The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 30: Wourein, Lord of Werewolves

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I got up the [Arena] as well. The werewolf is ready and waiting, his face filled with anticipation.

“Well, let’s get this over with.” (Gideon)

“That I agree; let’s begin painting a new shade of red on the stage, shall we?!” (Werewolf)

The instant both of us got up the stage, the battle has already started. The werewolf let loose a ferocious howl as he rushes towards me with impressive speed, covering the distance between us rapidly with claws fully unsheathed.

With a single thought, a silver-coloured Greataxe extends out of my silver arm, blocking those claws with ease. He savagely attacks, running around me in circles and striking from all direction but to of no avail. Every slash, every strike, I block them all perfectly without even moving from my initial position.

After all the training I did, my past life’s experiences and sparring with Crystal, to fend off a werewolf merely of such a level is ridiculously easy. He is at most slightly stronger than the slave traders after all, and I’m not about to lose to anyone at such a level.

“Tear the human into shreds!”

“Look at him, all he can do is to defend!”

The crowd rouses in excitement, with the majority hoping to see me ending up as the next splatter on the stage. As I defend against every attack with ease I notice that some of the booing and cheering begins to fade, as though they have only just realised the large difference in strength between me and the werewolf. Well, it’s about time I finish up this façade.

After blocking another claw strike, I make use of his opening and smack him with the flat side of the Greataxe. Catching him by surprise, the impact strikes the left side of his body, causing him to fly straight out of the stage and smash into a nearby building.

Well, that was easy. I didn’t expect much from a typical werewolf anyway, seeing that I used enough strength to seriously maim any ordinary demon.

The crowd falls silent after seeing that scene. To them, it’s like one moment the human couldn’t do anything but defend, and the very next moment he reversed the whole situation and utterly destroyed his opponent in one strike. They were stunned speechless from that unpredictable scene.

Ignoring the crowd, I leap out with an explosive force strong enough to leave cracks on the stage, boosted by [Burst Stream] and lands gently near the now semi-conscious werewolf.

“Is…Is that boy really human?”

“That kind of power, can he be a [Hero]?”

“Nonsense, no [Hero] will just stroll into Alst like that! Besides, there are only three [Heroes] right now, and none of them fits his description!”

“He can’t be a Mystic…his attire is definitely not one a Mystic will wear. Who exactly is he?”

Mutters and debates scatters throughout the crowd, as I lifted the werewolf up and off the ground with raw strength alone.

“Look here, fuzzy. This time I’ll let you off but the next time you find me any trouble, I’ll send you straight to your ancestors, understand?” (Gideon)

He might be annoying and tried to pick a fight with me, but as much as I can I’ll refrain from killing monsters. After all, I used to be a monster and in my heart I still feel that I should protect them rather than needlessly kill anyone that annoys me.

I release my grip, and he fall back down onto the ground. A few other werewolves came rushing over and glare at me, while helping him up and went off. Although the regeneration ability of werewolves is great, it will take him at least one full day to recover from wounds such as this.

Maybe I made a mistake in letting them off like this? It’s tough being a human in demon lands…I kind of miss my old body right now.


After that fiasco, we went back to the tavern and throughout the entire short trip Asellus kept staring at me with a look for admiration.

“What’s wrong with you today?” (Gideon)

“I know that you’re strong, since I spar with you all the time; but this is the first time I see you fight against someone else, and you overpowered that werewolf like he’s a speck of dust!” (Asellus)

That is quite an over-exaggeration, isn’t it?

“The way that you blocked every attack perfectly without even moving one step, and immediately taking advantage of the opening after his attack is simply perfection…You really are an exceptionally powerful human being! Looks like I didn’t choose the wrong person to train me.” (Asellus)

I didn’t expect to be praised that much from just a simple fight, but it feels nice to be praised so I simply smile and thank Asellus for the praise, while trying to brush it off as nothing special.

We went back into the tavern, washed up and discuss tomorrow’s agenda. Basically, we’re going to get all the necessities that will be useful and immediately set off, preferably before the sun reaches its highest peak.

Soon, night falls and we went to sleep on a soft, comfy bed for the first time in weeks. I have no idea how Asellus is doing, but I do know that I slept like a rock the entire night comfortably.


Outside the city of Alst approximately half a day’s worth of distance away, a gathering of werewolf is at camp, exhausted from an entire day’s worth of training. Only a few elites and the strongest werewolf, Wourein, are still continuing their training with a nearly endless vigour. They have been training all night and right now, dawn is almost arriving.

