Titan’s Throne – Chapter 24: Kai and his Master

In a private room, a person sat on a lavish chair. Behind that person stood a middle aged man.

The person seated on the chair was wearing lavish robes, whereas the man who was standing was dressed in simple robes.

In front of the duo was the view of an arena. Inside the arena were shackled slaves, each going toward the wall choosing a weapon.

The person seated in the chair was quite young. He was a teenager who had just entered youth.

He sat there nervously, gazing at the vicious looking men below.

“Kai, are you sure they can’t see us?” said the young man nervously.

“Young master, rest assured that they cannot see us. A formation had been placed above their heads, so all they would be able to see is a roof. Adding on to the fact that their cultivation had been sealed, I can guarantee that no harm can come to you.” Said Kai as he laughed.

One look at the two and it was clear what kind of relationship they had. They were a servant and his Master. The duo had come to observe a twin rumble fight for the first time. It had been Kai’s suggestion.

The young master was bored at home so he had suggested that they come and see the battles here.

At first his Master had objected. The young lad was by nature a coward, one that would faint at the mere sight of blood in the past. Although that no longer occurred, traces of fear were still evident whenever he saw blood.

One of the reasons why Kai had recommended coming here to his Master was to help him overcome his cowardice.

Kai surmised that if his Master saw enough battles, there would eventually come a time when he would no longer fear blood.

The young man understood the importance of such an endeavor, thus he did not oppose the idea for too long of a time.

Not to mention that there was another crucial matter that required their attention, one that could be solved if they were fortunate enough.

“Kai which one did you bring me here to inspect?” said the young man.

“The large bald man who is holding a large saber. He is standing over there.” Said Kai as he pointed to Tate.

“He and his partner have quite a reputation. He is known as Tate the Smiter and his partner is known as Yahd the Executioner. They are undefeated this year and have near perfect teamwork.” Continued Kai

The young man furrowed his brow, “If they are so incredible, why has no one bought them then?” questioned the young man.

“The arena is refusing to sell them for some odd reason. I came here with the hope of negotiating with the owners of the arena. If we are going to get into the league, then we need warriors with potential.” Said Kai.

“But they look old.” Protested the young man.

“Another way of looking at it is that they are experienced. To be honest young master, with our resources, I don’t think we can afford better slaves. Especially after what you did earlier.” Said Kai with a sigh.

The young man felt guilty after remembering what had happened.

When they arrived at the arena earlier on, the young man had requested to look at the so called blind disaster. The blind disaster was actually a slave that was given to him by his clan.

He had never seen him before but he knew how infamous he was.

Due to the blind disaster’s unique circumstances, the young man could not bring him home. Thus, he had never taken an Interest in visiting him. That day however, they had come to observe the twin rumble here, so he decided to see for himself what his property looked like.

Kai and his Master had come confirm whether or not the rumours about him were true. When they were guided to the cell however, they saw that another slave was shackled together with the blind disaster.

He had purple hair that had a reddish hue. He appeared to be about 15 years old. He had an incredibly beautiful face and a muscular body unusual for a boy his age.

After questioning the guards, they said that a few days before, they just found him already in the cell. Usually no one could sleep in the same cell as the blind disaster and live but the guards claimed that, he had managed to sleep in the same cell with the blind disaster for a week and was still alive.

When they first found him, they called their best healer to see if the purple haired boy could be woken up. Yet no matter what they tried, nothing worked. The healer deemed the boy to be a vegetable and said to just leave him shackled to the blind disaster. There was no point in saving him.

The next day everyone was shocked to see him alive, and this trend continued on for a week. The blind disaster was always in the twin rumble match. So since this guy seemed to be immune to the disaster, the arena decided to pair two dead weights together.

That way no one had to fight alongside the disaster.

The young man saw the purple haired boy and thought there was something special about him.

If he can survived the disaster, then he must have something unique about him. I should buy him now before anyone else can!

As soon as the arena heard that the young master wanted to buy the purple haired boy, they were overjoyed.

No one was willing to buy dead weight, the fact that the blind disaster had a Master was shocking enough. Thus, when the establishment learnt that the Master of the blind disaster had arrived, they instructed their guards to make the story about the purple haired boy as mysterious as possible.

As far as they were concerned, he would not mind buying another weird vegetable. Their plan paid off.

The young master intended to buy the purple haired boy instantly. Although Kai furiously objected, his words fell upon deaf ears. The purple haired boy was bought for an astounding 10 gold coins.

Kai was so gloomy that he almost vomited blood. Unfortunately he was only the servant. All he could do in such situations was to give advice. Thus it was determined that after the twin rumble, that the young master would take the purple haired boy with him. The blind disaster was a special case so he had to stay behind.

“Listen Kai, a man sometimes has to act on his gut. I’m telling you that the purple haired boy has something special about him.” Said the young man defensively.

“Just like how the black cauldron and the ice sword had something special as well?” said Kai with a thorny tone.


The young master could say nothing to retort. The cauldron and the sword were both objects that were sold to the young man at an exorbitant price. As soon as he got home, the duo would always discover that their new possessions were no different from scrap metal.

“Just like how those gauntlets were special!” shouted Kai.

The young master could not help but sink into his seat when he heard those words. The gauntlets were his greatest shame. He had paid a ridiculous price for them, only to find out that they only had one quality. They were hard.

Ridiculously hard. So much so that after much testing, they discovered that nothing could break them. But there was a serious problem. The gloves could not receive any mana or qi.

The young man had thought that they were high level enchanted gauntlets, but it turned out that they were just very hard steel gloves.

Feeling embarrassed every time he saw them, the young master loaned them to the arena. After all, such gauntlets were useful in fights without cultivation.

The arena had of course wanted to buy them but they did not even offer a tenth of what the young man had gotten them for, thus he just decided to loan them, hoping that a spectator would be marveled by them and buy them like he was. Unfortunately, things did not go quite as planned.

The proud warriors of the arena looked down upon gauntlets. So much so that they were not chosen, not even once.

“Kai! Look! The match is about to start!” said the young man in a quick attempt to change the topic discussion.

The light jewel that lit up the room had turned orange, which meant the fight was about to start. Kai grunted and looked at the arena. Dissatisfaction plastered on his face.

This was a very important match for them. Their household was running out of money, thus they had come here looking for a potential gladiator. It was no secret that the owners of well-known gladiators were quite wealthy.

As a last resort, Kai had thought of getting Tate and Yahd, although the arena was refusing to sell the duo, Kai was positive that he could succeed in changing their minds. He had brought with him 30 gold coins, 10 of which had already been used to buy the purple haired boy, so now only 20 were left. This was virtually all the money they could freely use.

This was far more than enough to buy Yahd and Tate, especially considering their age. Kai was convinced that the duo would win this bout and that he would be able be able to buy them, securing his young master’s financial future.

As Kai and the young man looked on, waiting for the match to start, the unexpected occurred.

The purple haired boy woke up!

Overjoyed, the young man jumped out of his seat and started doing fist pumps. Kai saw his young master act like an idiot with a wry smile on his face.

There is no point in being happy because he is about to die.

Kai did not want to ruin his young master’s moment, so he merely stood there and observed what was happening. Thinking that there would not be anything else to be surprised about, Kai looked on at the proceedings.

Then another strange twist of fate occurred. One that shocked even Kai, to the point where his jaw dropped.

The purple haired boy had chosen those gauntlets as his weapons!


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