Titan’s Throne – Chapter 62: Old Friends

Yani City was in essence a C Rank City but it stood at the very apex of C ranked cities. One could even say that its grandeur could match up to some B rank Cities of the lowest order. It was a coastal city, which primarily survived on free trade and tourism. It was a free city without any allegiance to any country whatsoever. It was run by a mayor, who was elected by a council of elders.

These elders represented the most powerful families within the City but four families stood above the rest. These were the Dwight family, the York family, the Oxlade family and the Cole Family.

The Dwight family were mostly involved in City management. Resulting in them having the greatest number of elders within the council. The then current Mayor, was also from the Dwight family. The York Family, was in control of public security and the Army, due to the fact that the majority of the highest ranking soldiers, were either from the family or had pledged allegiance to the family. The Oxlade family, were real estate giants and owned the majority of the inns, taverns and auction houses within the city.

The Cole family had the smallest number of members within the elder’s council, but no one in the city would deny that it had the second most terrifying presence within the city. This was due to the fact that, ninety percent of the goods that went in and outside the city, went through their hands. They owned the majority of the ships, caravans, carts and other modes of transport and were essentially the kings of trade.

Unlike the other 3 families, the Cole family had only recently came into power. The other 3 had been in power for many generations and were aristocratic in nature. Kai and Shasha instantly recognized the duo that was approaching them. The fat one was a member of the Oxlade family. The thin and pale one was a member of the Dwight family. The duo were both young masters from their families and had quite the status because of it, but due to the fact that they were very perverse, they were infamous.

Their names were Edward Dwight and Maxwell York. On plenty of occasions, many young women had been taken against their will by the two. That day, they had a new target but unlike their usual victims, this time they were targeting Shasha, or rather what Shasha possessed. As soon as the duo and their entourage of warriors and servants arrived, they put on amiable expressions. Yet in Bastian’s eyes, it did little to hide their pride.

“Shasha, old friend. How lovely to see you here.” said Edward with a hint of mockery.

“Indeed, Shasha these days we barely hear from you. Where are you hiding that beautiful sister of yours lately? Surely you couldn’t possibly be trying to avoid us are you?” said Maxwell, lust evident in his eyes, which were squished together by the globs of fat smothering his face.

“Haha, Maxwell, Edward, how lovely to see you. I have been…around.” said Shasha, as a cold bead of sweat ran down his back. He had a bad history with these two and he didn’t have the courage to face them. Shasha was a very kind person but often, he was too kind to the point that he didn’t know how to fight back. He was meek by nature and always sought to avoid conflict.

Kai was a servant, so he had no standing to get involved in these discussions. He would only step in if the situation became dire. Kai also hoped that these sort of situations would help Shasha improve as a person. Yet the opposite occurred, Shasha seemed to become more and more of recluse as time went on.

Things would be much better if Shasha’s little sister was there, unfortunately she was no longer there. So Shasha had lost his most important emotional pillar, and the only person at his social standing who, could help him in such situations.

“Well Shasha we have been busy lately and have a lot to do, so let us cut to the chase. We want these two gladiators you have. Name your price.” said Edward with an air of confidence. Shasha’s face became ugly as soon as he heard these words. The normally calm Kai couldn’t help but frown as well.

Their household was essentially broke and desperately needed money, which was why they had resorted to this sort of method to make money. Shasha, who disliked violence would never have done such a thing yet, he felt he had no choice.

Now the two of the most frightening people to Shasha had given him such a good chance to make money, one that would also allow him to leave the fighting. Normally the meek and cowardly Shasha would never refuse such an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

“I refuse.” The meek and kind Shasha immediately refused the offer that he had been given by Edward. His tone showing that there was no room for negotiations. Kai was not surprised by this, because there were only a few things that would harden Shasha’s heart, and breaking his word was one of them. Shasha had promised Kenshin and their freedom if they went undefeated. He had even gone as far as to make an oath to the heavens to ease Bastian and Kenshin.

Even if he had not, his actions at this moment would be no different. Kai observed Bastian and Kenshin to see what their reactions were. Although they had only spent a few weeks with each other, Kai knew that Kenshin and Bastian were no fools. Kai had a more favourable impression of Kenshin but multiple times in the past, Kenshin would tell Kai these words.

Bastian is not a fool. He just chooses not to think. He is not deaf. He just chooses not to listen. But most important, he is not blind. He just chooses not to see. When he does choose to think, listen and see, he becomes frightening. 

Kai had still not understood what Kenshin meant by those words, because as far as he was concerned, Bastian was an over zealous annoyance. Yet Kenshin was a man who barely spoke and treated his words like gold, so they were not to be taken lightly.

Kai immediately turned to look at Bastian and Kenshin, he felt he somewhat understood what Kenshin meant. Bastian’s face was indifferent, calm, and expressionless. He even yawned, as if nothing in front of him was out of the ordinary.


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