A commotion broke out and voices are raised, as Wourein cease his training to find out what has exactly happened. He walks to the camp’s entrance, only to find one injured werewolf accompanied by several others.

Wourein took a closer look at the injuries; they aren’t life-threatening, but the injuries aren’t light either. It almost looks like he was bashed by an extremely strong and heavy attack to the side, which led to the broken, swollen left arm that’s still recovering.

“Lord Wourein-”

“Who did this?” (Wourein)

Before the assisting werewolf can even finish speaking, Wourein cut him off and snarls at the injured werewolf.

“M-My Lord, I was challenged by a self-conceited human in the [Arena] and he humiliated me…he even looked down on the entire werewolf clan and said that we are all bark and no bite! I tried to fight back, but he’s simply too much for me…with one attack, he knocked me straight out of the [Arena] with no chance of evasion and counterattack!”

“You are challenged by a human in the [Arena] and lost, yet you came back alive? If anything, you are the true humiliation of the Werewolf Clan! Why didn’t you just die back there, and spare yourself the humiliation of limping back here?!” (Wourein)

Wourein howls furiously at the injured werewolf, bringing an immediate silence to the surrounding others who have just started to discuss the matter at hand in groups.

“You…are exiled from my clan henceforth. Leave my presence now and be thankful that you’re still alive after being such an embarrassment to us.” (Wourein)

“Lord Wourein, please do reconsider. He might be defeated, but that only means that the human is strong, not that we’re weak. In times like this, we should band together, and-”

One of the elites that spoke up was sent flying with an uppercut straight to the gut, landing three feet away from his original position, on one of his knees.

“Not bad, to take a punch from me and not falling onto the floor, I’ve trained you rather well it seems. For that, I’ll forgive you for talking back at me, Gash.” (Wourein)

The elite werewolf known as Gash continues breathing in pain, while getting back up on his feet. He had known that talking back to Wourein will only result in punishment. After all, after “that” incident, Lord Wourein lost all trust in a brotherhood’s unity. He is only leader due to his strength, and everyone both trust and fear it.

A clan ruled by an iron fist will eventually crumble, and if it does the entire clan will crumble into disarray! If only Lord Aster did not commit such a folly, our clan will still be stable just as before…

“My Lord…! I know my mistakes; please do not kick me out of the clan! I can still fight, I can still serve-”

“Leave. This is your last chance, or die.” (Wourein)

His command is extremely harsh and direct, without any rooms of negotiation. The glare that Wourein gave to the injured werewolf is one with absolute no mercy and it was like he’s already considered dead to Wourein.

He simply can’t take it anymore. So what if you are the leader of the of the werewolf clan, aren’t we supposed to gather together and protect each other, to fight against the enemy? Ever since fifteen years ago, you imprisoned your very own brother and ruled the werewolf clan with a high hand; and now you are just simply going to exile me because I lost to a human?

This is unacceptable!


Those are the last words he ever said, before Wourein leaps forward and tears him to shreds with his claws. A sweeping slash from both arms at the same time ended the life on the injured werewolf, as pieces of flesh flew everywhere. He collapses on his own pool of blood, never to rise again.

“Who else wishes to challenge my authority?” (Wourein)

No one spoke out, after witnessing the scene of carnage.

“I thought so. All werewolves pack up, we move in two hours! Now that the embarrassment is taken out, it’s time for a human hunt…!” (Wourein)


Morning arrives and the both of us went to buy all the necessary items before heading out of Alst. By that time, it is already nearing noon, as the sun hangs high above us.

I didn’t want to stay in the city for too long, as I have racked up quite a bit of reputation after utterly destroying the werewolf in the [Arena] but not killing him. After all, usually only one will walk out of the [Arena] alive, and even more so when it is between a demon and a human.

Words spread like wildfire, and soon the entire city knows about the matter. When I went for my purchases along with Asellus, everyone gave me quite a look. Also, I noticed that everywhere I go, there are people keeping a lookout on me. That is to be expected after all, seeing that I overpowered another monster so easily. Even if I didn’t kill him, in the eyes of the city I’m quite the unpredictable threat.

I only breathe a sigh of relief after leaving the town. After all, it’s annoying to have someone constantly watching you and not being able to do anything about it without raising hostility levels.
After walking for a distance, the road eventually leads to a four way road split, including the one we just came from. Since some of the clans are closer to each other, the roads will split once again as we walk down the path further.

