The Strongest System – Chapter 10: Shixiong, Please Wait Up

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“Ni Shixiong, did we come to the wrong place?” Lin Fan compared the extremely plain building in front of him with Meng Shixiong’s residence. The two were simply not on the same level.

“Nope. This is it. All outer sect disciples live in places like this.” Ni Mingyang said while laughing. “ Shidi, work hard. When it comes to cultivation, if you do not advance with all your effort, you will inevitably regress. That said, you’re a genius. You’ll definitely succeed.”

“Thank you Ni Shixiong.” Lin Fan nodded his head. “Ni Shixiong, how can the gap between this residence and Meng Shixiong’s be so large?”

“Shidi, Meng Shixiong is one of the other sect’s ten great heroes. It’s natural that he would be treated differently. However, if Shidi works hard, you’ll definitely get similar accommodations soon.

Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang, nodded his head and thought [Isn’t that complete bullshit? With this grandmasters capabilities, with a bit of hard work, those ten heroes will merely become my experience sources.]

[But at the moment…… I better stay low key, and slowly move forward. One footprint every step.]

“Ni Shixiong, how many people are in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“Eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight people.” Ni Mingyang replied.

When Lin Fan heard that, he felt joyful. [8000+ people…… If I group them up and take their experience, I should be able to hit the Primordial realm.]

“Shidi, what’s so funny?” Seeing Lin Fan laughing like an idiot to himself, Ni Ming Yang asked in confusion.

“Nothing, nothing at all. Shixiong, I’m a bit tired. I’ll go in and a take a rest.” At the moment, Lin Fan planned on checking out the situation and planning his next steps in preparation for something big.

“Alright Shidi, rest well. Shixiong will head off first.” Ni Mingyang said.

“Bye Shixiong. I’ll look for you after a few days.” Lin Fan said while waving his hand.

When Ni Mingyang heard those words, his face turned pale and he immediately hastened his steps.

[Oh shit, this guy is gonna go look for me…… Whatever it is, it won’t be anything good. After I get back I’ll have to pack up and move house.]

In the house.

Lin Fan unpacked what he had received.

A white ceramic bottle of medicinal pills, a set of azure robes, a pair of shoes, a longsword, an iron token, a book which wasn’t too-too thick……

And… there was no and. That was it.

These things were everything.

Feeling that the sect was stingy, Lin Fan sighed in resignation. Then, he took out a medicinal pill from the white ceramic bottle.

It was white and about the size of a soybean.

“Ding! “Stored Qi Pill” discovered.”

“Effect: When consumed by ordinary person, improves circulation of internal qi, strengthens body, and trains the five visceras and six bowels. Only one can be taken each day.”

“On use: EXP +100”

Lin Fan did a bit of math, [There are a total of 30 pills and it seems like they’re given out monthly.]

Lin Fan directly chugged all 30 pills.

“Ding! EXP +3000.”

[Looks like relying on pills to level up is an option too. But right now I’m not exactly familiar with my surroundings. I’ll definitely have to check them out.]

Afterwards, Lin Fan took out the clothes and started rubbing them. [Not bad, not bad, the material is durable and very smooth. Eh? Why are there slits over here? Could it be that this is a cheongsam?]

[Moreover it can be removed just by pulling it up……]


At this moment, Lin Fan unconsciously had some ‘wicked’ thoughts.

Afterwards, he picked up the longsword, checked it out then threw it aside. [It’s just a normal longsword. Completely useless.]

“Ding! 《Holy Demon Secret Arts》discovered. Learn it?”


Afterwards, a bunch of things he previously didn’t know popped up in Lin Fan’s mind.

Not bad, not bad.

The next day.

Training grounds.

Outer sect examination disciples came to the training grounds one by one.

At the same time, this disciples had joyous smiles on their faces, as if something joyous had just occurred.

“Shixiong is really smart! With that monster gone, we won’t be bullied anymore in the future.”

At this moment, the peerless trap, who was standing at the centre of the group, gave a self-confident laugh, “It was just a small trick.”

