The Overlord’s Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 34 – Aster Silverwolf

As a proud race, werewolves only mate with other werewolves and never with other species. However, not all werewolves think like this. Currently, there is a group that believes in choosing to breed with those that they love instead, even if they’re not of the werewolf species.

The first one to believe in this viewpoint is Aster Silverwolf, the brother of Wourein. Being born only a few years after Wourein, he is currently the oldest and strongest werewolf around. He is also the so-called traitor of the Werewolves Clan.

Strongly opposing of this mind set, Wourein imprisoned his very own brother after realising that he had mated with another female human, and tried to hunt her down. However, by then she had already run off too far away, deep into the human continent. There was no way Wourein can possibly track her down without getting himself in mortal peril.

Now that Wourein is dead, no one can truly compete with Aster in terms of combat. However, having being known as the strongest of the fifty elite werewolves, how can Wilford get concede without a fight?

His pride will never let him do it.

I challenge you, Aster, for the right to rule over the werewolves! If you’re truly as strong as you say, you will accept my challenge!” (Wilford)

“I will not tolerate such insolence, Wilford. How dare you address Lord Aster in such a manner?” (Fenris)

Fenris growls at Wilford and steps forward threateningly, but a wave of hand from Aster halts his movement.

“If possible, I will like to settle this without any bloodshed. After all, every drop of blood of us werewolves is precious and shouldn’t be needlessly spilled.” (Aster)

“Such a pacifist idea is what that will cause us werewolves to fall into a decline! When Lord Wourein tried to imprison you, you could have resisted and at least we’ll have respected your strength…but instead, you willingly let him lock you up in chains and even walk to jail by yourself! Such a pride-less being doesn’t deserve to lead us werewolves!” (Wilford)

The rest of the elite siding with Wilford howls in agreement, which leads to the other side snarling back in return.

“All of you silence.” (Aster)

Aster’s voice was soft, but chilling and deeply intimidating. Even from all the uproar, his voice is clearly heard by every last one of them within the meeting hall. Almost instantly after Aster has spoken, the meeting hall is once again filled with a dreadful silence.

From those four words, everyone within the meeting hall immediately realized that Aster is in no way weaker than their previous Werewolf Lord, Wourein!

Aster smiles with a pleasant grin and continues to address the fifty.

“Well then, I hereby declare my right to rule over the werewolves henceforth. Wilford, surely you’ll give me some face and step down from the competition, won’t you?” (Aster)

Despite still having the grin on his face, Wilford can distinctively feel Aster’s fierce fighting spirit aiming straight towards him. He knows extremely clearly that when compared to Aster, he’s clearly outmatched in every way!

Strength, age, experience…even his fighting spirit, he’s outmatched by far!

But still, with his pride on the line, how can he just give up without a single fight? If he does, no one will ever respect him in the future.

Damned if he gives in, damned if he doesn’t; such is a perilous situation that Wilford is facing right now. No matter what choices he makes, it will be the end of his current life as he knows it, in more ways than one.

“…No. With my name of Redfur on the line, given to me by Lord Wourein, I challenge you to a trial of combat for the position of Werewolf Lord, Aster!” (Wilford)

“Your pride may be important, but so is your life. Is this thing known as pride truly outweighs the possibility of death? You don’t seem like the foolish sort, so you must know that I’m stronger than you in all aspects. I’ll ask you again to give it up.” (Aster)

“As much as I hate it, I admit that your strength towers over mine. But if I am to give up because of this, I’ll be letting down everyone who has placed their trust in me. I am their will, and this is why I’ll fight you to the very end!” (Wilford)

After hearing that, Aster let off a sigh and expresses a sad smile.

“Truly, my brother has trained many strong, wonderful and faithful subjects. To think that after his death, you all still remain loyal to him and his ideals, his conviction; it almost feels like he’s still around…” (Aster)

Aster face is filled with grief.

“I am truly unwilling to fight someone as loyal as you, but this is what that’s needed to once again unite the Werewolves Clan as one, then I’ll do so. This hall is too small for such a fight; let’s move to an emptier field.” (Aster)

After finishing his sentence, Aster turns around and leaves the meeting hall, through the same exit that he came in from. Soon after, Wilford and the rest follow.

