The Strongest System – Chapter 7: Shixiong You Are A Magnanimous Person!


“Why can you still stand…….?”

“I, Ni Mingyang, entered the sect when I was four. In these past eighteen years, I’ve diligently cultivated night and day without pause, until I reached Mortal level 8 and became an outer sect disciple. Why can you, a trivial sandbag who hasn’t even reached the Mortal stage still get up…… Why won’t you fall?!”

When Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang two streams of hot tears slowly flow out the corner of his eyes, his heart couldn’t take it.

It seemed like he dealt a big blow to Ni Mingyang.

Even though the Holy Demon Sect was a dark sect, in the year he was here, Lin Fan had never seen anything inhuman happen.

Even though sandbags were people that often died, that couldn’t be blamed on others. Since he became a sandbag, he had to have this kind of understanding.

Lin Fan let out a sigh and a place a hand on Ni Mingyang’s shoulder.

“Ni Shixiong[1]……”

“You don’t need to say anything. I can accept it. There are numerous geniuses in the world. Compared to them, I, someone who has to rely on countless buckets of sweat to replace talent, am simply nothing.” Ni Mingyang said as he wiped his tears.

To anyone, this kind of thing would be like thunder on a sunny day.

“It’s not that. Ni Shixiong , I just want to tell you something, and hope you won’t be too angry.” Lin Fan looked at Ni Mingyang and said. In Lin Fan’s view, Ni Mingyang could still be considered quite good.

If back then he knew that this guy actually wasn’t so bad, Lin Fan wouldn’t have been so excessive. After all, letting the other party beat him down wouldn’t have mattered.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

“From now on, the two of us are fellow apprentice brothers in the same sect. Stop treating me as an outsider. Even though those righteous sects outside demonize our dark sect, if you just carry on for a bit, you’ll see that our dark sect values friendship more than those righteous sects.” said Ni Mingyang.

“Great! Ni shixiong’s words were magnanimous and inspirational. You have this shidi’s admiration. I apologize for having to offend you.” As soon as he heard that speech Lin Fan was moved to tears. This was what a fucking sect should be like!

What deception and blackmail? What “my cultivation is higher than yours so I can kill you at will” novel plot? All of it was a bunch of fucking lies!

“I am a magnanimous person, even if you offend me, I won’t be angry. After I bring you to see shixiong and you enter the sect, you’ll be my shidi.” Ni Mingyang lifted his head and threw out his chest before looking at Lin Fan. The lofty and noble atmosphere a shixiong should have gushed towards Lin Fan like a tidal wave.

“Alright, with Ni shixiong’s assurance, I can be at ease.” Lin Fan expressed great joy.

“Go ahead……” Ni Mingyang beckoned towards Lin Fan with a smile. After being comforted by Lin Fan, that heart which was about to break quickly recovered.

But right at that moment……

The world changed.

Ni Mingyang saw in the sun[2] in the sky suddenly get torn asunder and darkness suddenly cover his world, stopping him from seeing anything.

And his ears heard a single phrase

“Monkey Steals Peach”


Right then, fast beyond description, Lin Fan took a breath and his LV10 《Monkey Steals Peach》instantly made it’s move.

Right then, it was as if no peach in heaven and earth could block Lin Fan’s demonic hand.

The movements were swift and precise.

Bend waist, reach out, grab peach.


Right then, an incomparably valiant sound wave spread out. This sound wave was valiant and strong and carried an invincible spirit that could not be stopped.

And this howl, came out of Ni shixiong’s mouth.

At this moment, Ni Mingyang’s face turned pure white, his hands tremblingly grabbed his crotch and he fell paralysed onto the ground, foaming at the mouth.

Lin Fan gazed at Ni Mingyang, his heart filled with guilt. But screw it, since he already let Ni shixiong hit him a bunch, getting hit once more wouldn’t matter.

“Ding! 《Monkey Steals Peach》 EXP+200》

“Ding! Congratulations on defeat level 8 Mortal Ni Mingyang. EXP +20,000”

“Ding! Congratulations on levelling up.”

“Ding! Congratulations on levelling up.”

“Ding! Congratulations on breaking through to the Mortal stage.”


At this moment, Lin Fan’s heart was filled with joy. He finally ranked up and entered the Mortal stage.

Name: Lin Fan

Level: 11 (Mortal level 2)

EXP: (0/50,000)

Skills: 《Titanium Demon Body》 LV18 (0/1,000,000)

《Monkey Steals Peach》 LV10(1200/10,000)

Lin Fan laughed like a madman. Who would’ve known that Ni shixiong sacrificing himself for awhile would actually give this much EXP? This was just too great!