“Shixiong is wise and brilliant.”

“Shixiong is a man of culture, his mind is better than everyone else’s.”


The surrounding outer sect examination disciples were all currying favour with the peerless trap. And the peerless trap was more than happy to be in this kind of situation. His smile was as radiant as sunflowers.


At the break of dawn, Lin Fan quickly got up. [A year’s plan starts with spring and a day’s plan starts at dawn. I can’t waste part of the day just because I slept in!]

[Since I’ve entered the outer sect, I’ll have to properly make use of the resources given. These outer sect disciples are all untouched little lambs, shouting nonstop and waiting for this grandmaster to eat them up.][1]

Lin Fan put on the outer sect disciple’s characteristic azure robes, put the token at his waist, and walked out of the house.

At the moment, he was looking for where the outer sect disciples’ cultivated.

But when Lin Fan got there, he was dumbfounded.

[What the hell is going on?]

[Where have all the outer sect disciples gone? Why is such a large outer sect disciple training ground so deserted? There’s barely any people here!] The place was completely different from what Lin Fan imagined.

[Shouldn’t the training grounds be filled with people seriously cultivating? Why is it empty?]

[Could it be that this grandmaster has to head back to the outer sect examination disciples’ training grounds?]

[Those guys are barely worth any EXP at all.]

[Oh glorious heaven and great earth, could it be that you want me to live a decadent lifestyle?]

[I want to cultivate, I want to level up!]

Lin Fan kept those thoughts in his head and called out to someone nearby.

”Shixiong, why are there so little people in this training ground?” Lin Fan asked in a friendly tone.

The person that Lin Fan called out to had an ugly expression on his face as he sized up Lin Fan. After seeing that Lin Fan had a token at his waist, the person spoke, “Are you a newly admitted outer sect disciple?”

“Yes.” Lin Fan said with a nod.

“Generally speaking, this place has almost no one around. Everyone just cultivates in their own home.” Seeing that Lin Fan’s attitude was quite good, the shixiong replied calmly.

“I see.” Lin Fan nodded his head. [Still though, this is a bit problematic.]

[What should I do to drag these people out…… I’ll have to rethink my plans.]

[But right now…… ] Lin Fan had something incomparably important to do.

“Shixiong, how does one increase their prestige in the outer sect?” Lin Fan asked.

“Respect from others.” The shixiong held his head high and replied with confidence.

Lin Fan sized up the other party. [Hmmm he has a slight aura of awesomeness around him. He probably isn’t lying.]

“May I ask Shixiong’s great name?” Lin Fan asked.

“Han Lu.” Even though Han Shixiong didn’t understand why Lin Fan asked that question, he still answered.

“Han Shixiong, what about me?” Lin Fan asked

Han Lu gazed at Lin Fan with eyes of doubt, a million thoughts swirling about in his head. [Just what is this Shidi planning? Right now I’m heading to the techniques elder to borrow a few manuals. If I get there late and can’t get any, then it’ll be too late to regret.”

“This the first time I’ve met with Shidi. Randomly throwing out an opinion of someone I just met isn’t right. If there’s anything Shidi wishes to talk about, let’s save it for next time. Right now Shixiong is busy and has to go.” Han Lu hurriedly spoke, as if he didn’t want to talk to Lin Fan more than he had to.

“Alright. Shixiong, walk slowly.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Han Lu nodded his head, turned around and walked away.

“Shixiong, please wait up.” Lin Fan suddenly called out.

“What?” Han Lu suspiciously turned around.

But the instant he turned around, Lin Fan struck.

“Monkey steals peach……”

TLN: and now this is officially dropped. Don’t worry though, there’s someone else picking this up. Just not on KBCD. So don’t bother asking for more chaps from here.

[1] The raws had sexual connotations which I probably didn’t transfer over too well.  这些外门弟子,可都是还未被侵害的小羔羊啊,一个个都在绵绵的叫喊着,等待着本大爷的入侵。

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Proofread by Kerrigan

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