Titan’s Throne – Chapter 25: The Blind Disaster!

… As Kai stood there shocked, his Master was in a similar position. The young man had also seen the purple haired boy head for the gauntlets. The two just stood there, doing nothing. It wasn’t until the purple haired boy had worn the gauntlets that one of them spoke.

“Kai, do you believe in destiny?”

“No young master.”

“If not destiny then what are we looking at?”

“A coincidence young master. Merely a coincidence.”

“Hmph.” The young man snorted in disdain at Kai’s response. He sat back into his chair and focus on the arena, curious as to what the purple haired boy would do next. Although Kai would not have admitted it, he too was curious.

There were plenty of other weapons left on the walls to choose from. Although only shabby ones were left, there were still quite a few that would be more useful than gauntlets.

Gauntlets were not a popular weapon amongst such fights, due to the fact that all the contestants had their cultivation sealed. They had to rely on pure combat. No mana, no qi. Gauntlets had neither range nor projectiles, and offered little to protect one’s body with.

One sword could block 5 swords but one hand could not even block 5 fists. Not to mention that they offered little offensive assistance.

These gauntlets were somewhat famous in the arena. Many fighters knew of their hardness. These particular gauntlets did offer a good defence, but these were not free battles. These were competitive death matches. Fighting defensively would not help one kill his/her opponent.

Due to such reasons, no one would choose them. So Kai, unlike his dim-witted Master, thought carefully about why the purple haired boy would choose such a weapon, and so quickly at that.

He also adjusted very well to his situation. He looks quite calm and relaxed, albeit being a little surprised at his surroundings.

Kai analyzed the boy’s every move.

His Master on the other hand noticed something odd.

“Kai, isn’t there a way for me to be able to hear what they are saying?”

Kai snapped out of his intense gaze. “Yes there is, excuse me.”

Kai reached to the side of the little room were a few knobs were. After rotating one, their booth was now able to hear what was being said in the arena.

“Wow, I can hear them so well! It is as if I am in the arena myself!” said the young man, marvelled.

Through the use of certain spells, this effect was achieved. Kai was about to explain this fact when he heard a shout.

“All of the walking corpses in this arena! Face me immediately!”

Kai and his Master looked for the source of the shout, only to see it was the purple haired boy.

All of the contestants who were readying themselves were caught off guard, they looked toward his direction with a confused look on most of their faces. The purple haired boy smiled and nodded when he saw that he had everyone’s attention.

“Listen up. The first person to die by my hands today will have an incredible honour! That honour will be that person will be the first person slain by my hands! If you name yourself and volunteer your life without resistance, then I will name you as the first man or woman who fell by my hands and history will forever remember you! Tell me friends, what greater glory is there than this?”

Kai and his Master were utterly astonished. There was only one word to describe such an audacious act. Arrogance. Pure unbridled arrogance!

As the other combatants were reacting to the purple haired boy’s bold statement, Kai and his Master were silent.

They were still digesting what they were seeing. Kai had a serious frown on his face, where as his Master wanted to speak but could not think of anything to say.


That was when they heard Tate shout. They saw the giant man head toward the purple haired boy, both swallowed their saliva in anticipation. The air in the room was so intense it felt hard to breathe.

When Tate arrived in front of the purple haired boy, he lifted up his sword and plunged it head first into the ground, kneeling afterwards.

“Sir, my humble name is Tate. I humbly ask if you would allow me to have the honour of being the first life you will take with your own hands.”

Tate’s words were like thunder, resonating in the ears of everyone watching.

“K-Kai, what the heck is happening?”

“Young master, you should not speak in such an unrefined manner.” Said Kai while trembling.

Before Kai and his Master had time to digest what was happening before them, Tate did the unthinkable. With incredible force he drew his saber from the ground and turned around. Beginning a one way slaughter, starting with a pair that used axes. Their heads had already been sent flying before they knew what was happening.

What on earth is happening?

In front of Bastian, a one way massacre was happening. The giant and his companion were destroying the competition. Every heads were flying and blood was splattering. Intestines rolled out of corpses which had eyes opened in disbelief.

