Titan’s Throne – Chapter 30: Soul Brethren

Kai and his Master were being led by guards through a passage, one that lead to the cells where the slaves were kept.

“Young master, I understand your very happy with what has just happened, but please keep in mind that we should leave this building as soon as possible”, said Kai with a grim look on his face.

“You have been rushing me this whole time, and yet you refuse to tell me why. You know I don’t like being rushed Kai, especially during a meal”, said the young man in a matter of fact tone as he walked.

I thought blood and gore sickened you, yet you immediately demanded a meal after the fight.

Kai shook his head as he realized he knew less about his Master than he had thought.

“Either way young master, we shouldn’t dally here. I have important duties to which I must attend to at home”, said Kai.

The young man stopped and looked at Kai, disbelief plastered on his face.

“What duties?”

“They are duties that are too menial to be mentioned to one as busy as you young master.”

“If they are menial then surely they can wait.”

“Young master they are menial for you but an absolute necessity for me to perform.”

Kai didn’t want to waste time, so he pulled his Master along during their conversation.

Afterwards a minor argument occurred. Kai wanted them to hurry, but his Master had no reason to do so.

After a while the young man reached his limit.

“Enough! Why do you insist on hurrying me to such-“.

“We are here Lord Shasha”.

The young man was interrupted by one of the guards guiding them. He had completely forgotten what they were doing and had been absorbed in his argument with Kai.

After the guard spoke, Kai did something unusual.

His figure blurred and the door to the cell burst open with a loud noise.



Dust was lifted up by Kai’s rapid movement. Causing the young man and the guards to cough.

“Kai! What on earth are you doing!” shouted the young man.

As the dust settled, the young man finally saw what had happened.

Kai was holding the purple haired boy’s body in his arms. A large circular rune had been drawn on the ground in blood, and runes had been drawn on both the purple haired boy’s head and the white haired boy’s head. Both boys where inside the rune itself.

“I’m sorry young master, it seems I was too late to stop the ritual”, said Kai with a regretful expression.

As soon as Kai said these words, the runes started glowing, and a red light filled the dark room.

The young man was a bit flabbergasted at first, but one look at the runes and he realized what was happening.

This is the ritual for becoming Soul Brethren!


“Soul Brethren? What is that?”

Bastian was in the white room, talking to Li, and Li’s solution to his current problem was to become Soul Sworn Brethren with the white haired boy.

Bastian had never heard of the phrase, thus his reaction was to question Li further.

“Soul Sworn are beings bound together by a contract that links their souls. Less educated people assume that only the relationship of Master and servant can be achieved, but there is a more complex relationship, where both parties are equals”, said Li.

“How would that help in this situation?” said Bastian after thinking for a while.

Li smiled and continued, “Its simple. As a Meister I am sure you know that you’re able to share information between you and your servant? such as your servant’s whereabouts.

With the Soul Brethren contract, you are able to share far more than just information. For example, in this situation, you can take on some of this boy’s burden”.

As soon as Bastian heard this his eyes widened in surprise. But he quickly regained his wits and said, “That poison is far above what I can handle, I’m not willing to go as far as to risk myself for a stranger”.

Bastian did want to help the boy, but not to the point where he puts himself at risk, especially when such a powerful poison was involved.

“Your bloodline can prevent that. You awakened the blood of the Tyrian Double Headed Storm Dragon. One of the advantages of that bloodline is particularly useful in this situation”.

“What advantage?” The fact that Li knew so much about him did not come as a surprise to Bastian, seeing that Li did exist in his body, but he wanted to use this chance to know more about his new body.

“It’s a bit difficult to explain, but let me put it to you like this. The spirit of this poison is one that relies on upsetting the balance of Soul Energy in one’s body. To create this energy, one has to have quite the achievements in the Supreme Dao of the Taiji and the Spirit. Your Soul is incredibly powerful, so as far as the Spirit side is concerned you are good to go.

The Tyrian Double Headed Storm Dragon was a beast that had sovereignty over the Supreme Dao of the Taiji. In other words balance. Your body has some control over the laws of balance, and you subconsciously seek balance.

If the poison attempts to attack your soul whilst it is within your own body, then your bloodline will interfere due to the imbalanced nature of the poison, thereby assisting in nullifying the poison.

You may not realize this yourself, but part of the reason you are so interested in this boy is because your bloodline makes you want to fix imbalances. The stronger the imbalance, the more you are enticed to act.”

Bastian was baffled by what he had been told. He somewhat understood that this man was talking about some profound universal laws, but what surprised him the most was that Li’s words were making sense.

Bastian had told himself that he was acting out of pity and his curiosity when helping the boy, but something in the back of his mind had told him that there was another reason.

Now it makes sense.

After hearing Li’s explanation, Bastian started to see that Li was right. Every time he thought about the black energy inside the white haired boy’s body, something would put him in a bad place mentally, giving him the urge to fix the white haired boy.

Bastian was still mulling over the information Li had given him, when more information suddenly started flooding into his mind. Thousands of images of runes, spells and other odd creatures like plants started flooding into his mind. Each of these images came with corresponding information involving what was being shown.

After spending sometime sorting out the information, Bastian shook his head as he felt a slight headache.

“What the heck is this stuff you put in my head?” Said Bastian rather displeased.

He’s already done? He already processed all that information? What an incredible soul for a mortal.

“This is information about basic magic involving souls and certain bloodlines. In case you don’t believe me”, said Li in a smug tone.

Bastian frowned. He didn’t like the idea that his mind was affected so easily. To him mental security was a sensitive matter.

Li sensed the tension. He was no fool, so he quickly apologized and promised to not do something like that again without Bastian’s opinion.

Bastian was still not pleased, but he couldn’t help but admit to himself that this information was very useful.

It would take years to learn all of this. This is equivalent to all of the work I did in college!

“Now then, do I need to say anymore for you to take action? Because people are on their way, and they would never allow you to do want you want to do”, said Li mysteriously.

“Huh?” said Bastian confused.

Li merely smiled and snapped his fingers.

The next moment, Bastian was back in his cell.

Sigh, when will I stop being taken to random places?

After adjusting his mind, Bastian looked over the information in his mind, to make sure that Li’s idea was a good one.

After thinking for a few seconds, Bastian bit his finger. Groaning in pain, Bastian carefully drew a rune on the ground, then on himself and the white haired boy.

It was at this point that Bastian could smell people coming. These scents were new, and assuming that Li was correct, these people would be coming for him.

Bastian then contacted the white haired boy’s skin, allowing him to operate his Soul Force. He then closed his eyes so he could focus.

At some point he could hear footsteps, and voices that seemed to be arguing. Then he blacked out, sinking into darkness.


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