The Overlord’s Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 32: Bloodfury

Wourein howls in rage as he claws down on both sides of his shoulders. The blood flows down and actually starts to boil, causing a red mist to form around his body. His claws appear sharper and longer, and his entire physique grows larger. Not only did his muscles increase in bulk, he actually grew in size by at least twenty percent!

“Let me see you deal with this now!” (Wourein)

He rushes forward at a faster speed than before. However, it isn’t a speed that I can’t react to. I move backwards quickly to create some distance, and I attempt to counter his rush with a chopping left.

However, my attack strikes nothing but air as he disappears from my sight almost immediately. The next thing I know, I was flung to the side without any warning, as a palm strike hits me at my sides. Then, before I have a chance to recover, another piercing strike from his claws came from my front, threatening to pierce through me entirely.

Thanks to my tough physique, that last strike of Wourein’s only managed to claw in about half an inch through my abdomen. I instantly tighten my muscles, and swings down my axe at him. That attack almost made contact, but he manages to pull his claws out before the axe can even touch his fur. By the time my swing makes contact on the floor, he’s already tens of meters away from me.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this skill [Bloodfury], isn’t it?” (Gideon)

“Yes…and I do not waste time in idle conversation while [Bloodfury] is active!” (Wourein)

If we consider [Burst Stream] is the skill that best fits Ogres, then [Bloodfury] will be the skill that best fits Werewolves.

[Bloodfury] requires the user to bleed, and it will burn off the blood to give the user a burst of strength and energy. However it will constantly burn off blood rapidly as long as the skill is active, and therefore most people wouldn’t last more than half a minute before fainting from blood loss and eventually die.

However, the regeneration capabilities of Werewolves allow them to keep the skill active longer, depending on the healing factor of the Werewolves themselves. Weaker werewolves will barely be able to last a few more seconds longer but stronger ones will be able to extend their limits by another half a minute.

Wourein, being the Werewolf Lord through his absolute strength, can last more than five minutes while in the state of [Bloodfury]!

Of course, if he pushes himself too hard while [Bloodfury] is active, the amount of time will be shorter than five minutes. Also, the speed boost he gets cannot be compared to the short burst of speed I get from [Burst Stream].

Now, if only I can just last long enough until he nearly bleeds to death, then it’ll be my victory.

Wourein is a tricky one; he moves at a considerably fast speed, but before attacking he’ll go one step further and burst off twice as fast which makes it hard for me to track him down properly with my eyes. Then, he’ll re-appear either from my sides or back and attack. Then, before I can strike at him, he’ll be gone, causing most of my attacks to strike empty air.

If only I can just land one good hit…! If any of my strike connects, he’ll be down for the count, especially when now [Bloodfury] is active and cancelling out his high speed regeneration.

I managed to dodge a few major hits with a nicely-timed [Burst Stream], but I can’t dodge with that forever. Even though I have an extremely tough physique, it’s not invulnerable to damages. Strike after strike lands on me and little by little, tiny trickles of blood began to flow from injuries all over my body.

In the face of Wourein’s absolute speed, I am forced to stay defensive. Thankfully enough, even with [Bloodfury], he is still unable to tear through my body’s innate toughness unless he goes for an all-out piercing attack. At times, I even dodge some of his attacks with sheer luck and intuition alone!

“Are you even trying? Try and hit me if you can, Buvul! Are you just going to stand there and let me hit you, huh?!” (Wourein)

“You call these mosquito bites of yours attacks? I thought you’re trying to scratch some itches for me! Try a little harder, why don’t you?”  (Gideon)

“You can try saying that again when you manage to land a single hit on me!” (Wourein)

(Master…you look pathetic.)

“Eva, cut me some slack here, will you? I didn’t expect him to be able to outstrip me this much in terms of speed, even when I’m now human instead of Ogre.” (Gideon)

(Tsk tsk, there’s no choice; looks like I have to help you out a little, don’t I?)

“Nope, it’s alright, I want to try and defeat him on my own-”


“Eva, you really are insistent on the things you decide huh?” (Gideon)

(Well, I knew something like this may happen, so I’ve already complete my preparations for an attack! So, I believe my master requires my help, DOESN’T HE?) (Eva)

Well if she puts it that way, I guess I can’t really say no to her “request”, can I?

