The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 25: The Six Pillars & The Overlord

In the past, the land has only two distinctions between races: human, or non-humans. War raged between the two different factions, and scars of war ravaged the lands.

The humans were overwhelmingly huge in number, and have limitless potential in all kinds of skills and abilities. Some became famous magic casters, while others were fierce warriors.

The non-humans have different levels of potential amongst different tribes. The weaker ones are great in amount and reproduce fast, while stronger have lower reproduction rate and generally having a smaller population.

The strongest among all, the Overlord, led the non-humans to many wars against humankind. What sparked the first war? No one ever knows. Some say that it was the humans who were greedy and wanted to expand into demon lands; others mention that demons were the ones who were bloodthirsty for human flesh. Both parties refused to give in and insisted that the entire continent belongs to them, and since then humans and non-humans began their first war.

After years and years of fighting, one of the top leaders of the demon continent assassinated the Overlord and fled with its tribe thereafter. That was the doing of the Eye Beast tribe leader, Gazak-Eye.

Sick of the constant and never-ending warring between humans and non-humans, they decided to move as far away from both powers as possible. Though small in number, no one dared to seek out and fight against the Eye Beasts, fearing the strength that took out their Overlord.

Another demon took up the position of the Overlord. That demon is the third strongest amongst all the non-humans, the Majin whose name is known to all as Overlord Kruph.

Knowing fully that that the balance in power has now drastically changed having lost their previous overlord and the support of one of the strongest tribe, he made a daring move and invited the Human King to the borders that separates the humans and the non-humans for a peace treaty. He claims that the demons are all sick of fighting and he is willing to offer a treaty between humans and the non-humans, to rebuild themselves and to put a hold to the needless destructions.

The details of the treaty are as follows:
There shall be strictly no more wars between both parties for a period of twenty years.
All lands that have been conquered will not be forfeited back.
If any humans or non-humans wish to stay in either human or non-human lands, they are allowed to do so without any form of prosecution.

It was the ultimate peace treaty, giving both humans and demons the freedom of choice to choose their allegiance and go wherever they pleased.

By then, the humans had enough of warring as well. Very willingly, they went to the borders and signed the treaty. After all, the treaty’s terms are very favourable to them.

That day marks the happiest day of the human land, with celebrations occurring throughout the entire continent.

Within the demon continent, in the Overlord’s realm, a cleansing was occurring. The Overlord Kruph made this decision:

“Those who still wish to join me in battle in the future to take back our lands, stay by my side. Those who are tired of the endless fights, leave my sight at once. I promise to never hunt you down or chase you out of our lands, but do not expect my help when needed; you’ll be on your own.”

Many left to make their own homes, to be independent or to team up with other non-humans beings. With the exceptions of a few humanoid beings, most of them were grouped together with monsters.

Those who remain were but seven different clans. The clans are as follows:

The Ogres, who is now known as Abominators.
The Undead; a collective term for necromancers and Lich.
The Werewolves; fierce and fast creatures with high regenerative capabilities.
The Arachnids; mysterious beings with a humanoid top and lower body of a spider.
The Mystics; charming beings that resemble humans. Their main differences are their blue blood, and the capability to gain abilities of those they kill.
The Dragons; Strong, majestic beings with the ability to fly and breathe flames.
The Majins, demonic humanoids with a distinct, long horn extending from the forehead. Born with a high aptitude for both magic and physical combat, as well as an innately tough physique.

Together, they formed the Overlord’s [Six Pillars], with the Overlord in direct control of his clan. The six clans are henceforth labelled as demons altogether, whereas the other clans that separated from the Overlord had all sorts of different fates; being hunted as part of the monsters, lived together as a clan in isolated areas, or working with humans and integrating with their culture.

The peace lasted for thirty whole years, without any form of battle between the demons and the humans. However, a treaty is but a period of time where both parties built up their forces, to await the next war. Both sides knew that logic, and they never indulged themselves in peace.

True to his words, ten years after the treaty has ended, the Overlord Kruph once again engaged in assault with the humans once again, to reclaim their land and wash away their shame in blood.

The demon forces are strong, but humans aren’t pushovers either. Lands were taken over and reclaimed, as the demons and humans fought neck-to-neck, members of the [Six Pillars] against the [Heroes] of the human continent. The strength of both side were nearly equal.

Even though fights and skirmishes occur frequently, there was never a full scale war, as both parties know the terrible consequences of such a battle.