For instance, my Ogre Clan is closest to Del’thrush’s Undead Clan and the Werewolves Clan is closest to the Mystic Clan. All six clans form a semicircle-like shape around the Overlord’s castle, where the Majin clan is located.

Without question, we took the route that leads us towards the Mystic lands. According to what Asellus says, there are plenty of monsters that we can try our luck at [Absorption], so long as we avoid the Mystics that may be there for the same purpose as well.

That location is known to the Mystics as Gaon Forest. In that humongous piece of forested land, it’s said to have incredibly strong monsters living there, beings even us [Six Pillars] will hesitate to deal with. I never knew where such a rumour came from, but Asellus told me that it’s probably just a white lie, a warning given to the Mystics going into the forest to be careful and not underestimate their prey, less they become the prey instead.

(Master, there’s danger approaching! I can sense a lot of demons approaching our direction, and they are coming fast!)

Right after Eva finish her report, howling sounds can be heard from the distance. A small sand cloud can be seen growing larger and larger as they quickly approach our location. Judging from that howl, I have quite the idea who “they” are – werewolves. Are these guys the ones coming back for revenge, or is this just a coincidence that they are coming this way?

Either way, I will prefer next to no contact with any demons at all, at least until Asellus have obtained her second [Absorption], but it looks like some sort of confrontation is inevitable. After all, we’re in a plains land with almost no hiding grounds. Besides, the tracking capability of werewolves is strong. Most likely, when we have seen the sand cloud they have already known of our presences.

We can see the advancing werewolves, probably a hundred of them, coming closer towards us with each passing second. Right in the middle of the whole group, there’s one with an extremely strong presence, one that I recognize very well.

“Wourein…damn it, this won’t end well.” (Gideon)

“Wourein, as in the leader of the Werewolves Clan? Why would someone of his stature personally come out to the plains?” (Asellus)

Of course Asellus won’t know about Wourein. With his appearance, I have little doubt that this group of werewolves are coming for the human who thrashed the werewolf in the [Arena].

And that means they are coming for me.

He’s a battle maniac, and most likely after knowing that one of his werewolves is easily defeated by a human, he’ll definitely want to challenge the human by himself. Tsk, looks like I’ve brought quite a bit of trouble for myself this time around…

Within moments, more than a hundred werewolves arrived in front of us, with the strongest one of them all leading the entire pack at the very front. They cease moving about ten feet away from us and spread themselves out in a semi-circle, blocking our path forward while Wourein himself approaches us even closer.

“Which one of these two is the culprit?” (Wourein)

“My Lord, it’s the male human!”

One of the werewolves pointed me out. I recognize him immediately to be one of the werewolves who carried away the injured werewolf, after I smashed him out of the [Arena].

“Such a strong human, are you perhaps a [Hero]?” (Wourein)
With my current might, I can almost guarantee a victory against Wourein. However, as much as I can, I want to avoid confrontation with anyone unless they are a part of the destruction of Ogres. After all, weakening the demon forces unnecessarily is not want I wish to achieve.

“This is such a wild claim. Don’t you know who this is? She’s the fifteenth consort of the Mystic Lord, Asellus! How dare you all surround her in such a threatening manner, this is unacceptable behaviour!” (Gideon)

Unsurprisingly, my threat didn’t even unnerve him; not even a single whisker of his moved. If anything, his grin got even wider and nastier. Only the werewolves behind him felt the pressure behind my words and falters slightly.

“Oh, so this the fifteenth consort of Vergil, eh? So you must be her little Mystic bodyguard, eh? Well then, what is a consort doing so far away from Mystic lands?” (Wourein)

“Whatever Lady Asellus might is doing, I believe, is none of your concern. Please step aside and let us be on our way.” (Gideon)

“I think not, young Mystic. Even if what you say is true, nothing is going to stop me, Wourein, from doing as I please! If you want to pass through here, you’re going to have to go through me first!” (Wourein)

That guy…he’s the same as ever. Doing what he wants, whenever he wants. That’s why I had to stop him once from nearly killing one of my ogres from some stupid reason, giving him that scar in the process. Though, looks like there’s no escape from a fight tonight.

I stepped in front of Asellus, towards Wourein. With a single thought command to Eva, a silver axe materialized, as I held it with my hand.

“Hey Wourein…do you want another scar on the other eye, or are you going to move away in peace?” (Gideon)

I released killing intent, and the encirclement of werewolves became larger, as those in front moved back from my killing intent. Wourein however, stood his ground and stared with amusement.

