The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 4: Relearning a Technique

Ogres typically cannot use magic or most skills like other races, but they have a skill that’s almost unique to their physique, known as [Burst Stream].

By gathering and concentrating mana into any specific body parts and releasing it explosively, they can momentarily gain an immense, explosive speed boost.

The Ogres have a tactical combined technique known as [Devastating Earth Wave], where dozens of Ogres line up, use [Burst Stream] at the same time and strike the ground with their clubs or axes.

The result is huge shockwave of earth, rubble and stone that would clear an area of 100 meters straight ahead; it’s truly the strongest tactical weapon, not even a [Hero] would try to take a clean, direct hit that an Ogre unleashes, which is boosted by [Burst Stream].

It’s not like nobody else could apply this skill to themselves. It’s just that most who tried either crippled themselves immediately from the mana explosion, or simply had their arms or legs blown straight off. Only the tough physique of Ogres can withstand the explosiveness, and even so, most of them could only do so once a day for every limb they have. Any more and it will compromise their fighting capabilities after.

Even I didn’t dare to do it more than twice per day, back before when I was still an Ogre Lord. However, if I wanted to, I could probably go for four, or maybe even five before hitting my limits.

Other superior species of monsters could potentially pull it off successfully, such as dragons. However, unless necessary, dragons usually don’t engage with close quarters combat unless they transform into their humanoid form.

Ogres are somehow blessed with the natural ability, knowledge and physique to successfully pull off [Burst Stream] without causing permanent damage to themselves.

This is one of the reasons why Ogres are so widely known and feared…yet; our reign of terror has been abruptly cut short due to that traitorous Del’thrush.

If what he says is true, most of the Ogres are probably gone forever, leaving sparse remnants of wild Ogres, still out somewhere.

To think that Ogres have gone virtually extinct during my rule. I have failed our legacy.

At the very least, I’ll have to exact revenge on everyone involved in this, and Del’thrush; you’re definitely first in line to taste my blade!

For now, though, I’ll have to practise hard and train well, so that when I finally meet him, I’ll get rid of him once and for all.

To do so, [Burst Stream] would be an extremely useful card to have in my possession. To practise it however, I’ll need something thick, hard and large as a striking tool…ah, this tree will work nicely.

I went to the tree with the thickest trunk that’s closest to me, and assumed a fighting stance, pulling my right arm backwards.

I began to focus mana into that particular arm, like how I had done it before countless times during my past life. This time however, I’m going slow as it’s the first time I’m trying this technique with this body. Any mishaps and I might lose more than just a single limb.

Yes…I can feel it flowing, concentrating within my arm. This feeling, it’s the exact same feeling I felt when I’ve used it before during my past life; I have the same amount of control that I had before. Now…release! [Burst Stream]!

Just right before I let loose my punch, I released the charged up mana with an explosive might, propelling my fist forward in a speed that exceeded even my expectations. My fist collided on the tree, and it went straight through it with a ferocious ‘boom’, creating a cavity within the tree trunk.

“Nice, this is a lot better than I expected.” (Gideon)

I pulled out my arm from the tree trunk, feeling rather elated. After all, I have managed to punch a nice, big hole into the tree trunk, and the results are very clear that with my current physique, I can withstand at the very least one attempt of [Burst Stream].

Even my fist did not hurt as badly as I thought it would have. I feel a little numbness on my knuckles as well as a cramped, pounding soreness in my arm, but that is basically the extent of self-inflict damage I had caused to myself.

This is a fantastic result!

I clenched my hands in excitement, and punched up into the air with elation.

With this, I’m now a huge step further to accomplishing my goals. As an Ogre in the past, this technique proved to be a killing technique of brute force, mowing down large amounts of enemy troops or dishing a devastating strike against a powerful enemy with my Greataxe. However, having such a large build means that my attacks are naturally slower. Even with the boost from [Burst Stream], against truly powerful enemies such as [Heroes], it is rare to get a direct hit.

Now being of a human build, yet having retained nearly half of my previous strength and an ever-increasing physical toughness, I have gained a massive advantage over my past self!

What’s my advantage? Of course, the surprise factor of being in such a small body and yet having strength vastly disproportionate to my stature. Getting caught unexpected by a strike of overwhelming power is almost always fatal.

I released a sweeping palm strike empowered by [Burst Stream], and successfully chopped down the tree trunk with a clean cut.

“Tsk.” (Gideon)

I flinched as my arm began to twitch in pain, and it hurts to the point where it felt like all the muscles in my right arm is cramping up.  