Unfortunately, ten years later, Overlord Kruph fell in battle, defeated by the predecessor of the [Invincible Sword God], who is known as [Holy Sword] Alexander. However, his death was not in vain, as he managed to take down another [Hero] along with him and inflicted serious damage to Alexander as well. His death is uncertain, but he never appeared in the frontlines ever since then.

With the support of Del’thrush, Buvul and Echidna, his daughter Anstansia took over as the next Overlord. Being supported by three of the [Six Pillars], no one objected to the choice.

And now, it has been another thirty years since Anstansia’s rule…
(Current time, At the Overlord’s castle.)

Within the room, six beings gathered around a table. The Overlord sits on the end of an elongated table, with the rest sitting by the sides.

On the left,

Leader of the Necromancers Clan as well as the Abominators, Del’thrush.
Leader of the Werewolves Clan, Wourein.
Leader of the Arachnid Clan, Echidna.

On the right,

Leader of the Mystics, Vergil.
Leader of the Dragons, Selena

At the centre,
The Overlord, Leader of the Majins, Anstansia.

Within the room alone consist of almost fifty percent of the total combat strength of the entire Overlord’s army. The only thing that’s stopping them from single-handedly conquering the human continent is the overwhelming population of humans as well as their trump cards, the [Heroes].

“Del’thrush, as the meeting’s organizer, I hereby allow to proceed.” (Anstansia)

Thank you, Anstansia-sama. I have extremely important news to deliver to the leaders of the respective clans. As you all should know by now, Buvul has fallen to his death while exploring the [Eclipse] dungeon.” (Del’thrush)

“Aye, it was a terrible death, so I’ve heard. But I believe you mean…he was slaughtered by a certain individual?” (Wourein)

“I believe that I do not understand what you mean by that…Buvul died within the [Eclipse] Dungeon due to his carelessness. He got overconfident and tried to face the dungeon guardian by himself, and perished.” (Del’thrush)

“Hmph! You expect me to believe that the toughest being out of the six of us would fall to the likes of a dungeon guardian? That is absolutely incomprehensible. But then again, you went back into the same dungeon, and came back as nothing more than a wisp. Perhaps, you were, like you said, careless and overconfident?” (Wourein)

“Why you little fur-ball…I may not be able to do anything for the next few weeks, but after that-” (Del’thrush)

“Why wait until weeks later, I’ll finish you up right now; do you seriously think that I have no means of destroying you right now-” (Wourein)

“That’s enough, the both of you. If you two wish to bicker, don’t do it within the Overlord’s presence. Give the Overlord the proper respect.” (Selena)

With a grumble, Wourein shut his jaw, and turned his head away from Del’thrush.

“As I was saying before rudely interrupted, I had recently head back into [Eclipse] dungeon after realizing that my seal within the core room was destroyed. I went for a look, only to find [Hero of Spear and Shield] and one other human within.” (Del’thrush)

“Ah, and I assume you got thoroughly thrashed by the [Hero], that’s why you returned to the castle in this ethereal form of yours?” (Vergil)

“…Surely you jest, Vergil. I got the [Hero] with a surprise attack, dealing her a fatal blow with a single strike, in case you wished to know. The questionable one, however is the other nameless kid…that boy, he is none other than Buvul’s incarnation.” (Del’thrush)

Looks of surprise and shock can be seen on everyone’s faces. Out of all the information that they have heard, this can be by far the most astounding of them all.

“Do you mean to suggest that our Ogre Lord Buvul is now…a mere human being?” (Wourein)

“Indeed. Quite an amusing occurrence, though I haven’t the faintest clue how that had happened.” (Del’thrush)

“Oh ho, now that’s interesting news. And what proof did you have to sustain such a delightful claim of yours?” (Vergil)

“He’s capable of [Burst Stream]. An ordinary human’s physique is absolutely incapable of doing so. Furthermore, he personally told me so, as well as information that only those within the [Six Pillars] will know. Therefore, I believe that he indeed is Buvul.” (Del’thrush)

“But that’s not possible right? I mean…transmigration into human flesh? That’s silly talk.” (Wourein)

“I have no idea why would that happen as well. It could be the work of unknown forces, or purely some form of miracle of sorts.” (Del’thrush)

“Oh my, our very own Lord of Undead, is a believer in the power of miracles now?” (Vergil)

Ignoring Vergil’s constant snide remark, Del’thrush continued on.

