Titan’s Throne – Chapter 54: Significance

People who had experienced Bloodline Awakening were a cut above the rest. They were the favored sons and daughters of heaven. Mark himself was familiar with such people. Because he was familiar, he knew that although being awakened was an advantage, according to Mark’s knowledge no Fighter, even one who awakened, should be able to defeat a Teacher.

But Mark was also aware that there were different degrees of power granted by the processes and the bloodline itself. For Bastian to be able to face him, Mark estimated that he must have had a top grade awakening from a top grade bloodline. Which was an impossibility.

Mark knew well the basics of cultivation. The moment one just makes a breakthrough is the moment one is at their weakest. Although Mark was a Teacher then, he still could not bring out the full power a Teacher could. To do that he needed to cultivate further and consolidate his cultivation base.

Bastian was well aware of that and had no intention of allowing Mark consolidate his cultivation. So at that moment, Mark was at best a quasi-Teacher, but for Mark, that was more than enough to take care of Bastian. Bastian had a plan himself, one which was already in motion, all he needed at that moment was a bit more time, so he intended to get it.

“Wow, I have to admit, I have never seen someone breakthrough to being a Teacher before, it is quite an impressive sight.” said Bastian as he clapped his hands. The other warriors remained quiet. They could tell that Bastian was up to something. Even though they were supposed to have the upper hand, the situation felt like quite the opposite.

No one was in the mood for idle chatter. Not when their lives were at stake.

“Tell you guys what, I will allow everyone here except the Teacher to leave the fight. If you leave, I promise not to interfere. If you choose to remain here, I’m afraid I won’t be held responsible for what happens. A fight between a Teacher who can barely control his cultivation and a mage who is fighting for his life is not one you want to be involved in.”

Bastian’s words were like a thunder clap in the ears of all those who were there. Everyone there was a warrior, and according to Bastian’s previous display, he had undoubtedly trained as a warrior, yet he claimed that he was a mage?

“Don’t lie!” shouted Ruka’s. She had joined the group surrounding Mark and had been silent. Her previous actions caused her to be embarrassed beyond measure. She was not only embarrassed but she was ashamed of what she had done. She had been so enamored with Bastian and his display that she had been distracted, almost getting her killed in the process.

Normally in such situations, Mark would reprimand her but he said nothing and simply struck back at Bastian. The fact that Mark had said nothing, brought further shame to Ruka.

Overtime her anger had quickly turned into rage.

It’s his fault! He is the reason why I ended up like this.

Even though she was angry, she was still weary of Bastian, and the situation did not allow for her to become emotional. Yet, Bastian’s claim to be a mage, pushed her over the edge.

In the one star and two star tournaments, mages were practically nonexistent. Novices and Acolytes needed time to prepare spells. In such a competition, where an instant could decide a person’s life, Novices and Acolytes were at a disadvantage. Acolytes were better off but they were still at a significant disadvantage.

Spells from mages usually had more destructive power than attacks from qi. Spells were also far more common than Martial Techniques and were easier to learn, resulting in a large gap between the vocations in terms of destructive power. Yet at the Novice and Acolyte level, this gap could be covered by the speed advantage the warriors had. Thus Bastian’s claim to be a mage was ridiculous to everyone.

Ruka was about to shout even more, when she saw a purple smoke like substance leave Bastian’s hands. Everyone there had the minimum amount of experience to know exactly what that was. It was mana!

Ruka opened her mouth but did not know what to say. According to her, an Acolyte’s had bested multiple Fighters of every class, without using spells?

Of everyone there, no one knew the significance of this more than Mark himself.

Qi enhances the body, allowing the human body to exceed normal limits. Mana did enhance the body but on a far smaller scale than qi. Mana focused more on enhancing the mind and Soul Force.

Yet Bastian, using just his body, was able to exceed Fighters in hand to hand combat. To Mark this meant one thing. Bastian’s body was not normal.

If his body is this strong as a mage, then how powerful is his bloodline? Or is it the method he used to awaken his bloodline? Why is he so strong?

As Mark thought of all of these things, a worrying thought surfaced in his mind.

If he is a mage and his body is this strong from his awakening, then his spells will be…

Mark, a Teacher, a being whose power was feared and awed throughout the Sovereign Continent, was unknowingly cowering in front of a 12 year old Novice/Student. Bastian was very astute when it came to reading faces due to his knowledge from his previous life. Mark tried his best to suppress his emotions, but his face did not escape Bastian’s scrutiny.

Bastian could not help but chuckle when he saw this. Bastian had not only managed to buy enough time for his plan to succeed, but had also won a crucial battle. A battle of the mind.

Mark saw Bastian face curl up in disdain. He realized that he had been found out. Now it was Mark’s turn to be ashamed. In this state of mind, Mark summoned his flame bow and quickly launched a flaming arrow. Except it was not directed at Bastian. It was directed at one of the warriors nearby.

The target’s body exploded upon impact from the arrow. Everyone, Bastian included were completely stumped. Why would he attack one of his own comrades?

“If anyone runs, I will be the first to end his life.” Mark’s intentions were clear. Bastian could not help but become impressed by Mark.

Looks like I have to reassess him. This won’t be as easy as I thought.

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