Before Bastian could react to the giant’s proclamation, it had just started randomly killing people from nowhere. Although this was what was supposed to be happening, the events that had let to this outcome made this somewhat confusing.

As he saw the slaughter, Bastian realized something.

Ah my experience!

As far as Bastian was concerned, this was a game, and the people in front of him had experience. He would use them to level up. Back on earth Bastian was an online gamer, so he decided to think of it this way, hoping it would get him used to seeing atrocities sooner.

Yet when the giant and his partner started their slaughter, Bastian was surprised. None of it bothered him.

From the gore to the agonizing screams to the savageness. Even the rancid smell of blood felt normal to him.

Shouldn’t I be reacting in some way? Why does this not bother me?

Bastian wanted to think more about the issue when he saw that only one pair of fighters was left. It was the giant and his friend.

Damn it I forgot about my precious experience!

Bastian completely ignored the blood soaked surroundings and walked up to the giant and his companion.

“You bastard! My experience!” shouted Bastian.

The giant man looked at Bastian confused for a second.

“Young warrior, why are you angry? I merely cleared out the trash so that our fight would go unimpeded.” Said the giant in a relaxed manner.

Bastian was about to retort when he felt the chain at his feet yanking at him. He looked at the source and saw that the white haired boy was now awake, standing.

His body swayed side to side, giving one the impression that he might collapse soon, yet that never happened, in fact, quite the opposite occurred.


The boy let out a crazy scream, his eyes were red and his body was still shivering uncontrollably.

Snap. I had forgotten about that guy.

Bastian looked at the white haired boy with curiosity in his eyes, where as the giant and his partner had ugly faces.

“Oh no, the blind disaster has awakened!” said the giant’s partner.

Before Bastian could question the two, the white haired boy let out a blood curdling scream and lunged at the giant’s partner with an unbelievable speed. Before Bastian and the giant could react, the white haired boy had ripped the head of his victim, with his bare hands.

Although Bastian and the boy were chained together, Yahd was actually closer to the white haired boy than Bastian. An unfortunate coincidence. The chains linking partners were neither long nor short, allowing for fighters to exhibit proper mobility.

Bastian and the giant looked on in shock. Both were shivering and had ugly expressions. The giant looked at Bastian in pity and swiftly back stepped.

Although both the giant and Bastian had ugly expressions and were both shivering, it was for completely different reasons. The giant was afraid, were as Bastian was angry.

When the giant thought he was at a safe distance, he looked toward Bastian, making sure his vision did not leave the white haired boy, who was ripping apart the remains of his victim in a frenzy.

Goodbye old friend. May you rest in peace.

The giant could only mourn for his partner in his heart, for now was not the time to lose concentration.

Bastian looked at the white haired boy and pointed at him. “Listen you freak. Apologize for taking my valuable experience or I’m going to kick your ass!”

The giant was stunned. He never expected Bastian to actually shout at the white haired boy.

Oh no! He is a newbie! He doesn’t know about the blind disaster!

The giant wanted to warn Bastian, but unfortunately he was too late, the white haired boy had already focused on Bastian and lunged at him whilst screaming like a madman.

Bastian was alert this time, so he responded. He also lunged toward the freak.

The white haired boy reached out with his right hand, trying to grab a hold of Bastian’s head, only to grip air. Bastian had weaved at the perfect time. Then with all his might, Bastian greeted the white haired boy with a counter. A right hook, aimed at the latter’s head.

Using his body weight, Bastian then used the momentum of the strike to lift up the freak and slam his body into the ground in full force.


A wave of wind spread from the epicentre of the impact point on the ground. Large cracks spread from the floor all the way to the wall.

Everyone observing the battle had their jaws wide open in surprise, from Kai and his Master to the giant. It was a completely one sided exchange, ending with Bastian’s complete victory.

Bastian looked down at the dust filled ground, like a glorious king looking down on a pathetic foe.

Bastian struck both fists against each other and breathed out. “That’s what happens when you take my stuff.”


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