Titan’s Throne – Chapter 47: The Elite Gladiator League

The Elite Gladiator League, this was the purpose of Kenshin and Bastian’s fortnight of training. According to Kai, this was a tournament were the greatest fighters from all over Yani City came to show off their prowess.

Yani City was a C rank city. Even amongst other C rank cities, it was quite large. It was a city were nobles of other nations often came to enjoy themselves and let go. One could even say it was one large resort.

The main attraction in the city however was the Elite Gladiator League. It was hosted by the Mayor of the city, to entertain nobles and rich tourists. To qualify for the event, gladiators would have to win certain normal events, for example the Twin Rumble event Bastian was in, then enter the qualifying rounds for the League.

The tournament itself had two sides, the qualifying tournament and the main League itself. The qualifying tournament was quite a simple process. One that had been used for as long as most could remember.

The tournament had three sections of difficulty. The 1 star, 2 star and 3 star tournaments. These had Novice/Student, Acolyte/Fighter and Teacher/Scholar difficulties respectively. No Gladiators above the Foundation Real were allows to enter.

The 1 star tournament wasn’t that popular due to the low level of skill for the fighters involved. The 3 star tournament was equally unpopular due to the small number of people who have a high enough cultivation. Thus the two star tournament was the main attraction. A gladiator and the master had the right to choose which difficulty to use, but the rule was one could not use a difficulty lower than their own. In other words a Fighter could enter the 3 star tournament but a Teacher could not enter a 2 star tournament

A certain area, like a forest, a grassland, a swamp, or even a small desert, would be created through magic. The contestants would each be given a small green pebble to carry with them. To qualify for the League, all one had to do was get a minimum of 15 stones.

Only the event organizers know the total amount of contestants. The participants would be teleported by a teleportation magic circle to the location and placed randomly. To qualify all you had to do was to collect the amount of pebbles required. The means by which you collected the pebbles were not important when it came to whether or not you qualified.

At a certain building, nobles were given private viewing booths, were a screen would display an area of their choosing. In a certain booth were four young men and women. Two men and two women. One of the men was fat, he had a very perverse expression on his face, be it when he was looking at the girls or the screen. The other man was very skinny, and had a pale sickly body, but his expression was just as perverse as his companion.

The young women were both very beautiful. One was tall and slender with a mature demeanor, the other was slightly chubby but was very curvaceous with a cute face. The tall woman was sitting on the fat man’s lap and the curvy one was sitting on the skinny man’s lap. The women were scantily dressed and allowed the young men to take liberties with them.

The spectators had control of which area they could view, and normally for most of the day they had been looking at different areas from time to time.
Yet for the past few minutes they had kept their attention on two odd warriors.

If your opponent overpowered you, then your life would be in the hands of the former. Allowing your opponent to survive in such a competition can prove to be costly, therefore most, if not all warriors would choose to end their victims.

Yet these two did not. One was a pale skinned young man with an expressionless face, and the other was a purple haired youth with a very handsome face. These two seemed to be working together but their actions didn’t make sense.

The pale warrior was incredibly fast. He would toy with his opponents and steal their pebbles, adding them to his pouch. The purple haired warrior on the other hand seemed like a coward to the young men and women in the booth. All he did was run and dodge, barely fighting back. He just like his friend, didn’t kill a single person, but unlike his skilled friend, the purple haired boy had clumsy looking movements and was constantly getting injured during clashes.

The duo were constantly under attack for the duration of the time in which the young men and women in the booth were observing. Due to the fact that they didn’t kill. In fact, it often seemed as if the pale warrior was intentionally bringing harm upon them.

He would leave his friend for a while, go and steal green pebbles with ease, then run back to his partner, effectively bringing more trouble to his companion. After a while, the young men and women grew tired of viewing the fight, and started engaging in sexual activities. After manipulating a knob on the wall, the group was able to dim the lights in the room, creating the atmosphere they desired.

Within the booths were chairs, tables with all sorts of expensive looking food, and beds. After the four had done what they had intended to do, they finally started focusing on the screen again.

This time they found quite the surprise. The purple haired boy was covered in wounds everywhere and was bloody to the point where he looked barbaric. His counterpart was still as calm and untouched. Yet the crowd around them had been wiped out!

The two were chatting normally with each other, around them were tens of corpses. The only person alive was a somewhat pretty girl in leather armor, she was holding a rapier in her hand and she was on her knees in front of the odd duo.

Her expression was grim and her eyes hands were shaking. Although she looked frightened, the look in her eyes showed that she had no intention of running away. On the contrary, a tinge of anger was visible in her eyes.

It was clear that her body wanted to run yet her mind wanted to fight. Wobbling, she stood up and walked to the odd duo. The pale warrior ignored her existence, as if she was an ant next to his boot. The purple haired warrior on the other hand was looking at her with his eyes narrowed.

He looked conflicted, as if he wasn’t sure what to do with her. Then after putting on a wry smile, he walked to his partner and took a few pebbles from his waist. Then he threw them to her and started limping away. It seemed as if his injuries had gotten to him.

He said something to his partner and the pale faced warrior nodded. The two departed from the scene, leaving the woman with the corpses. She immediately started searching all over the corpses and took green pebbles from their bodies, with tears streaming down her face.

“Why did the two leave the pebbles? Why did they let the girl live? Why is she crying?” said the tall beauty while spooning with her lover.

“I can’t believe we missed such an interesting battle, my love, isn’t there something we can do to see what happened?” said the chubby girl to the skinny young man.

“Hehe. Relax all shall be answered ladies, this booth has a feature that allows us to rewind and go back to when the battle had started.” said the fat man with a chortle

“Indeed. Just watch.” said the skinny young man as he reached for a knob above the bed. He injected his mana into it and the scene in front of the group changed, to the moment that the girl and another man were hiding behind a bush, observing the odd duo in their strange ritual.

The girls were delighted, throwing compliments and whispering sweet nothings to their partners. After this the group finally looked at the screen. Lust evident in their eyes. Except this was not a lust for flesh. This was a lust for blood.

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