The Overlord's Elite is now a Human?! – Chapter 8: First Quest (1)

“So this is Papyrus Town.” (Gideon)

After half a day of walking, I finally reached the next town, named as Papyrus Town.  Unlike what I’ve seen so far, this place is bustling with activities, filled up buildings, people and noises. In short, it’s full of life.

In order to fulfil my goals, I need power, fame and information. To no surprise, as a fourteen year old human, I’m desperately lacking in the last two aspects.

I have raw strength and speed, and I possess a powerful technique, [Burst Stream]. On any kinds of battle, be it one-on-one or group battles, I can probably suppress most individuals as long as they aren’t [Hero]-classed or have similar levels of combat capabilities.

If I was any ordinary human, I would be very pleased with my level of strength. However, I am an avenger, and my target is one of the Overlord’s Six Pillars, Del’thrush the Lich. With my level I’m at now, I can forget about even fighting through his subordinates, let alone him.

As for fame, it would prove to be useful in convincing people to assist me whenever it is needed. For this problem, I’ll simply fight as a human adventurer, and quickly rise above the ranks. That should be sufficient for now, I believe.

Information-wise, my knowledge about the situation between the humans and demons are basically more than one year old. I need to keep myself more updated. After all, I can’t properly plan anything if my information is so limited.

The instant I entered town, I immediately dropped the idea on finding a strong enough person to go under tutelage to. I took a good look around, and I realized that most of the people here are probably weaker than Bratt.

Perhaps is because this place is further away from the borders separating the human and demon lands, but I didn’t realize the strength of human fighters is this bad. Perhaps Bratt is really stronger than he think he is?

I asked around for directions and headed to the Adventurers’ Guild. After all, the Adventurers’ Guild should be the place where I start from if I want to quickly earn some fame. That way, it will make my life simpler in human grounds. Furthermore, no matter how much fame I earn, it will not rouse the suspicion of anyone in the demon lands, especially Del’thrush.

I step into the building and walked towards an empty counter.

“Excuse me; I’ll like to register as an Adventurer.” (Gideon)

The female staff member hesitated for a moment after looking at me, though she recovered fairly quickly.

“Erm, yes no problem. My name is Ellenda, and I’ll be serving you today. May I ask how old you are?” (Ellenda)

“I turned fourteen a few days ago.” (Gideon)

“I see, no wonder…I apologize for my reaction; it’s not very often someone of your age registers to be an adventurer. The registration fee will be 1 Silv and 10 Cobs.”

Crap…there’s a registration fee? I didn’t exactly anticipate this. How silly of me; this is what happens when you don’t get information prior to doing things.

“…I don’t have any money with me now.” (Gideon)

“Oh dear…well its fine, big sister here will put it on credit just for you, don’t tell anyone about it though!” (Ellenda)

“Ah, thanks! That will be very helpful.” (Gideon)

Whew, thankfully there are nice humans around; otherwise I’ll be stuck at the very first step.

“Well then, please fill up this form first before I register you as an adventurer.” (Ellenda)

I took the form and a pen from her, before reading the contents of the paper.


  1. Basic Information for Adventurers
    – Ranks are as follow: E, D, C, B, A, S, SS Rank.
    – Everyone will start off as an E rank adventurer, and any exceptions will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.
    – You are allowed to take quests one rank above and below their respective rank. However, if anyone fails a quest above their rank more than once, they will be banned from taking a higher ranked job.
    – To rank up, you’ll have to take on a test from the staff member, and have completed at least 5 quests of your rank. Exceptions are dealt by on a case-to-case basis.
    – Any deaths occurring while attempting said quests is not the responsibility of any staff members.
    – In any other situation that might be questionable, the staff member’s words are final and decisive.
    2. Personal information


Well, this is simple enough to understand I suppose. I quickly read through it a few times and filled up the form, handing it back to the staff member. After a few minutes, she presented me with a copper ring.