The news of the fight spreads faster than ever. Most, if not all werewolves have thought that Wilford’s ascension to the position of Werewolf Lord is a given and hence did not expect a battle to be carried out. However none of them has predicted Aster’s “jail-breaking”, assisted by Fenris.

After all, Aster has been kept in kept in jail for longer than a decade. How many of them would, in a short notice, remember anyone who has been locked away for that long, even if he is Wourein’s brother and personally locked away by Wourein himself?

In the chosen area, both Aster and Wilford position themselves at respective ends of the field, staring silently at one another. The distance between the two is just a mere ten meters, while the crowd watching the fight encircles them from a distance.

“I know that I won’t be able to persuade you out of battle, but if I manage to take you out without killing you, will you stand by my side as you did for my brother?” (Aster)

“Don’t even say such things, Aster. I shall not betray Lord Wourein’s ideals and you are the exact opposite of everything he believes him. Even if you may end up being the best leader of the Werewolves Clan in centuries, my pride will not allow me to serve you.” (Wilford)

“I see…then, let’s being our battle. Make your move.” (Aster)

“So I shall!” (Wilford)

Without another word, the battle begins. Wilford closes the gap of ten meters with a blink of an eye and sends a barrage of blows, fist after fist. However, Aster counters every blow with a strike of his own, deflecting and cancelling every attack that Wilford sends.

The two of them move around constantly, with Wilford being on the offensive while Aster being on the defensive. Every time it seems like Wilford can almost land a blow, Aster always manages to block it just in time.

However, even after tens and tens of blows exchanged, Aster remains defensive and have never attacked even once.

“What’s wrong with you? Fight me properly!” (Wilford)

“Why don’t you make me?” (Aster)

“Why, you…!” (Wilford)

Bursting at full throttle, Wilford increases the speed of his attacks, delivering punches nearly twice as fast as before while running around Aster in circles, hoping to catch him off guard.

Still, Aster manages to successfully block every attack of Wilford’s, even after his boost in speed. Then, for the first time in the match, Aster makes his move. With a quick flicker of his arm, he accurately strikes Wilford on the chest, stopping the flow of his attack and knocking him backwards a few meters.

“I’m sorry, but with your current strength you still aren’t my match. Give it up, and at least you’ll retain your life.” (Aster)

With a single strike, Aster has sent the strongest of the fifty Elite Werewolves moving backwards when for the past few minutes, he couldn’t even land a blow after hundreds of strikes! All the surrounding werewolves are astounded by Aster’s display of superiority with only one attack.

All of them knew that Aster is strong, possibly on the same level as Wourein. However, after this fight they have been convinced that Aster is definitely an equal to Wourein, or maybe…even stronger! Strong enough to handle Wilford around like a toy!

“…This is why…I hate the likes of you! You think…that everyone is like you…willing to give in when things aren’t working their way…adapting to changes…” (Wilford)

Just after a few minutes of fighting, Wilford is already exhausted not just physically, but mentally. In a short moment of five minutes, he already knows who will emerge victory in this fight, and it isn’t him.

There is not a chance in hell I can hope to beat him, thought Wilford to himself.

“But…not everyone is like this! There are…people like me…who will fight on for their conviction to our last breath…towards the glimmer of victory…even if it means the death of us!” (Wilford)

“…You’re just like my brother, no wonder he grooms you so well and even gave you the name of [Redfur].” (Aster)

Aster jumps backward and lands near a tree that’s almost as thick as his waist, and grips on it with one hand.

“In that case, I’ll face you with my full strength; something that I’ve forever missed the chance to do so with my brother.”

Then, with absolute force, Aster clenches his fist, tearing off a huge chunk of the tree trunk and compresses it into a dense, wooden rod.

“Such…such strength, to be able to squeeze such a huge piece of wood with just his grip alone…his strength is truly comparable to…no, maybe even greater than that of Lord Wourein’s!” (Wilford)

“Do you understand now? The reason why I didn’t fight with my brother is because if we really fought that day…” (Aster)

The rod disappears from Aster’s hand and with a ‘thud’ it pierces through the ground behind Wilford, bloodied.

“…one of us will definitely perish. I don’t want to kill my brother, or to let him carry the sin of killing his only family. Also, If I’m to fight you seriously, you won’t even know when you have died…just like now.” (Aster)

Wilford slowly reaches towards his chest, where a bloody hole has emerged through him without him even realizing it. A few pats in that particular area have confirmed himself of his injury, as his fur starts to stain of blood.

