Titan’s Throne – Chapter 42: Yani City


Inside a room, Bastian and Kenshin were seated on their beds, while Shasha and Kai were standing over their beds. The four had been conversing for quite some time before they went silent.

Kai then said, “Let me get this straight. Your name is Bastian, you were a low ranking noble who was living in the Western Deserts. You got knocked out by a random cultivator and ended up in the arena without knowing how or why you got there. When you ended up seeing the blind disa-, ehem I mean Kenshin, you suddenly had the urge to assist him. Your knowledge of souls led you to conclude that becoming Soul Brethren with Kenshin would help him, thus you initiated the ritual by yourself. Resulting in you temporarily alleviating Kenshin of his problem. Did I miss anything out?” said Kai.

“Nope. That’s the story.” said Bastian while nodding. An action Bastian found difficult, as he had gone quite a long time without eating, were it not for his unique physique and cultivation, he would most likely be a corpse by now.

“Do you really expect me, your father, to believe such a ridiculous story? Fuck off!” Kai was infuriated at the moment. The past two weeks had been some of the worst two weeks of his life, because Shasha had been very depressed, forcing him to scratch his head 24-7 trying to figure out a way to cheer him up, and now he had heard a ridiculous story.

Taken from the Western Deserts? Attacked by a random cultivator? Having an urge to become Soul Brethren with a random stranger!?? Fuck your granny!

Kai was so angry he wanted to curse nine generations of Bastian’s family. What even angered him more was that Kenshin, formerly known as the blind disaster, was not only blind, but he refused to talk!

Bastian was at that time, a Soul Brethren with him, meaning they were then able to communicate telepathically. According to the explanation given by Bastian, Kenshin was a man a few words. Kai wanted to rip Kenshin and Bastian apart where they were. Unfortunately he could not because at that moment, as he stood there infuriated, his master was crying. Yes crying but this was not sadness. These were tears of joy.

According to Bastian, even though Kenshin was blind, he could observe the world through his Soul Force and was a master swordsman. Shasha had seen Bastian decimate Tate, so he knew Bastian had high standards when it came to warriors. At first Kenshin had been forced into Shashas hands by his family, but at this time, not only does he have one fighter who has incredible potential, he has two! And they were both young!

Unlike Kai, Shasha did not care how or why they had gotten where they were. All he cared about was the fact that they were healthy and that they could fight for him.

I can finally gain some face in Yani City hahahahahahaha!

Sniffling, Shasha wiped away his tears and ordered Kai to bring in food for the two. Begrudgingly, Kai followed his orders, and came back with a group of servants holding trays filled with lot of food, mostly comprised to meat and starch, to restore the duo to their top condition.

Whilst they were asleep, Kai had checked their cultivation, Bastian’s cultivation was not that impressive but Kenshin was another story. He was already an advanced Fighter! Only half a step away from breaking through to the next tier.

Kenshin could not be older than 16. Such a Talent was very useful. Kai was angry that Bastian and Kenshin were not telling him what he wanted to hear but judging from his Master’s face, these two were not simply going to be treated as slaves.

Kai and Kenshin started stuffing their faces. They showed no etiquette whatsoever and ate like their lives depended on it.

“Young men, eat slowly. Remember, one eats to live, one does not live to eat.” said Kai with a tinge of disdain.

“Haha ignore Kai, he is just jealous that I do not give him as much attention. Anyway, tell me more about yourselves.” said Shasha enthusiastically.

“Well, I am a low ranking noble. My father was a high ranking noble and my mother was a servant. I am a bastard and had little talent, thus I am not valued in my family and have little value. Kenshin has amnesia, and all he remembers is his name. I am a mage and Kenshin is a warrior.” said Bastian while stuffing his mouth.

“”A mage!”” Kai and his Master shouted at the same time in shock. They had seen Bastian fight. Although he was inexperienced, his body was incredibly powerful and looked well trained. When Kai inspected Bastian’s body, he used World Energy to sense Bastian’s cultivation, whether or not Bastian used mana or qi he could not tell. But as far as Kai was concerned, it was a no brainer, as Bastian’s physical attributes were too extreme for a mage.

Qi changes one’s body over time, improving your physical attributes. Also to make your body retain more qi one trains a lot. Bastian’s body was at the peak of perfection. For a mage to be so physically fit was quite unusual.

“I do not believe it! You keep spewing nonsense! I will take no more of it!” said Kai with his eyes bloodshot. Bastain merely opened his palm, and allowed some mana to leek. A purple like energy formed in his palm. Kai saw this and opened his eyes in shock.

Kai’s cultivation base was quite solid. So his sensitivity to energies was also acute. He knew that this was without a doubt mana.

“Hahahahahahaha! A mage and a swordsman! You two shall make an excellent combination!” Between Shashas loud laughter and the duos loud munching, Kai found his head throbbing. He massaged his aching temples, in a futile attempt to calm his nerves.

The next few days were spent getting the two used to their new home. In order to make them more at home, Shasha had decided not to shackle the two and gave them free movement, at first Kai objected but then Bastian and Kenshin made an oath to the heavens that they would never attempt to harm Shasha and that they would not make any movements without Shasha’s permission, as long as they were his slaves.

Bastian told Shasha quite a bit about his predicament, including the oath he had made to General Moto. Thus Bastian offered Shasha a deal. He and Kenshin would fight on Shasha’s behalf during the next Major Gladiator tournament, gaining Shasha money and fame. If they went undefeated, then they would receive their freedom.

Even if they were to lose, Shasha would still help Bastian with his matter involving General Moto. Shasha easily agreed and even made an oath to the heavens to guarantee Bastian and Kenshin.

Bastian was astute, he noticed that although the other servants were not special, Kai’s cultivation was so high he could not even quantify it! Bastian estimated that Kai was not in the Foundation Realm anymore. If Shasha was able to order around such an incredible servant, then his family was clearly quiet powerful. Escaping from Kai was impossible, thus Bastian had to resort to such measures.

Bastian also learned that Shasha lived with a younger sister who was at a cultivation academy. Apparently she was very talented, so she spent most of her time training and was rarely at home. That was the only information Bastian and Kai were allowed to know about the family. Even their last name was a mystery.

They were not native to Yani City, and were only known as the Shasha family.

They held quite the status, due to Kai’s presence and Shasha’s sister, who had a lot of suitors. Yet they were financially in dire strains. A lot of their money went to paying for their young mistress’ education, and Shasha was not thrifty, leading to their current situation.

Apparently they were given a monthly allowance by their parents but that was as much as Bastian could learn.

After a few days, Bastian was finally given access to the area he had wanted to visit. They were staying in a mansion, although it was not incredibly luxurious, it was still quite nice.

Bastian walked down a hallway, and arrived in front of a large double door with a book insignia at the front. He had finally arrived at what would be his main home for the next few months, he had arrived at the library!

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