t let her escape!” (Guy #1)

The other two guys hesitated from a moment, before rushing towards me and tried to pin me back down onto the floor.

Wait, what am I doing…this, in order to protect myself. This is self-defence.

I stared at another of the three males that were trying to pin me down. Another human statue was made, with a look of horror that was simply pleasant to look at…all, not at all! I can’t do this, I don’t want to kill…kill them all!

“Alex! Damn it!”

“Dude, I think we better run, we can’t beat something that just kills simply by staring at us!”

The two other guys stared stupidly at the petrified human statues, and then stared at each other, face filled with terror. Shortly after, both of them released their hold on me whilst whimpering in fear and scampered out of the house.

I felt…awakened. My mind feels clear and I’m smiling, even when I understood that I had just ended a life.

I mean, what’s wrong with ending a few lives? They are merely insignificant bugs, who tried to sully my body. I’ll hunt them down, I’ll destroy this entire village…is still my home, no, I can’t do this…must be done!

“Ah, my head…someone help me…!” (Young Crystal)

I fought against my wild instinct, as they screamed for the blood of vengeance. Holding onto my pounding head, I fell to my knees, breathing in deeply in and out as a futile attempt to calm myself down.

Ah…I see that the demon blood within you has fully awakened.

A voice rang in my head, this one clear and distinct. I turned around and looked everywhere, yet there is no one in sight.

Don’t bother, I can’t be seen nor touched. Listen to me, I’m here to help.

“Help…? Please, help me! What’s happening to me? I can’t control myself, and I’m scared of what I’m becoming!” (Young Crystal)

It felt extremely weird to talk to a voice in my head, but what other choice do I have? I was desperate for help.

I don’t have much time, so listen carefully. Your ancestor is known as Eye-Beast Lord, Gazak-Eye. It would seem that you have received quite a bit of his powers, especially his eyes.

Despite not fully comprehending the situation, I tried to absorb as much knowledge as I could. Any bit of information now could potentially save me and determine the fate of the entire village. After all, I hate them for treating me in such a terrible manner-NO; I need to stay…focus!

After you get out of the village, head to the north and proceed on to Avalon City. After you’re there, head over to Olympus. Your true destiny shall start to unfold there.

My…true destiny will begin?

I have to depart soon…any last questions before I go?

“Wait! How do I get rid of this killing urges?” (Young Crystal)

Unfortunately, you can’t. Why would you want to anyway? Eye-Beasts are an unconfined race; anyone who threatens their freedom and constricts them will have to repay in blood. The blood within you is making an example of the village. Don’t resist it; allow the sins of the village to be washed away with their blood.

“No…This can’t be…”

Don’t worry; this is a special case, since your blood just awakened. You won’t suffer…attacks like this next time.

The village is waking up; I can hear noises from a distance. The two who ran previously must have tried to get reinforcements…good, then I can fell all of them in one good sweep…NO, NO! That’s not right, the village had treated me nicely, had treated me…like dirt, thinking that I’m some pushover. I’ll show them…the might of the strongest monster-MAKE IT STOP!

“Ah…it’s no good after all…it’s how it’s supposed to be. Scums of the earth should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. One last question…who are you?”

I caved in, and slowly I lost control of my body as my instinct took over.

Me? I’m just some meddling fool, with too much time on his hands. Farewell.

The voice, which has helped me since my awakening, disappeared and was never to be heard of again. The commotion outside is getting louder and noisier, with scampering of feet and people hollering at each other.

They will mobilize the whole village just to get rid of a defenceless young girl? Human, as expected, are cowardly being. I shall personally bring judgement upon them.

I stepped outside the house, and my field of vision is covered with villagers. Except during festivals, I have never seen all the villagers gathered in one place like this. Looks of fear and anger permeated their faces.

Most of them bought over some form of weaponry; equipped with axes, wooden torches and random mixtures of weapons such as short-swords and spears. Onlookers who didn’t know any better would have thought of it as a fight with a gang of monsters, not a single young girl.

Not that I’m an ordinary girl after all…

“This filthy demon killed Gen and Alex! Everyone, we must protect our village!” (Guy #2)

“I knew we shouldn’t have kept you alive for so long, look what you’ve done, even after all we’ve done for you!” (Female Villager #1)

“What you all have done for me? You mean, by abusing me, treating me like dirt, and passing me around like a house cleaning rag?” (Young Crystal)

I trembled in rage as I spoke, my eyes reflecting the blazing fires of the wooden torches.

The truth is…I indeed harboured grudges on the entire village. It is really alright, for them to treat me this way?

It is really alright for my mom to die from protecting me?

It is really alright for my dad to have tried to kill me?

So what even if I was born with demon blood?

So what even if I am not a true human being?

“Shut up, you demon! Take this!”

One of the villager’s children gathered a ball of mud, and threw it at me. With enhanced speed, strength and dynamic vision, I caught the mud-ball carefully and threw it back with twice the power. The mud hit his face with a loud “splat” and knocked him flying a few foot back.

“Know your place, you little worm.”

“Jeremy…?! How dare you! Everyone, we must get rid of her! Burn her alive! Impale her to death, and feed her to monsters!”

“Yeah, kill her!”

“Burn her like the demon scum she is!”

You, you people are scums as well, undeserving of living…after how you treated me, you wish to take my life away as well? Unacceptable…such foolishness is intolerable…

Despite all the shouting and screaming, none of the villagers dared to step forward alone, each and every one of them making baby-steps, surrounding me in all directions. Such pathetic beings…I’ll cleanse all of them at once, for as I, descendant of the Eye-Beast Lord Gazak-Eye, demands their blood as repayment!

As descendant of lord of eyes, heed the call. Scatters my foes before me and bring them down the path of destruction.”

“Is she…chanting? Damn it, we need to get her now, before it’s too late!”

It’s already too late…the power flowing within me, if it is released, what would happen? Something tells me I would regret this if it happens but…I don’t care anymore. It’s not like I have any control over my body anyway.

“The Almighty Eyes that steals fate; give nothing save everlasting emptiness.”

[Re-Al Gaze]

With me at the centre, the ground gave off a deathly glow, as dimmer glow of light spread out across the ground rapidly, forming a shape of an eye which engulfs half the village. At this point, some of the villagers screamed and tried to escape, but it was far too late.

“My…my legs! They won’t move!”

“I can’t feel my legs…I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!”

“Mommy…I’m scared…!”

“Someone, anyone, HELP US!”

The spell slowly transforms people into stone starting from their legs to prevent their escape, as well as to extend their terror, torture and misery. After all, a quick death will be too cheap a punishment for their crimes against me.

Screams of terror and agony raged on within the village. As the chaotic scene continues, some of them dropped their torches, causing a blazing fire to arise from burning trees and grass. It soon spread its way towards the houses, slowly burning down the whole village bit by bit.

Those who did not turn into stone quickly enough earned the privilege of being burned, where there is still flesh remaining.

A scenery of flames and soot, half burned statues and statues with face forever painted in fear and despair.

With this…I’ve finally avenged myself, right…?

After casting the wide area magic, I dropped rear-first onto the ground and fell unconscious.

Author : Kiribou

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