“What, what just happened?! When did he throw the rod?” (Werewolf #1)

“The rod just went through his chest and dug deep into the ground…now that’s absolute strength right there.” (Werewolf #2)

“That is insane, is this really happening? An attack that’s so smooth and fast that even our strongest Elite Werewolf cannot avoid it?” (Werewolf #3)

Wilford collapses onto a knee, gasping for air. Within moments, the wound closes up thoroughly thanks to his regenerative capabilities, but the mental scars from that one attack cannot be healed in such short notice.

In one attack…Wilford realised the absolute gap between their strength. Maybe after training for another five, ten years he’ll be able to put up a good fight, but now?

In front of Aster, he is no better than a child trying to fight against an adult.

Still, Wilford forces himself up and stares straight at Aster with a ferocious glint. He slaps his thighs a few times to stop them from shaking.

“I suppose you still won’t give up after this?” (Aster)

“I suppose not.” (Wilford)

Another sigh escapes out of Aster’s mouth, his eyes filled with a gaze of sadness.

“This may sound weird, but I honestly respect your courage and determination for standing up against me. You’re a true warrior of the Werewolves Clan, and I’ll never forget your name.” (Aster)

“Enough talk…let’s continue our fight!” (Wilford)

Wilford claws down on his shoulder and wisps of red gas emerge from the wound. With [Bloodfury] active, he dashes out with his highest achievable speed and shoots himself towards Aster like a rocket to take him down with his final, all-out attack, without any regards for defense.

“Impressive speed…but I’ll never be caught by the likes of a telegraphed attack.” (Aster)

With a quick flick, Aster sliced his wrist and a red mist escapes his wound. In a flash, Wilford has closed the distance between the both of them, and contact seems imminent.

Then, to everyone’s shock, Aster’s arm disappears for a split second. In the next moment, Wilford is sliced into pieces, with blood splattering all over and pieces of flesh flying all around, splashing and splattering onto the ground.

“Aster…no, Lord Aster is victorious.” (Werewolf)

“With such strength, the Werewolves Clan will definitely prosper…!” (Elite Werewolf)

Fenris walks forward towards Aster, and kneels down in front of him with pride.

“From now onwards, Lord Aster is our new Werewolf Lord! Soon, he’ll report of this to Overlord Anstansia, and retake the position as one of the [Six Pillars]! All hail Lord Aster!” (Fenris)

“All hail Lord Aster!”

The rest of the Fenris faction immediately kneels down in respect, and even those belonging in Wilford’s faction follows soon after. Even though their leader was slain in battle, he fought with pride and honour. Furthermore, their new Werewolf Lord is one worth respecting and strong beyond words.

Besides submitting, do they have a second option left for them?

“Those who have supported Wilford before please do not worry. So as long as you’re willing to fight for me and the Werewolves Clan, I promise to treat you just as well as everyone else! We shall all unite as one, and aspire to be the strongest of the demons!” (Aster)

“Woah!” (Werewolves)

All the werewolves around cheered in joy and excitement. After all, they have gained a new leader just as strong as Wourein, and they are all united under that one leader.

However, only one entity out of all the werewolves is in no mood for celebrations. That is none other than the newly appointed Werewolf Lord, Aster himself.

My brother is dead…so that means that the only living kin I have now is my family, if they are still alive.

My wife, are you still alive and doing well?

My son, have you been taking good care of your mom?

No matter where you both might be, please remain safe and sound. In time, I will come and find you…

Even if I have to scour every last area of the human continent, I’ll find you both and we can live happily together. I shall not let my family suffer any more pain and suffering…

Even if both demons and humans become my enemies, I will not let them hurt a single hair on you!

By the side-lines, spies of other clans begin to move out, returning back into their respective lands to bring the latest news back to their homelands…

Author : Kiribou

Author’s note: Thanks for reading my novel for 34 chapters already! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

By the way, I’m planning to sell my novel as an E-book online, so if you’re a potential buyer, how much would you pay for it? (The first book will be from chapter 1 until 24, the end of Crystal’s arc)

Hope you hear from you loyal readers! I really need some information ahaha!

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