“So, two times is my current limit, huh? That’s fine for now.” (Gideon)

I’m confident that in a few more months, with the amount and intensity of training I’m going through, I’ll be able to handle [Burst Stream] without causing too much harm to myself. Then, I’ll be truly able to defeat most that stand in my path of vengeance!

Still, I can’t be too overconfident. There are geniuses everywhere that surpass any logic, like the existence of [Heroes]. I have to at least aim to surpass them. With my current potential, this isn’t impossible.

To get my revenge not only for me, but for the Ogres…I need to achieve the strength equal or higher that of [Heroes]!

A chance for revenge is what that gives me motivation to push myself to the very limits every day, forging myself for that one purpose.

But first, if I want to fulfil my duty, I need to be able to get out of this village…


I went back home and as usual, a delicious smell wafted up from the kitchen which whetted my appetite greatly, especially after such a harsh day of training every day.

“Oh, you’re back! Dinner will be ready very soon!” (Lilithia)

I went into the kitchen, and Lilithia was in there, stirring a pot of rich stew while humming to a tune.

“Lilithia…we need to talk.” (Gideon)

“Hmm, what it is?” (Lilithia)

“Well, I want to explore the outside world, so please, give me permission to leave the village.” (Gideon)


Lilithia froze up upon hearing what I said, and dropped the ladle she was holding onto. She turned around to look at me, her face filled with worry and anxiousness. Not knowing what to say, I stood there silently as well.

After a brief moment of awkwardness, she finally let out a sigh as she bent down to pick up the ladle.

“Gideon, please help me carry the stew out onto the table, alright? I’m going to clean up this mess before it stains.” (Lilithia)

“But, Lilithia-” (Gideon)

“We’ll talk about this later.”

Her voice was soft, but stern. I decided to listen to what she said, and placed the pot of stew on the dining table. Shortly after, she came out of the kitchen and went into her room for another short period of time before walking towards the dining table, with a sad smile on her face. In her hands, she’s gripping tightly onto a small wooden box.

“I knew this day would have to come eventually. To be honestly, ever since the day you asked me for permission to train with Bratt, I knew that one day you’ll leave this village and go out to explore the unknown. It’s just…I didn’t expect that this day will come so soon.” (Lilithia)

“Lilithia…” (Gideon)

“I won’t object to it if you want to leave the village.”

“What? Really, is that true?” (Gideon)

I can hardly hold back my excitement. I didn’t expect it to be this easy for Lilithia to allow me to leave the village, knowing how protective and how much she cares about me.

“Yes, yes. Look at you, being so excited over it.”

“Well, yes of course!”

“You know, I know why you want to get out of this village so impatiently. It’s because of…your parents, am I wrong?”

“Huh? Err, yeah…”

I secretly gave a sigh of relief, knowing that I wouldn’t need to give her some superficial excuses since she misunderstood my intentions in a positive way for me.

After all, I can’t possibly tell her that I’m actually an Ogre Lord, who is also a Six Pillar working directly for the Overlord, and on a mission to kill the traitor who murdered me, now could I?

“You can leave, but only when you have reached fourteen years old; the age where you are considered an adult. At the very least, allow me to fulfil the duty of caring for you until you reach adulthood, alright?” (Lilithia)

“Mm, that’s fine. It’s not like I’m planning to leave immediately after today; I’ll still need to plan my route, packing up necessary supplies and preparing myself for a journey.” (Gideon)

My 14th birthday is in another two months’ time. This leaves me plenty of time to train and improve on my combat capabilities, as well as planning on my route and anything else necessary for a smoother journey.

“Not bad, at least this little boy has started to mature into a fine, young responsible youth.” (Lilithia)

“Don’t say things like that, it’s embarrassing to hear.” (Gideon)

“Just remember, no matter what happens, please come back home safely. I’ll always be here waiting for you, anytime you need a safe place to rest. Remember that this will always be your home.” (Lilithia)

“…I know. Thanks for everything that you have done for me.” (Gideon)

Her expression brightened, though her face is plastered with the same sad smile.  

“Now then, this is what I was entrusted with by your parents.”

With a simple movement, Lilithia removed the latch that was holding the wooden box together. As she opens the box, I instantly focused my attention on the item inside. It was a five-inch rod, made almost entirely out of wood. It is extremely pointy sharp and coated in silver at one end, and there’s a head of a wolf carved beautifully on the other end. The rest of the rod has an intrinsic yet simple design.