“Alright then Eva, please help me fight Wourein!” (Gideon)

(Hmmm, well if you insist!) (Eva)

The axe in my hand slowly dissolves away and flows back into the silver arm.

(Now relax and leave everything to me, master!) (Eva)

“So, not only you’re just going to stand still over there, you’re also going to try and fight me without your Greataxe? Aren’t you making it too easy for me to destroy you?” (Wourein)

He increases his speed by yet another notch; I can sense that this is going to be his strongest attack yet. Can I anticipate where the attack will land? Possibly yes. Am I able to dodge this? Definitely not.

“This is the end, Buvul!” (Wourein)

From my back, Wourein’s arrogant voice declared his victory. The instance I heard his voice, I know that it’s too late for me to avoid that potentially fatal attack. However, there is simply no need for me to move. After all, I have Eva with me, the top-class artefact of mine!

“Protect me, Eva!” (Gideon)

(Yes, master!) (Eva)

Just milliseconds before Wourein’s all-out attack can land on me, Eva begins the counter-attack. A coat of silver wraps around my body and barrages of spikes emerges out of the coating, extending outwards at incredible speeds to about a meter long.

Milliseconds later, the spikes are coated with a layer of red as Wourein fails to stop in time, and his entire arm is thoroughly pierced by a number of long silver spikes. If the spikes are any longer, they’ll have impaled through more than just his entire arm.

(This is the perfect trap for a wild mutt like him! Common sense dictates that, no matter how fast you go, an Omni-directional attack will still definitely hit someone that’s buzzing around like a bee.) (Eva)

With a quick action, Wourein severs his own wasted arm and retreats a few meters with one huge jump to the back, landing on one knee and breathing heavily.

“You managed to do all this in that fraction of a second? That’s incredible!” (Gideon)

(Well, during your entire battle with that mutt, I was visualising and readying enough energy for this…one attack. Don’t expect…an attack like this to be used consecutively…my energy is running low, you’ll have to finish him off yourself, master.) (Eva)

Just as quickly as they extended, the coat of silver is re-absorbed back into Eva, along with the spikes. The wasted arm which Wourein have got rid of simply falls onto the ground with a plop.

“…This, this isn’t over just yet!” (Wourein)

Wourein’s injuries begin to heal gradually as the red mist that surrounds his body fades away. Even the arm, which he just torn off himself begins to regrow, albeit at a slower rate than before. It looks like his [Bloodfury] has finally been deactivated, and his regenerative capabilities are starting to kick in.

In half a minute’s time, he looks almost as good as new. However, even though his wounds have largely recovered, I know that most of his strength and vitality have already been consumed from [Bloodfury] and the subsequent regeneration.

As for me, even though I’ve taken quite a fair amount of damage from Wourein’s non-stop attacks, they are mostly scratches and the worst damage is the one that he pierced into my abdomen. Other than that, I’m still more than capable of fighting, since I was mostly on the defensive just now.

At this point, it’s extremely clear to anyone who would the victor be if the fight continues.

“Wourein, I have said it once, and I’ll say it again – I do not wish you hurt you any further. If you’ll give it up, I’m more than willing to let you go on your way right now.” (Gideon)

“Enough with your pity; I don’t need it! Stop disrespecting me, Buvul, and fight me with all your might!” (Wourein)

“I have no reason to fight you and weaken the demon forces’ strength as a whole. If any of us are to die here, it will be nothing but a loss for the demon forces, don’t you understand?” (Gideon)

“I don’t care about this right now; all I know now is that you’re here for me to fight, and I’ll definitely defeat you at your full strength!” (Wourein)

“You…you stubborn fool!” (Gideon)

I rush towards him with an explosive speed. Being too slow to respond to my sudden action, Wourein can’t react fast enough to my offense as I grasp his neck with my silver hand, and slam him down straight onto the ground with a force boosted with [Burst Stream]. He made a weird croaking noise and cease any form of movement thereafter.

After a difficult battle, the Werewolf Lord Wourein has finally been knocked out.

“Lord Wourein!”

“Human, get your hands of our lord!”

The remaining few elite werewolves came rushing over to rescue their lord, but Asellus blocks their rapid advances with rushing over in front of me.