“Joke around however you like, but this is a serious matter! Be it a fake or otherwise, there is no denying his combat potential! His combat strength is extremely close to that of Buvul’s, and he might still continue to grow stronger. Also, he managed to acquire the Buvul’s artefact weapon that was within the dungeon. If that’s the case, it would be equivalent to having another human of [Hero]-level to fight against!” (Del’thrush)

“We’ll just have to crush them all. After all, four against six does sounds fairer than three against seven, after all.” (Vergil)

“I agree. A human with the full might of an Ogre Lord…That should be a fun challenge, don’t you think so, Selena?” (Wourein)

“Perhaps he might prove to be most entertaining. After all, Buvul’s the only one who has enough courage to challenge me, and leave a scar on me as well. If that is truly Buvul, however, we can still try to…persuade him to come back to us. After all, he may be human in body, but his allegiance is yet to be known. Travelling with a [Hero] means nothing.” (Selena)

“Well then, as long as you all know about this matter, it’s good enough. Anstansia-sama, would there be anything else you’ll like to add on before we end this session?” (Del’thrush)

“No, it’s fine. Let’s end this session here.” (Anstansia)


Del’thrush POV:

Cretins, each and every one of them! Only knowing how to fight and nothing else! Do they not realize the kind of situation we’re in right now? Even with all our forces combined, we’re still outnumbered by the humans at least ten to one! If it’s not for the fact that we’re strong enough to deter the humans, we’ll be in grave trouble!

This wouldn’t do…if I wasn’t ruling over the current [Six Pillars], we would have fallen to those humans by now! Thankfully, I have managed to induce mind-control over our Overlord’s daughter, Anstansia, and with the help of Echidna and Buvul I push her up to the position of Overlord!

After all, who is going to contest the authority of three supporting [Six Pillars]? When the decision was made, not even a whisper of objection could be heard from anyone, not even from Vergil, Selena or Wourein.

With the Overlord under my control, Echidna being my ally and now Buvul is out of the way of my research, I am now the dominating power in the entire demon continent!

All that’s left for me to do now is to perfect my research, and then…I’ll finally begin to create the perfect container for my soul. After that, I’ll truly dominate the entire continent, both humans and demons alike!

Nothing will be able to stand in my way…NOTHING!


Anstansia POV:

When my father died, I was extremely saddened for I’m all alone now in this world.

My mom died giving birth to me, and my father died trying to take back our lands, the land that should be rightfully ours. After all, the humans are the invaders; that’s what I’m taught.

After he died, one of the [Six Pillars] Del’thrush came over to me and wanted to proclaim me as the next Overlord.

I mean, the next Overlord? I’m but a youngling compared to most other demons, and even though my potential is rather high my overall strength isn’t much compared to the rest of my clan. The strongest amongst them is probably twice my age and three times stronger than me.

The next instance, I realized why he wanted me to be the next Overlord – to be a puppet for him to control and act behind the scenes. I rejected him fiercely but he simply mentioned, “Since when did you think you had a choice in this matter?”

He applied mind dominance onto me, and from that day on my body is no longer mine to control. Except for common, mundane daily activities, most of the time instructions are given by him straight to my brain and I can’t help but obey his every word. It’s a sickening feeling, being controlled by some creep like him.

At times, he required me to work with him for his experiments. He has taken blood samples from me more times that I can count, and at times even took a sample of my flesh. Thankfully, as a Majin I can regenerate flesh wounds but the pain and the experience is certainly extremely unpleasant, to say the least.

Even the death of Buvul is something I fiercely regret. After all, he was the most loyal among the [Six Pillars], being the very first clan to submit to my father the Overlord. Yet, I have allowed his entire clan to become part of Del’thrush’s demented experiment. I truly regret this, and cursed my powerlessness.

However, just recently Del’thrush’s influence on me reduced drastically. I can still hear his commands, but his words no longer have any power over my movements.

Yet, I’ll continue to obey them while biding my chance. It’s painful to say this, but Del’thrush has become an important pillar which supports the entire [Six Pillars] with his overwhelmingly huge army of undead, necromancers and Abominators. Even if I want to remove him, I have to make sure it doesn’t end up with the total destruction of the demons.

I’ll plan in the shadows, under the guise of being controlled. Someday, somehow, I’ll get my revenge in the best possible scenario!

This debt of thirty years…I’ll claim it back with his life!

Author : Kiribou

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