“You…… You…….”  At this time, Ni Mingyang was on the ground, clutching his balls and pointing a finger at Lin Fan. His expression was of extreme anger, as if he was about to get up and take Lin Fan’s life.

“Magnanimous…… Ni shixiong, you are a magnanimous person! This shidi’s actions was just to verify something.” Lin Fan said with the innocence of a child.

“You……” At that moment Ni Mingyang even had the notion of death. He stood up with difficulty. The pain of the peach down below made his teeth tremble. It was indescribably painful.

“Magnanimous, this shixiong is a magnanimous person by nature. shidi is still young and very playful. Shixiong can understand.” Ni Mingyang strenuously caught his breath. If it was his upper body that was in this kind of hellish pain, Ni Mingyang definitely wouldn’t be in this kind of sorry state. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, it was every man’s weakness[3] that was struck hard. To even be able to stand, showed how strong Ni Mingyang was.

“I knew that shixiong is a magnanimous person.” Lin Fan laughed.

“Alright, come along with me.” Ni Mingyang swore to the heavens that when this was over he wouldn’t ever again interact with this guy.

Dangerous, it really was too dangerous.

“Shixiong, where are we going?” Lin Fan noticed that Ni Mingyang wasn’t a treacherous person so he directly spat out a question.

“I’m bringing you to meet Meng shixiong, subsequently, Meng shixiong will recruit you and let you enter the outer sect.” Ni Mingyang slightly frowned, as if the hellish pain in his balls hadn’t yet disappeared.

“Uh……” Lin Fan was dumbstruck and didn’t dare believe it. Wasn’t this fucking harming him?

Seeing Lin Fan’s expression, Ni Mingyang softly said, “are you thinking that I’m trying to harm you?”

“No……” Lin Fang hurriedly said but deep down he thought, “this novel is trying to kill me!”

Ni Mingyang obviously didn’t believe Lin Fan’s words, “this kind of treachery is actually rarely seen in the Holy Demon Sect. From its founding till today, the Holy Demon Sect has always understood that to a sect, internal strife has been and will always be a disaster of epic proportions.”

“Understood. Ni shixiong, after two days is the outer sect exams, actually, I can enter.” said Lin Fan.

“You are a genius. When that guy reported this, Meng shixiong didn’t quite believe it and neither did I. Right now, I believe it. And to the sect, any genius is a valuable person. So, this kind of exam which is actually a waste of time, is merely an ordinary person’s threshold[4].” Said Ni Mingyang.

Lin Fan nodded his head. At that moment, the oppressive atmosphere was gone without a trace.

“ Then Ni shixiong, what’s our threshold?” Lin Fan asked.

Ni Mingyang looked at Lin Fan and then softly said, “stepping into the mortal stage is a small one. Becoming a primordial is another small one. As for divinity, that’s a big one. For a sect, to have so much as one person in a thousand enter that stage is a joyous thing. You’ll understand these things better later on. It’s getting late, Meng Shixiong is probably getting impatient.”

“Then what about him?” Lin Fan pointed at the peerless trap lying on the ground.

“He did the meritorious service of recommending a talent. Later, I’ll give him a reward. Let’s go.” Ni Mingyang said.

As soon as he heard that, Lin Fan was instantly shocked and thought to himself, “what the hell? So all along I was a cake[5]?! Ha…… just drop it……”

Seeing Ni Mingyang’s smiling face, it was obvious that he was going to be rewarded too.

At that moment, the shame and guilt that was previously in his heart completely disappeared.

“Moreover, I’m about to enter the outer sect. Afterwards…… hehehe…….”

At this moment, Lin Fan and gave a cheap laugh.

[1] Senior/junior apprentice/martial brother/sister/uncle/aunt is an absolute pain to type. So, I’m gonna be using shixiong(big bro), shidi(lil bro), shijie(big sis), shimei(lil sis) etc

[2] Ni Mingyang’s name is written 倪明阳 the 阳 means yang(one of the twin dualities) but can also refer to the sun(太阳,炎阳,阳光 etc) the author is making a pun/metaphor/analogy.

[3] not related to translation. Actually it’s been scientifically proven that the testicles are not a man’s weakest spot. In fact because of the notion that it’s the weakest, it’s actually guarded better than other bigger weaknesses like the eyes, ears, kidney, solar plexus, heart, liver floating ribs and limb joints. Also, it doesn’t even affect people who don’t feel pain. After all, nutshots won’t throw your bodily functions into disarray or cripple you if you can bear with the pain which IMO isn’t as bad as getting hit in the kidney or solar plexus(speaking from experience).

[4] not too clear on what this should be. 门槛

[5] 香饽饽 literally a delicious cake. When used to describe a person or object it means someone or something that is in great demand.

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Translated by: H0RR1BL3CPU

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