“Here, I’ll show you how to use it. Wear it on any finger, and channel some mana into the ring.”

I did as she says, and a black card materialized above the ring. On the card, there are details written on it.

Name : Gideon Silverwolf
Age : 14
Gender : Male
Rank : E
Quest completed: E:0, D:0, C:0, B:0, A:0, S:0, SS:0
Money: 0 Gel, -1 Silv, -10 Cobs

Ah…so that’s what she meant by credit.

“Do not lose the ring, or else there would be a fine of 10 Silv. If that happens I wouldn’t be able to help you pay again. As for your first quest, I’ll recommend this White Tail Grass gathering quest, it’s perfect for a beginner adventurer!

A strong and powerful Ogre Lord like me going for a gathering quest? Nope, no way in hell; even if I’m not an Ogre Lord anymore, I have too much pride to just simply gather some grass in the fields. That’s simply a pathetic excuse for a quest, for people without any combat capabilities.

“About my quest, are there any monster extermination quests? If possible, give me the most difficult and high levelled one.” (Gideon)

“What? Are you sure? It is not that there isn’t any but…normally, those are mostly for experienced parties, not a single adventurer…hmm…” (Ellenda)

“Don’t worry about me; I may look young but trust me, I have plenty of experience in monster extermination.”

It’s definitely more than a few decades of slaughtering, to be exact.

“Well…still, overconfidence is not good. You’re still young after all there’s no need to rush. I’ve seen a lot of younglings being overconfident and doing exactly what you are doing now, only to never come back. I really don’t want the same thing to happen to you.” (Ellenda)

“Here, these are the proof.”

I proudly rose up head slightly and revealed in full view, the necklace of Dire Wolves’ canine teeth that I had made on the way to this town. Also, I took out from my bag the glands of the Salamanders that I killed just the night before.

“Oh my, aren’t those the canine teeth of Dire Wolves? That distinct shape and length…there’s no mistaking it. And those; aren’t those Salamander glands? Those are worth quite a penny.  I suppose…you didn’t take them from your dad or something, did you?” (Ellenda)

Oh ye of little faith. My pride has been slightly damaged; to think that I would be doubted of my skills of combat. It seems that being a human boy has its disadvantages. No matter, calm down…once I complete my first quest, no one will doubt me in this way anymore.

“Nope, the attack patterns of Dire Wolves are very simplistic. Therefore, they were rather simple to kill. Also, the only thing those Salamanders can do is spew bits of fire. As long as you evade them properly, they don’t pose any threat at all.” (Gideon)

“Hmm…very well then, I believe in you. Hold on a second…there; this one should do nicely. Exterminate a goblin’s nest, D-rank quest. Normally, Goblins are of E-rank, but to defeat a whole nest of them have a difficulty level of a high D rank. This is the most difficult quest I can hand over to you.” (Ellenda)

Goblins, huh…to think that I have sunk this low; I have to now fight Goblins to earn reputation. Those monsters are even weaker than Dire Wolves. Oh well, with any luck, there will be a Goblin King for me to deal with; at least it will be the slightest more challenging.

“It will be of no problem, I accept the quest.” (Gideon)

“I don’t think you know this, but remember to cut off their left ears to prove that you’ve killed them, and to collect a bounty as well!”

“Hmm, really? I didn’t know that, why the left ear?”

“Well, that’s because only the left ear is usable as part of a catalyst for different kinds of potion. If you can’t remember which ear, just remember that it’s the longer one!”

I nodded my head and turned around to leave the Adventurer’s Guild, and headed straight for the goblin’s nest. The sooner I finish this, the better quests I can pick up. I hope.


“Hopefully nothing bad happens to him…” (Ellenda)

“Hey Ellenda, what are you thinking of, stoning over there?”

“Oh, hi there, Randol. It’s nothing much, I was just thinking about that child who just applied to become an adventurer…”

“E-Ellenda?! That boy is just fourteen years old, isn’t he a little too young for you?”

