Titan’s Throne – Chapter 53: Wise Words

The might of late stage Foundation Building Cultivators was truly astonishing. Teachers and Scholars were feared throughout the Sovereign Continents as powerhouses. Not to say there weren’t more powerful cultivators.

Cultivators who were above the Foundation Building realm, rarely took part in matters of the continent itself. Or to be more accurate, matters that the public knew of. The continent was so large that it made sending and receiving information across it extremely difficult. For commoners, low ranked nobility and the majority of the populace, word of mouth and letters were the most reliable means of long distance communication.

Sebastian Tirius himself was from a very powerful noble family. Due to this, he had been in contact with many powerful cultivators. Yet, despite the power and knowledge that was at his feet, the young Sebastian never took an interest in matters of cultivation. The only information he knew was what his family had forced him to learn.

Since he could not harmonize, the family felt no need to educate the boy in such matters. Since Sebastian never took the initiative himself, he ended up wasting an opportunity that billions of people all over the continent could only dream of.

Sebastian had read simple theory books about breakthroughs. The idea was quite simple. Each time one’s body absorbed World Energy, it experienced changes. Although these changes were minute, over time they compounded until the change become qualitative and one’s body experienced metamorphosis. This was a breakthrough.

From stage to stage, breakthroughs become harder and harder. And the phenomenon that followed them become stranger and more complex. Kenshin’s experiences were only technique related. There was no knowledge about cultivation imparted upon Bastian.

Bastian’s mind started thinking of countermeasures. He could not allow Mark to breakthrough at any cost. If Mark did, Bastian would be finished. In that world, the might Teachers had was undeniable. His body started to tense as he readied himself to rush at Mark and company.

At Shasha’s library, Bastian had focused mainly on information regarding spells and mages.

The art of cultivation by itself was a whole different ball game. Bastian however did come across an odd piece of advice when he was reading his books. It was a small piece of paper with the words ‘The higher the level of breakthroughs, the less complex it is and the more foolish one becomes’ written on it.

The book that paper had fallen through had nothing to do with cultivation. It was a book explaining runes. Bastian had been baffled by this but he made sure to keep it. For some odd reason, Bastian felt that the piece of writing was special. He could not quite put his finger on what was special about it but he could tell that something else was there.

As Bastian remembered those words, Kenshin’s voice rang through his mind. “Bastian, do not interfere with this man’s breakthrough. In return I will give you the key chant.”

“Kenshin! Are you insane? You want me to fight a Teacher? Even with my magic that is impossible!” Bastian was very unhappy with Kenshin’s proposal, and rightly so. But Kenshin ignored his plea and gave Bastian the chant anyway.

Before Kenshin cut of communications, he left Bastian a message. “Remember the basics of cultivation. You are not fighting a bull, you are fighting a lamb.”

Bastian had intended to attempt blasting Mark to smithereens before he heard Kenshin’s message. After hearing it however, Bastian frowned and calmed himself down. Kenshin’s words were wise. Bastian realized that instantly.

With a sigh, he relaxed his shoulders and looked on at Mark’s breakthrough. He sat down on the ground and said a chant. Afterward he thought for a few seconds and lifted both his arms up as two swirls of purple mana came out from each arm.

Mark will be much stronger than me. But he doesn’t realize he is fighting a mage. I had gotten so used to this world’s thinking that I closed off my own mind.

The people of this world misuse mana. They use it as their main weapon. Mana isn’t the bomb. The bomb is nature itself, mana is the spark that triggers it.

With a cheeky grin, Bastian continued releasing four swirls of mana as he observed the World Energy vortex around Mark get bigger and bigger.

As soon as Mark had finished breaking through, the warriors around him sighed in relief. Now their chances at survival had increased significantly. They saw that the World Energy around them was calming down. The slight winds and the energy ripples were disappearing. Mark stood up slowly, looking at his own body, as if it was not his.

Surprise was evident on his face as he scrutinized his hands. The amount of power he now had was a far more than what he had expected. His body felt new, it felt stronger, it felt more powerful. His senses as well were also far stronger.

It took him a few seconds to adjust to his new body. After he adjusted, Mark noticed a presence walking to their group in a leisurely manner.

It’s him. 

Mark realized that it was Bastian instantly. His new senses were a bit difficult to use but their sensitivity was still very impressive from Mark’s point of view. Yet despite what should be a good turn of events, Mark could not help but feel uncomfortable.

Why is he looking so calm? Its as if nothing has changed…no its actually as if things are now easier. He should have noticed I was attempting a breakthrough, yet he chose not to interfere, why?

Wait, he has no burns?

Mark’s body tensed as Bastian became visible to the others as well. He had quite a few more injuries on his body, and many of the more astute warriors could tell that he had gotten more than a mere bruise. Yet they were all still utterly gob smacked.

The reason was simple. He had no burns.

Mark’s arrow was made from qi that was made by a Fighter of the highest class, and it was a Martial Technique no less. They had accepted that Bastian was still alive but the fact that he was not burned was too much. A fire attribute Martial Technique from a Fighter failed to burn another Fighter? Such a concept was absurd.

Even if Bastian was a fire attribute Fighter of the highest class, he still should have been burnt. The more experienced warriors on the battlefield all came to same conclusion, one which some had had in the back of their minds but were forced to accept.

Mark himself was one of these warriors. After seeing Bastian’s hair, this idea had further cemented itself in his mind.

This boy has an awakened bloodline!

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