Titan’s Throne – Chapter 70: Bones

In a restaurant, within a private room, sat Shasha, Kai and some guests. Shasha had intended to enjoy the string of victories that his fighters had brought for him, which resulted in him, effectively securing the financial success of his home. However he had received some unexpected guests.

At first, when he heard the announcement about certain individuals who had just arrived, he thought those were either Edwin or Maxwell. So he intended to run away, but when the servant who was catering for him told him who had arrived, Shasha’s face became extremely ugly, and Kai followed suit.

The room was quite an expensive one. It was very spacious and had a large table that could seat twenty people. Shasha, who had lived as a miser, according to his standards, wanted to splurge and enjoy himself. Yet he never expected that the room he had booked would actually be full, and that the table would have no free seat available.

Shasha was usually not good at handling such situations, so Kai spoke in his stead. “Guy, why now? Why has the Crown Prince chosen this moment to act? Wasn’t the plan to only act after a few more years?”

Kai’s words were directed at a handsome young man who was sitting at the end of the rectangular table opposite Shasha. He had blonde hair with crystal clear blue eyes, eyes that emanated intelligence. There was no doubt that he was a conqueror of hearts. Kai also knew that he was a conqueror of minds as well, and a lot more…

“I have no idea why the Crown Prince has chosen to act. Actually why he has chosen to act now is irrelevant. What matters is that we do act. Our orders are to take this city and its surrounding cities within five years. We also have to make do with the soldiers we have.” said Guy as he ate the delicious meal in front of him. His words carried great weight, yet he spoke as if he was merely describing the weather. That incredible composure, was one of the reasons why Guy had become a general at such a young age.

“How many soldiers do we have?” questioned Kai with narrow eyes.

“What you see is what you get.”

Kai immediately slammed the table, causing all four of its legs to break. “Preposterous! Do you know what it takes to conquer a C rank city? Let alone a Peak C rank city? And you expect the young master to do it with a handful of inexperienced soldiers? Are you mad?!”

Guy was disappointed and sighed. “When I was growing up Sir Kai, I was always taught not to waste food, and not to be rude during a meal. I was also taught not to chew bones, and to leave something for the dogs. We owe it to those starving all over The Sovereign Continent to finish this meal.”

Kai was about to shout, when Shasha raised his hand to silence Kai. “Guy Schmidt, that is your name correct?”

“Yes your highness, that is indeed my name.”

“I have heard great things about you.”

“I wish I could say the same your highness.”

Kai was fuming with rage, but he knew Shasha well enough that that moment was not the time for him to speak. Shasha was an odd character. He was quite the fool when he was in leisure. He couldn’t cultivate, he wasn’t much of a scholar but he did have one oddity in his personality. Only a few people knew about it and from the way Guy was acting, it was clear he did not either.

Shasha merely chuckled a bit and bent over to pick up a piece of meat from the floor, and began to chew it. “You know what Guy Schmidt? I agree with you, it’s rude to waste food but I also believe that it is rude to beat up other people’s servants and not apologize.”

A light flashed in Guy’s eyes as he came to a sudden realization.

So the Crown Prince was right, Prince Shasha is quite capable in such situations. This is interesting.

“My apologies your highness, I had to test their skills, it’s our country’s tradition to haze new recruits. They are quite infamous but I assure you, my troops know when to hold back.”

Shasha shook his head and removed all the meat on his drumstick and chewed voraciously. “Guy Schmidt, you seem to have misunderstood me.”

Suddenly the door burst open, and Kenshin along with Bastian walked into the room dragging unconscious bodies behind them. The room became extremely silent at this sight, such that even an ant’s footsteps could be heard.


Everyone heard a loud cracking noise and looked towards the source, only to see Shasha holding half a bone in his hand while chewing at the same time. He swallowed what was in his mouth and threw the remaining half to Guy. “I hope that’s enough for you. After all, I have to look after my brother’s dog.”

Shasha quietly stood up and walked toward the door. He signaled for Kenshin and Bastian to drop the bodies, which they did. Just before he left the room, he rolled his eyes and looked back, as if he had forgotten something.

“Oh and my apologies, I had to test their skills. Just so you know, they failed, dismally.”

As soon as Shasha and his crew had left, Guy started giggling. Slowly, his giggle turned into laughter and he started rolling on the floor laughing. One of his men couldn’t take it anymore and said, “General, why do you find this funny? We have been given an impossible mission and have to follow the orders of a cripple. What part of this is funny?”

Guy stopped his laughter and laid on the floor staring at the roof. Although there was nothing, he looked like he was gazing far off into the distance. “Firstly let me correct you Captain. This isn’t an impossible mission, it’s a test. This time we are not merely following the orders of a cripple, we are also following the orders of one of the strongest cultivators on the continent. As for the reason I am laughing, that is not something someone of your stature can understand.”

Guy stretched out his hand and gripped nothingness. His cultivation base roared with excitement and his face showed a savage grin.

Finally! I have the chance to fight alongside him! Everything is going according to plan!

Guy flipped his body up and headed for the exit. “Someone please pay for the damages. Gentlemen open your eyes pay attention to this moment. For this will be the first true city conquered by him! We will follow him till we die!”

“Yes sir!”

The soldiers were baffled but still complied. They were not aware that Guy looked up to Shasha so much. Yet they knew their leader well and they trusted him. All the men that were with him could follow him to the jaws of death if need be.

Yet none of the men in the room knew what Guy was thinking. If they did, they would no doubt cough blood.

We will follow Sebastian Tirius. We will follow the King of Titans!

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