“W-w-what?! Wait a moment, that wasn’t what I meant..!”

“Hahaha, sorry, I’m just playing around with you…ouch! Don’t hit me with the chair?!”

“Sheesh…anyway, It’s weird you know? A kid so young, yet with such strong emotions…If you had looked into his eyes you’ll know what I meant. His eyes, they hold deep sadness, anger, and conviction. Just thinking about what that child went through into have such a look in his eyes…it makes me sad.”

“For you to say something like that about him…interesting, maybe I’ll take a look at him when he comes back the next time; leave his next quest application to me!”

“Oh? So now you’re into young boys, isn’t it Randol?”

“Hey, I’m not like some 300 years old high-elf that goes around seducing young boys-guh?!”

A punch from Ellenda straight onto the gut sent Randol sprawling onto the floor, his arms clutching his stomach while rolling about in pain.

“I’m only 286 years old! And I. Don’t. Seduce. Young. Boys! Hmph!”


Upon reaching the cave where the goblins supposedly made into their hideaway, I took a good look around the area. It’s a very typical hideout for a species that spends most of their time procreating and growing their numbers; a big, wide and long cave that branches onto different tunnels, as far as I can see from outside.

I brushed off the pathetic excuse of an attempt to hide the entrance with some leafy branches and stepped into the cave fearlessly. After all, they are just Goblins. I’m absolutely confident that as of my current toughness I can just stand still while they attack me, and they will not be able to scratch me.

Also, there’s something I’ll like to try, and a bunch of goblins will serve as good target practice.

Dim amount of light from glowing moss lit the cave up, providing me with some natural lighting. As I proceed on, the cave got wider and wider, and soon I got a glimpse of goblins. There were a lot of them; at least forty or fifty of them.

However, most of them are lying on the floor, dead. The floor is marked all over with goblin blood.

“Well, there goes my target practice.” (Gideon)

Darn it, I wanted to try out this new area attack of mine. Oh well, maybe next time then.

I looked around the cave. This scene could only be described as a massacre, with pieces of raw flesh splattered around and some of the bodies are bashed up into a near gooey substance. Blood dripped everywhere, from the ceiling to the walls; there’s almost not a single spot that isn’t covered by some pieces of flesh or blood.

There are only two possibilities. Either some adventurer wandered into the cave and slaughtered them all, or the more probable one, this cave was invaded by a stronger monster. If it was an adventurer, they would have at the very least, removed the Goblins’ ear. Besides, I seriously doubt that anyone who could overwhelm the Goblins like this would even bother doing so.

This is my chance; if I can take it down and bring the proof back to the Guild, I can probably get a good impression and raise my fame, at least in this town, slightly. Also, now I don’t need to personally mow down the weak Goblins.

After salvaging all the ears that were I head on deeper into the cave, and heard gnawing sounds deeper within the cave. I took a closer look and what I saw was a dark-skinned Ogre or rather, an ogre with jet black skin, eating up the remnants of its destruction. Pieces of goblin flesh and bone were splattered everywhere, making it a gruesome sight to behold.

“No way…a black ogre?” (Gideon)

Ogres were typically green in colour, but different variants occur, though rarely. Variants are usually stronger, and have unique traits.

For example, red Ogres have heightened fire resistance and gain the ability to breathe fire. Before my transmigration, I was a super rare grey Ogre variant, which gave me an increase in resistance to magic and an increase in strength. However, there are no cases of black ogres before, not in the long history of Ogres.

I approached it silently. As its back was facing me, it has no idea I was behind it as it was too engrossed with what it was doing. Rather than just killing it, I wanted to know more about the current situation at hand. Ogres are typically smart enough to hold simple conversation. Even if it doesn’t want to communicate with me now, if can take it down without killing it, perhaps he’ll have a change of mind.

“Ogre! Identify yourself!”