“Wahaha! For a kid, you sure know how to talk big! Hardly anyone has dared mention about this scar, and all those you did died in my arms! Your blood shall cleanse that insult you spat upon me!” (Wourein)

He gave a loud howl, as the encirclement of werewolves howled as well.

I turned my head slightly to Asellus, and whispered to her.

“Hey, take this guy for a few seconds, I’ll get rid of the rest in those moments.”

“What, me? But…”

“Don’t worry, if it’s for awhile, your burst strength is more than capable of stalling him.”

“Alright…if you say so. Why am I fighting one of the [Six Pillars] here anyway..?”

“When I say now, jump away as high and you can, alright?”

I wanted to test this skill out on goblins previously…to think that I’m now trying it out on werewolves instead. That’s too much of a difference in level, isn’t it?

“The strength of wolves is the pack; the strength of the pack is the wolves!” (Wourein)

He rushed towards me, as some of the werewolves rushed towards us at the same time. Asellus jumped out, and clashed with Wourein with [Tiger Rampage], whereas Wourein who lost the initiative, started blocking and pushing aside the punches and lost the chance to retaliate.

As expected of Asellus…her strength is great enough to temporarily stall a [Six Pillar]. If I was the one on the receiving end of such a fierce flurry of punches, even I wouldn’t be able to counter-attack for the first time I see it.

As the werewolves came too near for comfort, I jumped upwards, high up.

Eva, increase the size of the axe!

(What? But, the mass will increase as well! It would get too heavy to swing comfortably!)

It’s alright, just do it!

(Hmm…alright, if you know what you’re doing.)

The axe grew three times it’s normal size, as I held it above my head. Perfect, with the additional weight and gravity pull, I think it should be strong enough to blow away most of them werewolves!

“Now!” (Gideon)

Asellus crouched down and jumped upwards, as the ground approaches for me. I swung the axe downwards with brute strength and assist from [Burst Stream]. I’m going to launch an attack that’s thought only doable by a whole group of Ogres!

“Modified technique: [Encompassing Devastating Earth Wave]!” (Gideon)

The instant the axe hit the ground, a shockwave of earth and rubble and stone erupted from the epicenter and spread outwards, nearly instantly clearing a field of thirty meters around me, severely injuring or killing most of the werewolves surrounding us. Even though a larger portion of the impact went towards Wourein, where I pointed the axe towards, he managed to block the attack in time, and didn’t take much damage from that attack. Most of the survivors are also those who were behind Wourein.

As for me, I flew upwards from the impact, being too light to withstand the force, and Asellus caught me as she fell towards the ground. The both of us landed safely after.

That was a really strong attack, if I dare say so myself. Not bad, even for me!

[Master, you idiot. If you wanted to do that, shouldn’t you ask me to change into a club, or a pointed hammer?]

Oh right. That would work well.

[…you are an idiot, Master.]

Hey! At least it did extra damage to Wourein, and it managed to wipe out most of the werewolves.

“That attack…and [Burst Stream]! I know it when I see it! You…you’re the human Del’thrush talked about…Buvul!” (Wourein)

“Buvul? You mean…the previous Ogre clan leader, one of the [Six Pillars], Buvul?” (Asellus)

“You know quite a lot, don’t you?” (Gideon)

“Well…I was blooded for over 2 years already. I know quite a bit of history, seeing that I have nothing much to do other than training and reading up on history.” (Asellus)

“Ahh…no wonder. Yes, I am Buvul. Or at least, I used to be. Now, my name is Gideon.”

“Wahaha! I didn’t think I’ll see you here, the one who gave me this scar! To think you’ve fallen this low, being a human!”

He clutched his scar, with a murderous look on his face.

“This must be fate. There is no fighting between members of the [Six Pillars], but now that you’re a mere human, I can slaughter you as I please!” (Wourein)

“Give it up, Wourein. I’ve reduced your fighting force to nearly single digits, and you are injured. Retreat, and live to fight another day. If not- WOAH!” (Gideon)

Wourein rushed forward and slashed with his claws. Even with me lunging backwards and my toughness, I still received a small cut near my chest.

“Fool! There is no retreat for the [SIx Pillars]! We shall fight with honor, and cleanse the humiliation of defeat with the blood of our fallen enemies! As long as I still breath, I shall take you down, even if it cost me my life!” (Wourein)


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