The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 2: The Village of Finn

Apparently not only have I been revived as a human child, I’ve seemed to have both memories of my ogre self and this thirteen years old boy.

Maybe revived isn’t the best of terms…It is closer to the likes of transmigration instead. Seriously, who is that Ancient God anyway? To be able to fuse the body and soul of two different entities, he definitely isn’t anyone normal.

It’s not like I know anything about it anyway, this is somewhat unheard of. I’m probably the only being in existence to have gone through this transmigration process.

“Is there anything wrong? Are you feeling worse?” (Lilithia)

I stared at her blankly, as I quickly try to gather my thoughts.

This woman here is Lilithia. She is the human that I lived with, as far as I can remember. Though she’s not my real mother, she had always treated me well and taken good care of me.

As I try to remember more, my head started to throb loudly.

“Thompson, please come take a look! Gideon…Gideon isn’t responding to me at all!” (Lilithia)

“Hmmm…don’t worry, this is very common to people who have suffered a head injury. You need to stop worrying too much and let him rest. He is still very much disoriented and needs a good rest. After all, it’s nearly dusk. I’ll take good care of him in your steed.” (Thompson)

The old man with a large, pointy beard looked at Lilithia with a warm smile and shoo-ed her away from the room, albeit politely. She reluctantly moved out, while glancing over to me worriedly a few times before she completely left the room.  

“That girl…she needs to worry less and relax.” (Thompson)

Closing the door behind him, Thompson walked over to me, with a sad smile on his face.

“And you, my dear boy…you need to let Lilithia worry less for your sake. I know it’s hard, being the only orphan in the village. But dear heavens don’t go into the forest and try to hunt a monster on your own! You don’t have to do all this to prove your worth; we will take good care of you until you are of age!” (Thompson)

Upon hearing that, my clouded memories became slightly clearer. I remember now, some of the human kids living in this village were teasing me and making fun of me…or rather, the Gideon of the past. Upset and enraged, “I” left the village secretly with a small knife and a few rations.

Needless to say, trouble found “me” soon and “I” was chased by a Hind Bear. If not for a mercenary called Bratt who was nearby and found me, according to Thompson, this body of mine would not be in such a nice condition by now. Yup, it would be shredded in an instant. I may be resilient enough to take a full-strength blow from a Hind Bear without a blemish if I was an Ogre, but his human body of mine? The slightest brush of its claws had caused such a terrible wound.

The last thing I remembered was receiving a strike from the Hind Bear’s paw and got knocked backwards, hitting something hard on the head and losing consciousness immediately.

Stupid brats, I’ll get them back in due time, for causing me to receive such a wound.

“Are you…okay? I was trying to comfort Lilithia just now, but that wound of yours is still considered deep. Can. You. Hear. Me?”  (Thompson)

The old human dragged the last four words, whilst a worried expression appeared on his face.

“Ah…yes, I’m fine.” (Gideon)

“Ah! Good, good. Glad to know you are still responsive, at least! Well, I best be off then. If you need any help just give a holler, and I betcha Lilithia will come running from outside! Ahahaha!” (Thompson)

Seeing that I have no immediate problems and such, he left the room with a smile.

Humans…they are really friendly, aren’t they?

Well, time to gather up my thoughts. I have plenty of time to waste here anyway, with the slow regeneration speed of the human species.

It took me awhile to recall information that I needed and go through the memories that are mine, yet seemingly feels unreal.

It’s really weird. I can feel myself doubting either the ogre or the human being my “true existence” while digging through the memories.

For starters, my name is Gideon Silverwolf, a 10 year old…and that’s all the personal information the past me knows about himself.

Silverwolf…it sounds really familiar to me, but I just can’t remember when or where I heard that last name before. In the human continent, only people from huge tribes, nobles and royalty have last names. Commoners have no need of last names. So…was this boy borne from someone important?

In the demon continent, it works somewhat differently. A last name is more like a title one gives themselves, and only the strong would bestow him/herself with it. But since I only find the name Silverwolf familiar, could it be someone I’ve met before in my past life?

The only other thing I can remember is that my parents left me under care of a person named Lilithia, in a place known as Finn Village, a nice, quiet area stationed on top of a tiny hill, surrounded by a huge forest.