“Lady Mystic, why do you protect this human? You’re supposed to be on the side on the demons?” (Elite Werewolf)

“That’s right! Humans are our enemy; we should destroy all of them!”

Asellus simply shakes her head and replies them calmly.

“You may be right; humans are our enemy. However, right now he’s important to my future goals. Furthermore, don’t be mistaken. I’m not protecting him from you. I’m protecting YOU guys from Gideon. If Lord Wourein cannot defeat him, neither can the rest of you combined.” (Asellus)

The little speech that Asellus says has quite an effect on the Werewolves. Their movements falter slightly and they cease their advances.

I release Wourein from my grasp and raise both my arms as a sign of peace.

“Do not worry; I’ve only knock him out. If you bring him away right now, I can guarantee that he’ll survive-GAH?!” (Gideon)

Unexpectedly, Wourein manages to regain his consciousness without anyone noticing. With a swift motion, he delivers a nasty strike onto my abdomen, knocking the wind out of me.

“Wourein…you…bastard…” (Gideon)

“All tactics are fair in the face of war, Buvul. You’ve lost this fight, and it will be the last fight you’ll ever lose!” (Wourein)

“Gideon!” (Asellus)

Asellus tried to rush over to help, but she is simply too far away to reach me in time, especially with all the werewolves interfering with her rescue plan.

Wourein may be thoroughly exhausted, but he has still enough energy to unleash one more fatal attack.

“I won’t drag this out long enough for you to recover; DIE BUVUL!” (Wourein)

Placing all his energy on a single strike, he sends a piercing blow with his claws towards me, aiming straight through my chest!

From my perspective, everything seems to be going in slow motion. The claws slowly move towards my chest, inch by inch, and yet I can’t seem to move quick enough to avoid it or block the attack.

Is this it for me? Is my life going to just end like this, before I can accomplish anything?

This can’t be it!

The claws continue to make their way towards my chest, piercing through my shirt…and to everyone’s surprise, the claw cracks as though as it struck something extremely hard, and breaks into two.

Not only is Wourein’s attack unsuccessful, the force of his attack causes me to travel through the air a few meters, distancing myself from him and giving me enough time to recover my breath before his next unlikely assault. By this time, Asellus has already knocked out

“I…impossible, there’s no way your body will be tough enough to withstand an all-out strike from my claws…” (Wourein)

“Ah, the wooden rod that Lilithia gave me…” (Gideon)

From the place where Wourein tried to pierce me, I took out the intricately designed wooden rod. Surprisingly enough, I can’t find even a single scratch on the rod after a quick look at it.

Wourein takes one look at the wooden rod, and his face features a look of absolute disbelief and shock.

“That rod, it can’t be…you’re also HIS son?! But that’s impossible…where did you get the wooden rod from, Buvul? Answer me!” (Wourein)

“I got this rod from Lilithia- I mean, from the stepmother of this body’s original owner, Gideon Silverwolf.” (Gideon)

After hearing what I say, Wourein’s expression darkens and without any warning, he instantly leaps forward with an air of desperation and an intense killing intent.


He tears a large rip on his own left shoulder, sending himself into a state of [Bloodfury] once again while charging towards me at breakneck speeds. I manage to dodge the head-on charge, but Wourein forcefully stops his momentum with his body and rushes towards me once again, flying over with a fierce howl. The blood mist follows closely behind him, steadily burning away the remainder of his life force.

Is…Is he trying to kill even at the cost of his very own life?! Just how is this Gideon Silverwolf related to him anyway?


There’s no time to think, I have a problematic situation here on my hands!

I repeatedly dodge his attacks, with each one getting more and more too close for comfort. Eva is still recovering and I have no access to my Greataxe, and my entire body is still bloody and battered from his previous attacks.

There’s no choice; I’ll have to take one hit from him and try to land a counter to knock him out, before he exhaust the remaining of his life-force!

I prepared myself to take Wourein’s desperate rush attack, as he rapidly approaches me with a face of insanity.

Then, Asellus came flying over and with incredible timing, strikes Wourein from his side with a fierce blow with the arm of a tiger, piercing straight right through, deep into his abdomens.


Author : Kiribou

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