Titan’s Throne – Chapter 34: A Suggestion

“Your Highness, might I suggest something before we decide on this matter?”

After Ambevilius had made his proclamation, Minister Filo walked out from the crowd and appeared before the Emperor.

“Filo? What kind of suggestion.” said Ambevilius with a smirk.

Everyone turned their attention to Filo. “Your Highness, in order to become a successor one must either have passed the 1000 benchmark or one must be very gifted. This Sebastian Tirius is a name none of us have ever heard, this shows that he is not noteworthy. Even though Minister Li has the right to choose who he wants to invest in, it is unfair to the candidates who are more worthy of becoming successors.

We should at least ask Minister Li why he has chosen an unknown candidate. I believe his words would put the rest of the investors at ease. Every time other candidates were chosen, their information was known by all, yet none of us here know of this candidate. Don’t you think this is a little…unfair?”

Filo’s words struck a chord with almost everyone in the room. They did indeed think it was unfair why Li was allowed to choose an unknown candidate.

Filo had waited up until Ambevilius’ proclamation. That way he is able to show that he does not necessarily want to go up against Li, making him seem less vicious and more righteous.

Filo found it difficult to believe that Li would choose a candidate who had no potential. He also was not sure that Li was not laying a trap.

Thus Filo chose this method of testing the waters.

Ambevilius was a playful man and when he did play, he took the rules seriously. Fairness was one of the most effective words to use against him. Although what Li had done had not broken any rules, it did seem unfair.

If it really is a trap then this way it could be avoided. If there really was something special about that candidate, then we would definitely do all we can to stop Li!

Filo was sure his plan was to work. Ambevilius said nothing, and looked toward Li, wanting to see if he had anything to say. Sky, the person who did not want to be there the most, also started paying attention. He was also curious as to what Li’s candidate was capable off. Li smiled. He looked completely calm. Unfazed even. As if this was well within expectations.

Instead of speaking, Li brought his finger to his mouth and bit it. When blood started leaking out, he raised his finger. Everyone in the room knew exactly what Li was about to do. But it was something so shocking that no one could react to Li’s calm and smooth actions.

“I, Yun Li, hereby make an oath to the heavens, that I am comfident that Sebastian Tirius would be the least Talented Successor to ever be chosen, be it in combat, Soul Force or or Intellect.”

After the oath was made, a thunder clap resounded in the room. This was the sign of an oath to the heavens made by an lmmortal. The punishment to an immortal for breaking an oath to the heavens, was far worse than the one to a mortal. Thus Immortals would try their utmost to avoid making an oath to the heavens, some would rather die, due to fearing what would happen if their oath was broken.

It was also impossible to lie during an oath to the heavens. If one did lie, or did not believe what they were saying, the punishment for breaking the oath would be applied immediately.

Everyone in the room, could tell that Li had obviously been telling the truth. Soul Force, Intellect, Combat ability and Karma. These were the most important factors to think of when choosing a candidate.

If one lacked talent in all the three, it would be clear to all present that they had no good karma. Thus from Li’s words, everyone was absolutely certain, that any investor choosing Sebastian Tirius was doomed.

The power of an oath made to the heavens was too much. It was an unmovable mountain. One that could not be shaken by anything.

The main point of Filo’s argument was that Li knew something about Sebastian Tirius, that others did not, making it impossible for others to know whether or not he was worth investing in.

But at that moment, there was no doubt that there was no logical reason to invest in this Mark Bearer.

The least happy person in the room was Filo. When he heard Li’s oath, his mind started racing.

Why was Li choosing this Mark Bearer?


Ambevilius’ laughter was like a bucket of water on Filo’s mind. When Ambevilius laughed, it meant he was happy, and if he made a decision whilst happy, it would never change. Ever.

“Excellent! Now Filo, do you still object to Li’s choice?” laughed Ambevilius.

Filo opened his mouth, but no words could come out.

“Your Highness, I have a request.” said Li.

Ambevilius was surprised, but he waved his hand nonetheless, allowing Li to continue. “I am willing to forgo all of my candidate’s rights as a successor. In exchange for one thing.”

Everyone in the room showed a myriad of expressions when they heard this statement. Being a successor was important, because it granted a Mark Bearer many advantages but Li was willing to forgo all of them? For one thing in exchange?

Ambevilius’ lips curled into a devious grin. “Alright Li, speak, what do you want in exchange for throwing away your candidate’s advantages as a Successor.?”

Li’s lips in turn also curled into a devious grin. It was at this point, that the somewhat insignificant Sky had an interesting thought as he looked at the Emperor and Li.

These two, aren’t they far too similar?


Bastian opened his eyes, only to find himself surrounded by darkness. As he lifted his right hand, he realized It was so dark that he could barely see past his glowing hand.

Wait, my hand is glowing?

Bastian noticed that in the dark space, the only source of light was his own naked body. It was glowing with a purple hue, illuminating his surroundings.

Wait. Could this be my Soul Site?

Bastian’s mind had been flipping through the information he had received from Li in the Mark Zone.

The Soul Site was an area that was inside every person, but it was only accessible through certain means, like this one.

The form Bastian had at the moment was a representation of his soul. The basics of soul magic were imbued in Bastian’s mind, but it was still information that was somewhat foreign to him. To be more accurate, instead of saying he knew everything that was given to him, it was more like he had a hard drive he could access in his mind.

The longer he had the information, the more it fused with his mind and the more familiar he became with it.

After thinking for a while, Bastian closed his eyes, and at that moment, his body started glowing even more. The glow started expanding from Bastian’s body, forming a bubble of glowing light around Bastian.

So this is what Soul Force looks like.

Indeed. Bastian was in soul form, so he was made up of pure energy. The glowing membrane that had been surrounding his body was Soul Force, which he could manipulate at will.

Once the bubble started expanding, Bastian’s body no longer had a glow and he was then normal. The bubble kept expanding, until at some point it stopped.

Or rather, it was stopped by something. Bastian walked to see the obstruction. When he arrived, he saw that it was something transparent, like glass.

Bastian’s Soul Force could not break this barrier. Bastian instantly noticed that there was actually a person on the other side of the transparent barrier.

It was the white haired boy!

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