Titan’s Throne – Chapter 45: Damages

It did not take a genius to know what Bastian was hinting at, and Kenshin was far from being a fool.

Wind magic on the Sovereign Continent did exist but it was something that was not fully understood. Magic was similar to science in that, it involved studying nature but compared to the knowledge earth had accumulated, the knowledge this world had on the concept of wind, or to be more precise air, was rudimentary at best.

Mages needed research to understand what they were looking at to create a spell but once the spell itself was created, there was no need for that knowledge to be passed on. All one needed to perform the spell was to follow the preset instructions. This led to many mages not truly understanding the limits of their own abilities.

Bastian wanted to not only avoid this but he wanted to take full advantage of the knowledge he had. To Bastian, knowledge was power. In this particular case, Bastian was taking advantage of his knowledge involving pressure.

Air pressure in the atmosphere was determined by heat. Wind was the movement of air from hot areas to cooler areas. In other words, movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.

Magic, from Bastian’s point of view, was in essence bending the laws of nature to suit ones needs through the use of mana.

Bastian had had the fire attribute. The minds of the Sovereign Continent would only see this as the ability to burn but Bastian saw otherwise.

Normal wind magic was done by mages who had the water attribute. They would take control of the water molecules in the air and manipulate it like that. Fire mages could induce wind as well but they had almost no control over the winds they created. Thus, over time fire mages had abandoned trying to use wind magic.

Ideally, a mage with both water and fire attributes would be needed to use wind magic but such a being went against the laws of cultivation and almost never existed. Even if they did exist, the spells they made would not be usable by the majority. Over time, it was forgotten that fire mages could induce wind magic given the right conditions.

Bastian’s original idea had been to create his own brand of wind magic but then he realized an important fact. He was not purely doing this for the fun of it. He needed an effective means of attack.

Bastian was no longer a scientist who did research for the benefit of all. He was a cultivator trying to improve his own chances of survival. Trying to improve on wind magic as a whole would be far too taxing and would take far too long. Thus Bastian decided to take the route that coincided with his attributes. Pressure, or to be more precise, air pressure.

At his cultivation level Bastian could not create a fire that was devastating enough to harm a true cultivator in battle. At best, he could only produce a small flame, even with assistance from his bloodline. His cultivation was simply too low. Bastian wanted to avoid using Daemon cores to cultivate because that would make his cultivation base even more unstable than it already was. Cultivation was a long and arduous process that requires meticulous attention.

World Energy needed to be guided according to the appropriate paths and one’s body needed to adjust to the amount of World Energy one would be taking in. If two warriors who were both middle Fighters battled and one warrior had cultivated too quickly, then the end result would be that particular warrior losing miserably. The warrior who cultivated at the appropriate pace would have a much more stable and powerful qi pool, allowing him or her to bring out more power when attacking.

Bastian wanted to avoid being hasty as much as possible, so for the moment, he would cultivate the normal way, by meditating and slowly absorbing energy from the environment, therefore allowing him to consolidate his cultivation.

Bastian’s cultivation was no problem to him at the moment anyway because what he needed was not the ability to manipulate fire, but the ability to manipulate heat. Heat was defined as being the rate at which molecules vibrated. Bastian’s attribute and his awakened bloodline not only allowed him to create heat but to also direct it and that was the key point.

By being able to manipulate and direct heat, Bastian would be able to direct airflow and manipulate atmospheric pressure in a certain location. That was a new type of magic, one that also incorporated earthen mathematics, so calculations and trials had to be done. It is a lack of this knowledge that had prevented prior mages from making improvements in the field.

Bastian’s first objective had been to be able to compress air in a certain area, then lock that area in its compressed state. After which he would use a combination of water magic’s ability to control water molecules in air, and fire magic’s ability to direct airflow. Bastian was able to direct that compressed space of air and then decompress it, effectively creating an explosion.

These two stages were named Initiato and Crescendo. Initiato was the compression stage and Crescendo was the decompression stage. What Bastian had just shown Kenshin was the result of many hours of hard work both physically and mentally.

Bastian looked toward Kenshin and said, “So what do you think? It is incredible right?”

Kenshin’s surprised expression dissipated after only a moment. After a while he then said, “I think Kai will have your head for the property damage you have caused.”

Kenshin’s words of wisdom caught Bastian off guard and the latter’s expression became extremely ugly to behold. It was at this moment that a thunder like shout resonated throughout the ears of everyone in the household’ “Bastian! Get here now!”

Bastian hung his head in shame, knowing very well that his moment of triumph would ultimately lead to Kai’s wrath.


After being beaten to within an inch of his life, Bastian was then reprimanded by Kai for two hours. The torture would have lasted longer, were it not for Kai noticing Bastian’s monstrous recovery rate. Kai had made sure not to break any bones but he had covered Bastian’s body had in bruises, yet by the time the lecture had reached the two hour mark, most of those bruises had shown visible signs of healing!

Kai’s experienced eyes told him that within a day, all of the visible injuries would have fully dissipated.

Kai had many questions regarding Bastian’s origins but Bastian had requested Shasha not too ask too much, in return for Bastian’s full cooperation in the upcoming battles. Shasha did not object and had instructed Kai not to question Bastian regarding his origins, much to Kai’s dismay.

Kai knew very well that although his Master was not clever when it came to matters of coin, he had quite a frightening intuition especially when it came to such matters where discretion was vital.

Thus Kai clenched his teeth and had to ignore every abnormality about Bastian he saw, including his abnormally fast healing capabilities.

Warriors did have better than average healing capabilities, but one’s cultivation level and attribute played a part. For example, warriors of the wood attribute were incredibly fast when it came to self-healing, and mages of the wood attribute were unmatched in the field of healing magic.

According to Kai’s knowledge, Bastian was neither a warrior nor was he a mage of the wood attribute. Bastian had admitted to possessing both the water and fire attributes but refused to explain how he had achieved harmonization, adding to his list of mysteries.

After the lecture, Kai stomped out of his office, where he had been ‘dealing’ with Bastian and headed straight for a tavern to drink his troubles away. Shasha was sleeping, and his security was left in the very capable hands of Kenshin.

Kai liked Kenshin very much, and had tested his fighting capabilities. He knew very well that there would be few in the Foundation Building realm, that would be able to defeat the blind swordsman and he also felt that Kenshin had an honorable and responsible character.

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    Anyone else notice how magic is more or less brute forced quantum physics or some other high level science branch when you get down to it? The more you know the less power you need, the less you know the more power you need to use to compensate… though the latter does have tendencies to cause some kind of backlash… Not to mention being woefully inefficient.

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