As for Lilithia, she treats me nicely and kindly. Ever since I can remember, she had taken care of me as though as Gideon was her real child. Just thinking about her gives me a fluffy, warm sensation…I’m getting too influenced by this human body, to think that I can feel a sense of affection for humans.

“Knock Knock.”

“Gideon, are you feeling better?” (Lilithia)

Lilithia walked into the room, holding a bowl in her hands.

“I’ve heard Thompson said you are recovering better than he had expected and so I heated up this bowl of soup for you. You must be starving; you haven’t eaten for more than almost a full day.” (Lilithia)

“T…thank you.” (Gideon)

Thank you? Did I, a proud leader of Ogres, just thanked a human woman for bringing me a bowl of soup? Looks like the influence from the memories of the human child is rather strong…I better get used to this new body and mind soon.

I took the bowl of warm soup from Lilithia. It is a huge bowl of rich-smelling soup, with chunks of meat and thinly sliced vegetables in it. One can really see the amount of hard work, and care for Gideon just by looking at the contents of the soup.

For a split second, I felt bad for the boy whom I now had taken over, as well as a wave of gratitude for the woman in front of me.

Hmm…being in a human body and experiencing such raw emotions certainly is a new and interesting experience. I picked up the bowl of soup and slurped it, soup and vegetable and meat together.

It was really delicious. This was way better than anything I have ever tasted as an Ogre.

“Is this…Hind Bear meat? This is good!” (Gideon)

A wide grin emerged from my face without me realizing. Seeing that grin, Lilithia smiled brightly as well.

“Yes, how did you know?” (Lilithia)

Oh right, normally human rarely hunt Hind Bear meat to eat.

“Just a lucky guess?” (Gideon)

“Really now? Anyway, you’re right! According to Bratt, mercenaries have this tradition that eating the flesh of what injures you makes you stronger so he happily gave me a lot of Hind Bear meat! So don’t worry, eat up because I have plenty more where that came from!” (Lilithia)

Ah, actually monsters live with that kind of thinking as well. But I guess it’s best if I don’t mention anything like that to Lilithia at all. That’ll be silly.

Finishing the soup in record time, Lilithia cleared the bowl and with a peck on my forehead, went out and shut the door behind her.

That peck on my forehead sent me on a spiral of emotions. After all, I have never gotten something like this before in my previous life.

This…certainly has been a very interesting experience in a human body, and it has not even been one full day yet. Heck, it has not even been an hour yet.

Speaking of which, knowing her, Lilithia is definitely going to be a lot more protective after this Hind Bear incident. I guess this is one of disadvantages of being a human kid. No wonder Ex-Gideon had to secretly leave during the night. Lilithia would have definitely rejected that idea.

Also, limited stamina and body strength means that my movements will naturally be rather limited as well. It looks like there’s no choice but to start training this body from scratch then.

After all, the advantage of the human race is its limitless potential and adaptability to changes.

Who would have thought that a race so weak by nature could train themselves up so much, even learning powerful magic and combat skills? Also, their dexterity and speed in battle is certainly not to be underestimated, being even to repel the Overlord’s army again and again.

Such is the power of the human race.

Though I say that, I feel rather sad to part with my old body. But I guess that can’t be helped. Maybe after a few years, I’ll be able go back to the Dungeon [Eclipse] once again, conquer it and get back my Greataxe at the same time. After all, it is a powerful and unique artefact, presented to me by the Overlord.

Before, I did say that I’ll pay any price for revenge. If turning into a human and starting from scratch once again is the price to pay, this is more than worth it. I’ll polish this body up first, absorb whatever knowledge I can and think about the rest later.

After all, revenge is a dish best served cold. Even if want to exact my revenge now, I have no capability to do so. That is the cold hard truth I have to face. Throwing myself to the jaws of death after given this precious second chance would be nothing short of foolhardy.

First matter of hand is to concentrate on recovery, everything else can come later. With that in mind, I quickly fall asleep on the comfortable bed.

It was probably the best sleep I had ever experience in my life.


During the two days lying on the soft, comfortable bedding of mine, I did a bit of body movements so as to condition and allow myself to be more used to this new body.