I took a double take when I saw the wooden rod. I didn’t imagine it to be such a work of art.

“Beautiful, isn’t it? I had almost the same reaction that you had right now when I first saw the rod myself!”  (Lilithia)

“Just what…is this?” (Gideon)

“To be honest, I can only tell you what I see here; it’s a wooden rod that’s beautifully carved. However, your mom wanted me to give this to you; she said that it is something your dad made for you, and it will help him identify you if the both of you ever cross paths.” (Lilithia)

“Do you know who’s my mom or dad?” (Gideon)

“I’m sorry Gideon, but other than the fact that your mom is a commoner, I have no idea who your dad is. I’ve tried asking for information but in this tiny and isolated village, not much comes into town other than the occasional wagons and travellers.” (Lilithia)

Hmm…I’m indeed rather curious about the heritage of one who could make such a brilliant piece of artwork, but finding out the parents of the past me isn’t something in my priority list.

Perhaps if I coincidentally found clues about it, but I doubt I’ll go hunting down the location of my parents. Perhaps when I’ve obtained my revenge, and settled everything I needed, killed everyone related to the Ogre’s demise…

I took the entire box from Lilithia and kept it away for now.

“Oh right, before I forget about it; go find Bratt after eating; I believe that he had something he wanted to give you. Let’s dig in, the food’s getting cold.” (Lilithia)


I devoured the plate of delicious thick stew, and seconds, before heading over to Bratt’s house, just a few tens of meters away.

“Bratt, did you call for me?” (Bratt)

I knocked on his door a few times, and braced myself before going in. As usual, the house is in a mess; everything is everywhere, with clothes laying around mixed up with pieces of armour and leather guards; worst of all, the main culprit is simply lying down on his bed, without a care in the world about the disaster zone that he’s in.

“Oh hey there you are, Gideon my boy! Come over here, I have something special for you!” (Bratt)

As usual, he has that dirty yet strangely appealing grin on his face as he speaks. He jumped out of his bed which is strangely situated in the living room, and went into a room, coming out only with a huge, wrapped up package.

“Gideon, think fast!” (Bratt)

Out of the blue, he threw the package straight towards me. Without much time to react to that sudden move, I simply lifted both my arms together to block the incoming package.

“W-WHOA! Bratt, are you out of your mind? Don’t do that!” (Gideon)

“Well, but it didn’t hurt at all, did it?” (Bratt)

“Well, of course it didn’t …wait, that’s not the point here!” (Gideon)

“Tsk, to think that I chose the best materials to make this, and yet it didn’t even cause you to flinch even the slightest.” (Bratt)

“Wait, you wanted to hurt me? Some kind of teacher you are.”

“Hah, I couldn’t even hurt you if I try now; your entire body is so tough that it’s basically inhuman. But enough small talks and open it, take a look.”

I shot an ugly face at Bratt, before tearing through the wrapping.

It’s…a Greataxe. With the entire length of the pole being about five feet long, I’m only barely taller than it by a few inches. The axe-head is nearly two feet long, boasting a powerful and overwhelming feel to it.

“How’s that for an impressive weapon? I nearly shelled out every bit of money I had to have a blacksmith to make this, yes I did. Made with Damascus steel and a layer of Mithril, this thing sure costed me a bomb. This should suffice as a graduation gift of sort, right?” (Bratt)

“Bratt…this is perfect. Thanks, I guess. But how did you know that I needed a Greataxe?” (Gideon)

“You might have mentioned it, once or twice, during practices.” (Bratt)

Even I didn’t remember that…as expected of an ex-mercenary, I guess, to be able to pick up relevant information so simply and remembering it so well.

Truth be told, I was getting a little anxious over the lack of a proper weapon. This few months, I have only been training in hand –to-hand combat skills. Though it’s undeniably useful and was able to help accelerate the process of getting used to a human body, I am definitely more used to wielding a Greataxe after having used one for many years.

Also, having a good weapon now means that I don’t have to worry about getting one for my travels.

I immediately went out of the house and gave it a few swings. Though it is a little awkward to look at someone of my stature to be wielding a weapon that’s about the same height as me, I was able to get back my rhythm and had a few good swings.

“So, having fun with your new toy?” (Bratt)

Bratt stepped out of his house, fully equipped with his armour plating, leather guards, and a short-sword on his side.

“Now, let’s have a mock battle, shall we?” (Bratt)

Author : Kiribou

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