Titan’s Throne – Chapter 64: Growth As A Warrior

Kai’s mind slowed time around him at that very instant, although he was curious as to how Kenshin had gotten so close behind him, at that time, he had more things to worry about. Kenshin knew that if Kai wanted to, he could easily dispatch the brutes that Maxwell had ordered to attack Bastian, so he acted quickly to halt Kai’s actions.

Kai quickly looked around, with a questioning look on his face. Kenshin merely shook his head and used his chin to point at Bastian. Kai followed Kenshin’s advice and looked toward Bastian. Only to once again be surprised. Bastian had his eyes closed! That was effectively sealing off one of his most important senses if not the most important one. Especially when a battle was about to occur.

Kai wondered why Bastian, a mage, would do something so foolish, only to remember a crucial fact in that instant. Bastian and Kenshin were Soul Brethren!


A few hours earlier, just after Ruka had been taken care of, Bastian and Kenshin were having a discussion under a tree. Waiting for the competition to finish. From time to time Kenshin’s figure would flash, only to come back in a few seconds. That was to ensure that he and Bastian were not disturbed, since he was having a crucial discussion with Bastian.

“To utilize the power from a bloodline, one has to understand what one’s bloodline is and focus on what abilities it gives you. In that aspect, it easy to fail miserably.” Bastian was angered by Kenshin’s words, and was about to defend himself when Kenshin continued.

“When one is near death, there is a greater chance of unlocking the potential of one’s bloodline. One has no tangible knowledge of his or her bloodline except what he or she was given, thus the normal route is impossible to use. I had hoped that today would challenge you to your limits but your ingenuity got the better of me, nevertheless, you still grew as a warrior, and I am pleased.

Now let me tell you how you can utilize your bloodline better. Pay close attention.”

Bastian was livid and was about to start arguing with Kenshin when he heard Kenshin talk about utilizing his bloodline. Kenshin was a person who valued his words like gold.

He barely spoke but when he did, his words were often wise and had weight. Regardless of how Bastian felt at the time, he knew that was an important time to gain knowledge from Kenshin, who Bastian knew was hiding quite a bit.

As Maxwell’s warriors began their approach, Bastian closed his eyes and activated his e-vision. He saw that both gentlemen were water type Teachers. Yet that hall had restrictions on using qi, the punishments for using qi were quite severe, so Bastian was not afraid of these two. Yes they were fast, very fast naturally, even without the use of qi, but in front of Bastian’s eyes that speed was still useless.

Next Bastian did something he had never done before. He used Kenshin’s method of observing the environment using Soul Force. He called it f-vision. It operated in a similar manner to sonar but was much more detailed. It was three dimensional and it required emission of Soul Force at a high frequency.

It was very accurate. To the point where one would be able to even differentiate colours if they mastered it but Bastian was still a novice. Although he had Kenshin’s experience, Bastian had a far stronger and more abundant Soul Force, which made it that much harder to use.

Due to his obsession over being a mage, Bastian had even forgotten that he got this ability from Kenshin. After his battles Kenshin had told Bastian to try it, because it could assist him with utilizing his bloodline.

F-vision allowed one to see matter and E-vision allowed one to see energy. Together these tools could grant incredible power if used wisely. Bastian lacked Kenshin’s finesse, and he was dealing with advanced Foundation cultivators, so they immediately felt Bastian bombarding their bodies with waves of Soul Force. As a result, in the end they thought nothing of it.

All of the advanced cultivators above felt Bastian’s F-vision bombardment but none knew why Bastian was doing it, because to them, using Soul Force to see during live battle was an impossibility amongst impossibilities. It therefore never even crossed their minds.

The Tyrian Double Headed Storm Dragon had sovereignty over balance, including the balance of forces. Think of it this way, if it can balance forces then it can obviously affect that balance right? As to how you achieve this without yuan, I think you already have the answer, after all, you are still a physicist are you not?

Bastian’s first thoughts when he heard this statement were Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. In particular, the third law, which states: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Coupled with Bastian’s thoughts on the second law of motion, which states that that force equals mass times acceleration, Bastian had a moment of insight. It was a tiny insight but it was still a start.

Now is the time to use it. Let’s see what we can do. Wait, what do I call this? Hhmm, for now I will just call it the law Breaker Arts. That works. 

When Maxwell’s men were about to attack, Bastian had already come up with a plan. The first stage required use of his Soul Force. The second stage relied on his newly named Law Breaker Arts. One of the reasons Bastian had decided to use f-vision at that moment was because, he wanted to get used to manipulation of Soul Force, as quickly as possible.

His enemies would also ignore the Soul Force bombardment and ignore it again during the attack, allowing him to make his preparations. Bastian thought back to the second piece of advice Kenshin gave him, one that was even more important than the first as far as Bastian was concerned.

You are blessed with a ridiculous amount of Soul Force but there are limitations. With your cultivation you can only bring a small amount out of your body at a time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t attack using it. The needle like energy that you felt in my body, for normal cultivators it is extremely difficult to deal with. Why? 

Because Soul Force is like the villi in your stomach that digest food. The greater the surface area, the greater its ability to break down other energies and matter.

In the future, try to manipulate your Soul Force in that manner. With the knowledge brought by the Soul Force manipulation and your…e-vision, I’m sure you can produce something interesting.

Bastian had been mulling over Kenshin’s words, and indeed, he had come up with something and at that moment, fate had granted him the opportunity to use it. So Bastian couldn’t help but smile, and that smile was something Kai did not miss.


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