As an Ogre Lord that was more than three meters tall, with a huge bulk and solid exterior, it took me quite a while to get used to this small framed body that was less than half of my previous height. Also, I noticed that my wound was recovering faster than I’ve initially expected it to. Furthermore, my strength was definitely above that of a human child, and maybe even above a fully grown human!

Perhaps I wouldn’t have to wait too long before I can exact my revenge on the back-stabbing traitor Del’thrush…

As for the Overlord, I still refused to believe that she would discard me just like this. It didn’t make such sense to me. But, if she was indeed a part of the plan, what am I supposed to do? Kill her? Or spare her?

I had so many questions, yet so little clues to gather any answers…


I was told that a wound like the one I had would probably need a week for me to recover before I could get out of bed.

Within two days, however, I was up and about. Fully recovered and well, to the surprise of Thompson. He even exclaimed that it was nothing short of a miraculous recovery. Before I could leave the house, I was made to swear to Lilithia that I wouldn’t leave the village again to go to the forest.

Even as an Ogre Lord, I was forced into submission by the glare of my caretaker…such humiliation.

No matter, I could always train myself in the village until I’m in active shape to put up a decent fight in this new body of mine. After all, being able to move around and to be able to fight in this new body is two separate things.

“Gideon, could you help me bring this basket over to Bratt’s?” (Lilithia)

“Okay, no problem!” (Gideon)

After rescuing past me from certain doom, Bratt decided to stay in Finn Village and retired from being a travelling mercenary. He now goes to the forest almost daily and hunts for the village, in exchange for free cooked food and a roof above his head.

Doing chores for Lilithia was a daily thing for Gideon, which is now my duty as the one who took over his body. As much as I hated being ordered around before, now in the body of Gideon, my mind and thoughts are somewhat…compromised. It felt rather natural to be asked to do things; in fact, it felt nice to be useful to the person that cares about me.

Also, it works as good rehabilitation, to run, stretch and take detours to test out the limits of my flexibility and stamina. It has almost become a daily routine now.

Every day, I would wake up, eat, exercise, help out with daily chores, eat, exercise and finally sleep. Rinse and repeat.

After a month or so, I felt a lot more accustomed to this new body, as though as I always been in it my whole life.

The other children living in the village didn’t came over to bother me, presumably frightened or instructed not to do so by their parents after the Hind Bear incident. However, a month’s worth of time is long enough to extinguish their fears and sure enough, one fine day when I was going about with my daily chore of bringing food to Bratt, a group of three children stood before my path.

Ah, those were the same three that teased me and made the old me went off to his certain doom.


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the poor little orphan.”

“Yeah, I heard you almost died. Isn’t it such a pity that you couldn’t meet your dead parents?”

“Haha yeah, why don’t you go try and step into the forest again? Maybe you’ll get lucky this time!”

The three snot-nosed kids…if it was the me of the past, I would have instantly hammered them straight into the soil. I simply gave a huge sigh and ignored them, continuing to walk towards Bratt’s house while detouring around them.

“Hey, don’t ignore us, you freak!”

“You think you’re better than us, you?!”

“Take this!”

One of the three children picked up a small rock and threw it in my direction, hitting me squarely on the back of my head with a light thud.

The rock did as much harm to me as a bug landing on my body. Still, I need to make sure the three brats know where they stand. If I, an Ogre Lord, would let three human children climb above me like this, then I might as well kill myself out of shame where I stood!

I picked up the rock that they threw, as my face contorted slightly in fury.

Let’s see, I haven’t exactly tested out my strength yet, have I? This is a good…opportunity!

“What, are you going to fight back?”

“There’s three of us and only one of you!”

“Yeah, if you dare throw that, we’ll fight back in self defenc-WHOOOSH”

I threw the rock with all my might and it zoomed past the trio with a mighty speed, nearly hitting the third human child’s face and stopped only after striking a large tree, lodging itself deep into the trunk.

Whoa, what was that?! I sort of knew that I had strength beyond that of a normal human being but this is sweet! To be able to throw such a small rock with such power…if the rock was twice the size I could definitely pierce through the tree trunk, easily.

As blood started dripping out from a thin cut of the third boy’s face, the trio regained their senses as they silently ran away from me, with fear evidently written across their faces.

Author : Kiribou

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