The ogre turned around, and what I saw shocked me. I didn’t really notice it just now with the back facing me and all, but it was really, really obvious as it turned around.

“So…is this the results of your so-called experiments, DEL’THRUSH?!” (Gideon)

The black ogre’s body has festered, with small little scratches all over and injuries and deep wounds that would be fatal to any living being. Yet, its face shows no sign of pain or…anything at all, it’s just an emotionless face, and yet its eyes shone with a red, beady light.

If I were to make an intellectual guess, this would be closer to a construct than an undead, with some level of pre-determined actions implanted in it depending on the situation it is in.

Curse you, Del’thrush. How dare you use the Ogres as part of your sickening experiments?!

No doubt seeing me as an enemy, it lifted its arm and swung it downwards on me.

In a fit of anger, I punched the incoming fist heading towards me with my free arm, and at the point of impact, both our arms got blown away with a loud ‘BANG’.

“Tsk, so we are about equal in strength huh? Looks its strength is definitely higher than that of an ordinary ogre then…”

I stood my ground, as the second fist flies towards my direction.

“Let’s see you deal with this!” (Gideon)

Using my Greataxe, I managed to divert its fist and delivered a counter-attack, my axe aiming for the Black Ogre’s shoulder.

However, before it managed to land, a familiar explosive sound was caught in my ear as the Black Ogre backed away with a frightening speed. Its large bulk prevented it from losing its balance from the sudden backwards movement.

Needless to say, I was surprised when my axe hit nothing but the cold, soft earth beneath.

“This black ogre…it can use [Burst Stream] as well?”

As though answering my question, the Black Ogre launched another strike at me with incredible speed. It has used [Burst Stream] twice, on the same limbs, no less. Not even normal Ogres are capable of such a feat in such rapid succession.

Using my own [Burst Stream], I dashed backwards to avoid the blow. However, it did not just end there. Consecutively, it fires off punches boosted up by [Burst Stream] again and again.

Even though there was a momentary gap in between every punch, it was taking all I can to avoid every one of them without the aid of [Burst Stream].

I made use of [Burst Stream] to jump backwards in order to give myself some breathing space, before the Black Ogre quickly closed the gap once again to attack.

This stalemate only lasted about half a minute, but it felt endless.

However, no matter how tough or strong you make something, it has its limits.

Once again, the familiar explosive sound was heard, but this time the entire arm of the Black Ogre was blown off into pieces. It tried to punch with its other arm, and the same thing happened as well.

However, not a single howl of pain or even the slightest change of expression can be seen on its face. As expected, it really is some form of undead.

There are two types of undead. One is whereby you bring life to something which is either dead or never was alive in the first place. The most commonly seen are undead skeletons, as there will always be spare parts to make more and the creation process is simple. Also, the other would be something similar to Constructs.

However, this kind of undead requires constant channelling of mana. Even though each of them requires only a bit, a typical necromancer could only make about thirty skeletons in one go.

The other kind of undead are constructs, which is whereby “undead life” is given to something with a core, using the core as a medium to store mana. I don’t know the exact details, but apparently it can gather mana during the night as well, making the construct self-sustaining to some extent. Since making a construct requires a lot of mana, the creation rate is a lot slower, but it’s more permanent.

Specifically, the core for this Black Ogre should be its brain. The more I look at the Ogre, wildly moving about and attempting to attack me with its non-existent arms, the sadder and angrier I was.

He really did it, that asshole. He really dared to mess with the Ogres. THAT BASTARD, HE SHALL PAY FOR THIS.

Eventually, the Black Ogre tried to kick me instead, with its stumpy legs. Furious, I gripped at Greataxe and parried the kick, causing it to fall on the floor instead.

Then, I jumped upwards and drove the entire axe-head into its neck with all my strength, severing the head and the brain into two clean, separate pieces.
Losing the connection, the body twitched slightly and never moved again.

Author : Kiribou

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